darren criss: quotes

  • Ginny: "Oh! Oh oh! Do you know what I would do with an invisibility cloak?"
  • Harry: "Oh man, I would...uh...kick wiener dogs."
  • Ron: "And I would pretend to be a ghost and would scare mean people."
  • Hermione: "I'd use it to avoid having to face my reflection in the mirror."
  • Harry & Ron: "Jesus, Hermione."
I love languages, languages are a big, big, big hobby of mine. It’s what I do in my free time. You know, a lot of people..I love video games but I always tell people that my video games are language books. I really enjoy keeping up with my italian, um, my french is really shitty but I enjoy, you know, stupid things that we hated when we were kids like grammar workbooks. I really enjoy doing those, like french conjugation. […] Well it’s fun for me cause it’s like, it’s puzzles to me, it’s language puzzles cause I love words, I love languages. I just like learning as many things as possible. In the past two years I kind of dived into japanese and chinese, which is crazy, and I’m not saying I’m gonna be fluent or anything, it’s just a fun exercise to keep your brain challenged. It’s fun to see something and have no fucking clue what it means, but it’s cool because then you go « okay cool, well, I can get there », you know? Human beings are smart, we can get there, it’s a cool challenge to, just to try and understand everything that you can’t understand. I love that. So languages a really really great hobby for me. It’s like music.
—   Darren on his hobbies aside from music and theater

Which are your best memories of Glee?

Chord Overstreet - maybe the coworker I’ve bonded the most with during my five years on Glee - and I, we had to sing a cover of Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham. Unfortunately, the recording session was after a pretty animated night of the Oscars, we drank and we went to sleep at 3am. The session was at 7am. We were a wreck but we started singing it so hysterically that came out perfect at the end. - Darren Criss, Giffoni Film Festival 2015 (×)


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