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Inspired by a favorite Richard Scarry book, I drew some pages for a children’s book starring Philly Boy Roy. Manners, Philly Style teaches young readers how to behave as well as Roy.


Beautiful song, beautiful couple… Love wins.

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Quote: “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”-George RR Martin
From the CDF series, “Real life’s nasty. It’s cruel. It doesn’t care about heroes and happy endings and the way things should be. In real life, bad things happen. People die. Fights are lost. Evil often wins.”-Darren Shan

Conflict Resolution

Five times Darren succeeds at using his BB-8 droid to win an argument with Chris and the one time he doesn’t. Because this video was cute as fuck and Robert @overcaustically is one of the best people I know and he deserves CrissColfer fluff on his birthday. 4K [AO3]

“Seriously?” Chris glares, looking down at the wet towels Darren’s casually discarded. There’s a large one on the carpet of Chris’s bedroom floor and another smaller one Darren used to dry his hair on the bed.

Darren shrugs defensively. “I only left them there for like, a second. I wasn’t going to leave them forever, so no damage done.”

“Yeah, call me crazy but I’d really prefer not to come home to a mildewed carpet and duvet. Is it actually so hard to hang them up in the bathroom when you’re done?”

“I was a little busy,” Darren huffs.

Given that Darren’s sprawled out on his bed in only his boxers, dicking around with something on his phone, it’s kind of a ludicrous assertion. Chris scoffs audibly at the claim. “Clearly. Very important Twitter business you’re attending to, hmm?” Brian must sense Chris’s grumpiness (like recognizes like, after all) because he hops down from the window seat and starts rubbing against Chris’s ankles soothingly.

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Someone was feeling quite rebellious last night.

I woke and saw Darren had yet another script and thought why? And then the rest of last night’s events were revealed. So if in return for a short, planned q&a where he mentions his contractual gf (whom he,as usual, doesn’t name), giving him “plausible deniability, we get the following, I will take it as a
Major win:

1. Darren once again expressed how happy he was about marriage equality

2. He then transitioned to speaking about how it should be the norm for him to sign a song written for a female and not switch the pronouns, meaning he was signing to his husband

3, he sings Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm(again I say silent dedication);

4. He goes from being bi-coastal to just bi

5. He names Come What May as his favorite number from Glee

6. Once again shows us how much he loves the words "Chris Colfer”. Darren says Chris’ name so reverently. As if he should be worshiped.

What a glorious evening.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Or 5 reasons why Darren loses the job but wins the guy. Based on this webcomic and suggested by Deej on Twitter. A belated birthday present for Jen. CrissColfer Alternative Meeting AU. 4.2K [AO3]

It takes Darren about five seconds from the moment he walks into the lobby to realize he’s hopelessly out of his depth. He’d suspected as much when he first got the call to set up an interview. The Editor in Chief was a friend of his father’s, so the interview spot felt like a courtesy more than anything else. His family connections may have moved his application to the top of the pile and earned him a first round interview, but they were unlikely to actually win him the job. They simply wouldn’t be enough, not when the relevant work history part of his resume was decidedly thin and padded out with odd jobs that weren’t particularly relevant to writing about music and popular culture for the online arm of a large, well-known magazine.

He smoothes out the wrinkles in his chambray button down shirt. He’d decided against wearing his suit jacket to the interview, mainly because the weather app showed a high of 95 degrees for New York and he had zero desire to sweat through his shirt and jacket during the subway commute from Brooklyn. But he’d also thought, perhaps naively, that a magazine like Entertainment Weekly might have a slightly more relaxed dress code than most businesses in the area. Surveying the smartly attired applicants waiting all around him, most wearing clothing Darren can identify as coming from the most recent Brooks Brother catalogue, he realizes that he was wrong in his assumption. Between the expensive-looking ties, sharply pressed suits, recently shined shoes, abundance of leather briefcases, and vague air of superiority, the lobby is practically interchangeable with any on Wall Street. It only reinforces Darren’s belief that he so doesn’t belong here. If he can see it that clearly, he suspects the editor will too and his interview will be over before it’s even begun. He’d honestly be tempted to turn around and walk right back out the door, if not for the fact that skipping the interview would probably make his dad look bad.

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  • Girls: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • Boys: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • Gays: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • Lesbians: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • Asexuals: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • Bisexuals: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • Me: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • You: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • Rick Santorum: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • Everyone: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • Chuck Criss: Darren Criss has a great body.
  • Darren Criss: My brother is in a band called the Freelance Whales and it's really organic.