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Darren Criss and Lea Michele on Facebook Live

April 11, 2017


Darren and Chuck on Facebook Live

May 21, 2017

Interesting Darren tidbits from the Facebook Live:

  • He’s been working with Lou Eyrich this week for costumes for Versace
  • Versace is a bleak (ie dark) preparation - not preparing for Glee
  • Wants to sing with Lea in SF but isn’t sure he can get the time off Versace
  • He hasn’t really been directed by Ryan much before because he came to Glee after season one  - He mentioned being directed by Ryan in only one scene with him, Chris, and Amber. I assume this is the season 2 Breadstix scene with the pink purse. Seemed to imply Ryan is very hands on and involved with Versace (ie this time will be more working with Ryan? That’s the impression I got)
  • He couldn’t see Amber in Dreamgirls because of Computer Games stuff that had to get done (had planned to go), but crosses fingers for NY transfer (me too crosses fingers want to see her SO much!)
  • Darren wanted to sing Make You Feel My Love with Lea on Glee before she used it in the Quarterback.
  • Lea said that Darren spent a lot of time in New Orleans when they were filming Scream Queens there (presumably because Mia was doing bts content for SQ then). Thank you @consequenceofsound for adding this)

Darren and Lea’s Facebook Live Session - April 11, 2017

Some of my favourite things from the Computer Games Facebook Live:

 - Darren wearing his hat in every conceivable position

- Darren trying to hand Chuck the mic REPEATEDLY and Chuck not taking the mic REPEATEDLY

- Darren being able to play multiple songs from the top of his head on the guitar with seconds of warning

- Bowling and Rambling Mike from Highly Illogical

- Darren’s Cockney accent (and saying ‘fucking’ in the cockney accent)

- The fact that TWICE Darren gave away the answer for the Heads Up Game (”Outkast….uhhhhhh …*plays a song by Outkast*”)

- Chuck’s emo singing about the girl graduating 

- “I like how Chuck looks like a rocker and Darren kinda looks like a little kid but I love them both”

- Calling Beyonce on their desert phone

- Darren being unable to stop playing the guitar as they look at the comments

- “I speak Italian like a really smart 4 years old or like a really dumb 14 year old”

- Darren’s excitement about that Justin guy’s birthday

- Their commentary on the video as they watched it on the iPad and tried to show it to us (which was an epic fail because we couldn’t really see it)

- “We might have to yell at it.” “Yeah. HEY! Turn yourself up!” “Be louder.”

- Darren showing us the choreographed dance while sitting on the couch

- Chuck’s inability to dance