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Hey, a new video! <3 6000+ followers came so fast that I didn’t get the chance to work on the video I really wanted to work on, so I tried to do something else quick, but aa! It was a lot of work and super fun to do! Hope you guys like! Thank you so much for following, so so excited to have you all here! <3 Thank you for the support and have a lovely weekend! Keep it going so I can work on the other video, but I think you all would rlly love it! <3


Darren Criss performing ‘Changes’ at Terminal 5 NYC, 10 Jan 2017. 

Best version of this performance I’ve found.

anonymous asked:

Why did Darren name change to Dario?

Darren’s birth name is Dario! <3 It’s sort of common amongst Spanish names to have a “english” version, like Jose and Joe. Dario is his real name, but he grew up using ‘Darren’. I refer to him as Dario, but really, almost everyone uses Darren with the exception of his grandparents! C:

You asked for it!   I have combined all of my Glee (and Glee adjacent) coloring pages and shared them in  a free, downloadable pdf. You can find it HERE (on Google Docs).  I’ve also created a page on my Tumblr for all the coloring page posts.

Please - please - please - share with me if you do color any of these pages!!!   

I have MANY jpgs that did not make this first cut — please let me know if you have requests or suggestions….perhaps there will be a second edition!


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