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Can you tell me ALL your favorite glee episodes. Like by season? Please and thank you!

You’re making me do my homework, anon. As far as total whole episodes with a lot of quality Klaine, I came up with 7 episodes. Ok, here we go…

#1 for me is always…

Original Song - 2X16

Love, Love, Love - 5X01

Never Been Kissed - 2X06

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Prom Queen - 2X20

New New York - 5X14

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Dreams Come True - 6X13

A Wedding - 6X08

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Honorable mentions (single Klaine scenes within an ep)

Somewhere Only We Know from Born This Way - 2X18

Hallway scene - Purple Piano Project - 3X01

Love Shack - Heart - 3X13

“Chums” - New Directions - 5X13

Flower scene - Asian F - 3X03

I could go on all day, but…the most honorable, HONORABLE MENTION:

The Box Scene

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