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Alright tumblr world. I’ve spent my morning laughing, shaking my head, and singing the Thompson Twins.

Let’s discuss. Because I really can’t decide. Clearly Chris was caught off guard. Of that I have no doubt.

So was it the dumbest move made yet. you cannot recreate history. Lessons learned from Darren and Team Beard. But this is a whole new level. Darren’s team hasn’t even sunk this low. Chris is on record. Stating he was obsessed. Darren is on record saying Chris loved AVPM. Heather is on record saying she watched with Chris. This isn’t a maybe. This happened. And his denial. No plausible deniability here. Just a bold face lie. That he was caught in immediately.

Or is it a brilliant move? Once again highlighting the obvious lie. Knowing that if there was nothing to hide, he wouldn’t have to try. Because there is nothing suspicious about watching a musical your former co-star of 6 years wrote some of the music for and starred in. Unless you are in a secret relationship and said co-star is still in the closet.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Dear Team Beard,

Second day in a row I am writing you a note. PLEASE STOP!  You are making the situation that is already embarrassing enough into a complete joke and a mockery of Darren and his career.  

We called it weeks ago that you would try to sell Zoe as Ben’s girlfriend and by her post today, I think that is confirmed. 

Granted this is a better sell than Alli who had a girlfriend when you tried to spin that tale.  

Please start giving your audience a little credit. Even the die hard miarrens at this point are seeing through the lies. You can’t ignore Ben for 2 years and suddenly try to re-invent history and create a story that is completely contrary to the facts that have been provided by Ben and M themselves, so that you can create a story that fits into to the PR narrative.  The man has been living with Von Beard for 2 years.  I know you think you can change the facts, you have tried many times when creating your PR story. But these particular facts are all over his social media, hers and the social media of her friends.  

Please set Darren free.  He is so much more appealing when allowed to be himself.  The man is making a career playing LGBT+ roles.  Please allow him the freedom to do this in a truthful and genuine manner.

The only thing at this point you are accomplishing is making a complete fool of a man who has worked too hard and is to talented for your incompetency.

Thank you.

ANON:  “ I live in la and have seen many celebrities go unnoticed. Why is it we don’t have a hundred pics of D and his “gf” from “fans”? Where are all the grocery shopping and mundane everyday pictures? We only have pictures that are either released by Beard, her friends, his management, or pictures that they want us to see. It’s very possible to go unnoticed. Most of the public do not know who they are”

Hi Anon, thanks for your note. I edited a little as I promised not to use a certain person’s proper name.  But yes, exactly this, I agree.  The pictures that we get are when the paps are called, events (both private and public), those released by Darren’s team (SS, Ricky, and Beard), fan sightings (most of which are places Darren/his team know he will be caught by fans), and those released by friends (both Beard and Darren’s, that Starkid wedding in the fall was a huge PR event thanks to his friends making sure I literally saw more of the wedding then some I have attended myself).

I think LA is much like NY (though maybe even less opportunity to see a celebrity as everyone drives there).  When I am on the subway, I pay no attention to the people around me. When I walk around, there are literally always so many others walking, it is near impossible to notice a particular person.  At the pride parade on Sunday, I had a hard enough time keeping track of the 4 others I was with when we started wandering, that Darren and Chris could have walked passed, hand in hand, and I would not have noticed (for the record, I do not think they were there, just an example).

Fact is, outside of the little bubble we live in, they simply aren’t that famous.  Darren is caught (as is Chris) pretty much when he wants to be. A perfect example- if he wanted to celebrate his “6th anniversary” privately, he wouldn’t haven’t gone to Disneyland!  The day was spent there to have fans notice them and take photos.  

I am confident Darren and Chris are able to celebrate the special moments in their lives in a much more private way and can go completely unnoticed.