darren fell


I fell down the rabbit hole of YouTube and came across this gem. Remember when….

“Everything is Darren, and nothing hurts”. Well said Tyler, well said.

So Tonight Hedwig talked about blow jobs and a woman was cheering super loudly so she stopped and asked her if she was on blow - and not the good kind you have to be careful honey And darren kissed 2 guys tonight - one was right before me and he triedto EAT darren’s face is2g The whole show was amazing I wanted to take Hedwig in my arms and in a blanket and just tell her that it would be alright I knew only the movie version but i fell like Darren’s hedwig is so vulnerable and fragile The chemistry with Rebecca’s Yitzhak is phenomenal At stage door we saw papa and mama criss and mia And his guard said that he had a sore throat so minimal dialogue (yeah right) I told him that his performance was completely worth crossing the ocean And he smiled and asked where i was from When I said paris he replied “i thought so merci beaucoup!!” and i laughed and i replied “you’re welcome” I won’t ever forget tonight TuT