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whispers highschool!crisscolfer + fighting over flappy bird? * u *

Turn Around, I’ll Be Looking Back
Chris/Darren, PG
400 words

This will be a series of loosely connected high school au crisscolfer ficlets.

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“I can’t do it!” Chris shouts, holding his phone with a white knuckled grip. It’s all he can do not to actually throw it across the room. “I cannot top my high score. I don’t even know how I got to thirty even once.”

He and Darren are laying on his bed, shoes kicked off and tv playing cartoons in front of them. Chris has one leg draped over Darren’s, and they’re both ignoring Ninja Turtles in favor of the game Chris made Darren download. 

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AHS Hotel - “Room Service” (Darren-Only Edit)

Late Nights

Word Count: ~1.5k


Darren is straight. Darren is TOTALLY straight. He doesn’t talk to guys on Grindr and he doesn’t jerk off to the thoughts of boys. And he DEFINITELY likes girls.

He also likes Chris, the cute boy with the pretty smile who he talks to on Grindr and shares secrets with late at night. If he did like boys, he’d like Chris.

A/N: It’s possible that this will turn into a verse. Prompts are always welcome, as is feedback.



                The problem with being placed in a single dorm his sophomore year of college is that he has no one to talk with late at night.

                By the time you’re a sophomore you have your own group of friends and you’re not into keeping your dorm door open to allow for visitors. So Darren is stuck alone on Wednesday night with nothing to do and no one to talk to. It’s eleven, and normally Darren would be doing something. But there’s nothing to do, and there’s no one to talk to, and he’s bored.

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