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Inside the Super-Sized 'Glee' Reunion on 'The Flash'-'Supergirl' Musical Crossover
Good luck staying in your seat during this episode

Darren Criss is singing his heart out. Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist are tap dancing. “It’s literally a Glee episode,” Gustin jokes. No, the Fox series hasn’t been revived. The trio are actually reuniting for the first time since their days on the Emmy-nominated hit series for a different kind of musical — and Criss may finally get his revenge.

His Glee character, Blaine Anderson, received a slushy facial from Gustin’s Sebastian Smythe back in 2012, but now the tables have turned, with Criss assuming the mantle of the dastardly DC Comics villain Music Meister in the highly anticipated Flash/Supergirl musical crossover. “It is funny that the last time I worked with Grant, he was the bad guy and he was singing at me, and now I’m the bad guy singing at him,” Criss says. Though it’s a different set, with the quick turnaround and prep, Criss concurs that this all feels familiar. “It’s just Glee,” he says.

In the March 21 episode of The Flash, Barry (Gustin) and Kara (Benoist) find themselves trapped in a movie musical of the Meister’s creation — an hour that has been years in the making. “We’ve always talked about doing it, from the very beginning, more in a joking way,” says executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. Gustin, however, was initially curious. “I didn’t ever think it would be a real thing, so when they told me it was real, I was like, ‘How?!‘”

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Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Talks New Album 'Evolve' & Bigotry in Mormonism: 'To Be Gay Is Beautiful and Right and Perfect'
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For your TrevorLIVE performance on June 19, you opened with “It’s Time,” which was a song the TV show Glee featured when Blaine sang it to his boyfriend Kurt. Do you remember that? And what impact do you think that moment has had on your career?

I do remember that. I just saw [Glee alum] Darren Criss a few days ago, and we reminisced about that because he sang it. Glee had a huge impact on the band because it helped our first song take off and it had a huge impact on a lot of people, especially within the gay community. One of the reasons I’ve felt such a need to speak out on this is I’ve gotten countless emails and letters from fans around the world who said, “I’m gay, but I know you’re Mormon so that probably means you don’t accept my lifestyle, but I love ‘It’s Time’ and your music.” That was devastating and it broke my heart to get letters like that. I’ve written back to these people to tell them, “No, I do support you and I’m here for you.” It’s been a driving force for me to raise awareness and make a difference and not just sit back to let people feel that hurt. “It’s Time” reached a lot in a lot of different ways.

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