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Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!


fake movie meme → Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Ariel
Darren Criss as Prince Eric
Kathy Bates as Ursula


I Matter scenes on American Horror Story

|1x02 Home Invasion | 5x05 Room Service|


More doodles, this time of my boys! <3 My tablet pen is on its way! I’m not sure when but they told me sometimes this week! So regular digital drawings and comics will be coming back soon! Thank you for your patience!  ❤

Aaa, I’m still really sad about missing Dario’s birthday tomorrow, though. I had a video planned and everything! Still, I hope you can still celebrate with us with some traditional doodles! <3


Thank you for your ask, I took an art prompt out of this for an Olympics Au! <3 I’m not much for sports, but I’d think Dario, Mei and Gabby would be most interested in keeping up with their fave sports! And Garrett would only be interested in the swimming team, haha! 

Q&A Saturday!

Thank you for the questions! I saved some as prompts for later, so if it’s not answered, hopefully they’ll be a drawing or comic to come with it in the future! ; 7 ; /)

They sort of know each other! Forrest knows Carmine as Coral’s close friend and teammate, while Carmine is a lil too shy to directly interact with Forrest. And only pink team knows about his crush (and later Olive from Coral) but Forrest will remain oblivious for quite a while due to Carmine’s not doing much about it. Wish these boys luck! <3

Omg, LOL! I’m glad you like my green characters! Cable and Forrest are always happy to get more love. <3

(Leave Carmine alone you three)

This was actually my first thought too! He gave me a strong sense of being Demi-boy but I welcome any interpretation of him! <3

I’m glad you like them! And the idea of Coral being trans is v cute! Q A Q

The great thing about Splatoon (assuming they keep the same mechanic) is that you don’t technically have to choose! Unlike most games, you can always switch to the other squid kid whenever you like! So be whatever you feel like at the moment and enjoy the best out of both worlds! <3


I get a lil confused when I hear ocs, I’m sorry! Not sure whether you mean humans or squid au, but the answers would be the same! ; 7 ; 

Dario and Garrett LOVES Tower control, they had a picture of riding a tower together! Mei loves Splatzones and Rainmaker, and Gabby + Jaleena loves Rainmaker too! <3 Kathy and Cable don’t really like ranked too much and prefer Turf Wars, but I think they’d both enjoy Splat Zones the most. And for Koi, it’s Tower Control!

Kathy likes making animal puns/play on words, and Sana cracks a few here and there too! <3

Kathy’s apartment doesn’t allow them to keep pets around so they tried not to look for any (since they love animals too much), but when the same lil slug kept hanging around their place, they quickly got attached! So lil’ Cotton stays at Cable’s place but rest assured, he’s in good hands. <3

Aaaa they’d be the buns that are always cuddling together. <3

If you’re looking for squid bios, I have them all here! (Altho I should update and then make one for the humans too) I’ll write the original human form, but some things will be missing because spoilers!

Dario: Jock type, strong, fit, a bit of a nutritionist, struggles with emotions and intimacy and is a bit of a arrogant, bigoted dick at first (but gets better)! Enjoys soccer as his great passion and career choice!

Garrett: Punk/Poser type, was really withdrawn at first, but now is incredibly cocky. Can’t sleep at nights and struggles with depression and anxiety and holds a lot of insecurities. Because of it, he has a strong sense of loyalty and protectiveness to his friends.

Kathy: Hippie/Activist type, grew up surrounded with love for nature, constantly fights to preserve and protect it. Socially anxious in public but quite friendly in private.

Cable: All-around type, enjoys people, making friends, and pleasing those friends. Grew up taking the big brother role early in his life, and therefore tends to be a little more maternal towards the others. Helps too much for his own good, and struggles with self-image. 

(These are the main four, there’s more but I can’t list them all yet, and the others will be kept short)

Mei: Mean Girl type, Dario’s best friend, loves fashion and social hangouts, thrives for attention.

Gabby: Jock/Skater Chick type, enjoys being with her group. Known to be intimidating to some, but a goofball to others. 

Jaleena: Grouch type, seem to hates everyone and everything, yet seem to be friends with the nicest of people. Enjoys their company but will never admit to it.

Sana: Klutz/Carefree type, very clumsy but has a big heart. She enjoys making the best out of everything and keeps to the positive. 

Hope that was okay! <3

I’ve actually cried a lil at this… I’m dead…. that’s so cute…… can I please ask on who? 

Aa! My fave splatoon map is Piranha Pit! I just LOVE that map with a tri-slosher and even more to play on with Tower Control! <3 Tied for second place I think would be Skatepark and Arowana mall!

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! I hope you all enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3 

Quick Announcements: Video’s coming out on Monday, I really hope you’re as hyped as I am, it was a lot of work to do! ; o;  Also remember the giveaway is still going on, please consider entering your squid kiddos!

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3


*walks in 15 minutes late with Starbucks*

I’m finally home! Just got back yesterday and I’m sad I missed this really cute Splatfest but I still wanted to do Splatfest pics, so aa! Congrats on the win, Fancy Party! <3 Also my birthday is coming! (May 22!) So excited to celebrate with you guys!