Little things about the Flash/Supergirl musical episode


-Starkid Reunion

-Victor Garber and Jesse L Martin as Iris’ gay dads

-Jeremy Jordan

-Jeremy Jordan’s voice

-Jeremy Jordan’s wink

-Grant Gustin fanboying over watching Victor Garber and Jesse L Martin singing

-”Well I didn’t mean like a gender thing I just wanted to kick it in.”

-Darren Criss and his OTPs



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Although the rationale behind the villain’s evil scheme wasn’t entirely coherent — he wanted to drain their powers while making them understand love, or something? — it didn’t need to be. Criss was put in this episode for two reasons: to look good in red suspenders and to sing. And he did both quite well.

yearningforcas  asked:

darren did so well as the music meister like when he left i was like waiiit nooo come back!!!

I know!! He was phenomenal, loved every second of it! I was a big fan of The Flash already and he just made me love it even more 💚 Really hope the Music Meister makes another stop in Central City sometime soon! :)

Not only so we can see him, but so we get a chance to hear Grant’s smooth pipes one more time. I’ve missed his voice so much!