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What’s your name?
Darren, do you by any chance play football?


From this request: lust-filled sexytimes with Dean Winchester OR Dan Howell (your choice) based on the song Dirty by Darren Hayes… like fluff at the start maybe but like devolving into just pure lusty sex

Here’s the song



Dean couldn’t stop staring at you.

It was rare to see you in anything except t-shirts and jeans, with worn boots or sneakers, hair down or pulled back in a simple tail, no makeup.

But because this case involved super important politicians at a fancy gala, you were dressed to the nines. Your gown hugged your curves and trailed almost to the floor, swirling with the slightest movement. Your hair was up and wavy, falling around your shoulders like a delicate waterfall. Your face was clear, your eyes shining, highlighted with a simple metallic shadow and edged with a fan of long, black lashes.

Dean couldn’t stop staring at your mouth. Those perfect lips captured the color and texture of rose petals—silky smooth and pearly pink.

And even better, they seemed to be turned up whenever you stared at him.

Dean wondered what those perfect little lips would look like wrapped around his cock.

These thoughts were not unwarranted. While you gave him those cute, innocent smiles, your eyes flashed with darker intentions. Dean had also caught your eyes trailing down to the front of his pants occasionally.

The two of you had been dancing around each other for the past few months. You’d shared a few drunken kisses, a few scandalous looks. But nothing had really come of it.


Dean felt his dick twitch in his pants—he needed you. Now.

He strode over to you, grabbing your elbow.

“Hello, Dean,” you said in a sultry voice, no louder than a kitten’s purr.

“We’re going.”


“The first empty room I can find.”

The two of you hurried out of the ballroom, trying to walk with ease, not show the desire radiating from both of you. Dean casually tried to open a few doors; all were locked.

“Bingo,” he said, finally finding an open room. He pulled you into the darkened room, the darkness intensifying when he shut the door behind you.

“I must say, I love your taste in interior decorators.”

Dean glanced around, his eyes adjusting to the dark. The room held a few pieces of furniture, all covered by white sheets. “Only the best for you, sweetheart.” He pulled you over to a couch, laying you out before him. “But we didn’t come here to admire the furniture.”

“We didn’t?”

Dean pounced, his body pressing against yours, mouth trying desperately to claim you. You allowed, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him as close as you could. The heat between you burned like fire, intensifying with each passing second.

It surprised you when Dean popped up, his chest heaving, trying to catch his breath. You watched as he reached down, pulling the bottom of your skirt up, revealing…

“Holy shit.”

You wriggled your hips slightly, watching his eyes grow.

“Do you always go without panties?”

“Did you see this dress? There’s no way I could wear anything without it showing.”

Dean shrugged. “I’m not complaining.”

You gasped and jolted away as Dean dove in between your legs, his lips wrapping immediately around your clit. He held your legs open, both making access easier for him and escape harder for you. And goddamn, he knew what he was doing.

“Dean,” you moaned. “Dean, please.”

He didn’t pay you any mind, simply pressed harder against your sex, his stubble creating a friction you had never experienced. Your mind fogged and your words dissipated to nothing but moans. It was a mere four minutes before you came, hard.

“Holy fuck,” you whispered, watching through hooded eyes as Dean sat up, licking his lips. You surged upwards at that moment, surprising him. Your momentum crashed you both to the ground, but you paid no attention to Dean’s grunt of pain. Your hands worked his buckle and zipper and soon his cock sprang free. It was only out in the air for a moment before your lips wrapped around it, sucking it into your hot mouth.

“Oh my God,” Dean said, the pain in his tailbone from falling immediately forgotten. He watched you bobbing up and down and couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. It was dirty, it was needy, it was blissful. But as good as it felt, he knew he needed to stop you.

“E-easy,” he said, putting his hands on your shoulders, pushing you off. “If you keep doing that, I’m not going to get to the best part.”

Even in the dark, Dean could see the devilish twinkle in your eye. You tipped back onto the floor, pulling your skirt up around your waist, revealing yourself to him once more. “Come here.”

Dean didn’t need any more encouragement.


You ran your fingers through your hair, hoping it wasn’t too flattened from your roll on the floor. You could still feel Dean’s cum dripping down the inside of your thigh; you silently cursed yourself for not wearing underwear.

Dean peered out into the hall before grabbing your hand, pulling you from the darkness. The two of you were silent as you stepped back into the ballroom, the party still in full swing.

“You think Sam realized we left?”

At that moment, you both saw Sam staring at you from the bar, his mouth a thin, hard line.

“Yeah, I think he might’ve noticed,” Dean said.


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Featuring: Ste, Leah, Lucas, Darren, Nancy, Adam, Maxine, Holly, Harry, Zak, Cleo, Joanne, Jack, Frankie, Esther, Charlie, Alfie, Jade, Tom, Peri, Louis and Simone. 


The only thing i have to say it’s thank you Glee.

  • -Bayley debuts
  • - All of the fourhorsewomen in a PPV having matches longer than 5 minutes!
  • -Nattie and Becky had a great match
  • -New day vs Wyatts was great
  • -Wyatts won
  • -Xavier confronted his fears
  • -Enzo with that promo
  • -Enzo with that charisma
  • -The US/IC match were solid
  • -Mojo saved Zack
  • -Brief team work by Ambrollins
  • -Dean retains
  • -SM lockeroom being happy for their boy


Is this WWE, is this the new era? (because it was great as fuck)


Since this is a write up of all the wrestlers I met, I’ll be writing my experience with each while I took the photo (some were just hi bye so if you dont see a part for some of them thats why)

Airport (7/4/15) Part 2

Dean Ambrose: You kinda have to chase after him to get a picture, so I tapped him on the shoulder lightly to see if I could get a picture, so he turned around, stared at my Roman Reigns shirt for a bit, put his finger in my face and said “Yes you can.”

Darren Young: He was super chill, and he told me to tweet him the picture after (which I did, and he favorited it here)

Brad Maddox: Was eating a burger when we took our picture

Alicia Fox: I told her she was gorgeous (honestly she is) and she said that she loved my hair

The Miz: I kinda freaked out cause he was one of my favorites years ago, and he was super chill


isaiahmustafa: Did some boxing training with Dean and Darren today#Downworlders #shadowhunters #Graymark16 #werewolfboxing

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Reed Bentley and Kyle Maverick vs Aaron Solo and Darren Dean - D1W