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Hard to be CC shipper

I am known to see both sides of an issue, passionate or not. I do not have a hard time being a shipper. Before I knew about CC shippers too many people I know said they did not ship miarren. She is narcissistic and tries to take away from Darren. Darren shippers. But wanting him to be happy you smile keep your mouth shut. Even though at times he seems misserable. Then you hear Darren sing songs that are connected to Chris and you really start questioning. Then you hear beard…ding, ding,ding. It is not hard to ship happiness. If this CC is not real heaven help Darren, literally. He has to enjoy being unhappy, by his face. One in particular made me very sad. At “opt smile” M holding babe Darren in pic…not happy. Wanted to cry.


I absolutely understand that to actually believe in CC, you have to be strong.  You have to see through the BS.  And you have to look at everything,  But I can tell you, I believe with every fiber of my being. And I know enough. And have observed enough. And read all of Chris’ books. And pay attention to the songs Darren writes. And the ones he talks about.   that there is no doubt as to what the truth is. 

And I Could not agree more, there is nothing wrong with shipping happiness. I have said so many times, even if I am wrong, the only thing i want is for both men to be happy and healthy. And with Darren specifically, his public relationship is toxic and emotionally abusive. He deserves better than that.  It is why I cannot wait for her to exit his life for good.  Because even though its not a truly an intimate or romantic relationship. It is a working relationship,. And he is forced to interact with her often and frequently. And I think it is extremely detrimental to his emotional well-being.

And it constantly amazes me that people ship Darren and Von Beard. Because it is rare that we get a convincing photo.  Generally we get pics where she does all the work (notice in 98% of them he is either not touching her or or doing the minimum possible including the all too numerous kiss pics). She is always the one sticking her claws in his neck. Or with her hand pressed on his chest. Always her. And he looks so damn miserable in ever one.  Or we get the forced “happiness” like in her snaps yesterday.  Where the real Darren is gone and the character he has created, straight asshole Darren, appears.

I strongly believe that Darren has survived this nightmare and is still standing strong because of the love and support he receives from his real, private partner. 

Dear Team Beard,

Second day in a row I am writing you a note. PLEASE STOP!  You are making the situation that is already embarrassing enough into a complete joke and a mockery of Darren and his career.  

We called it weeks ago that you would try to sell Zoe as Ben’s girlfriend and by her post today, I think that is confirmed. 

Granted this is a better sell than Alli who had a girlfriend when you tried to spin that tale.  

Please start giving your audience a little credit. Even the die hard miarrens at this point are seeing through the lies. You can’t ignore Ben for 2 years and suddenly try to re-invent history and create a story that is completely contrary to the facts that have been provided by Ben and M themselves, so that you can create a story that fits into to the PR narrative.  The man has been living with Von Beard for 2 years.  I know you think you can change the facts, you have tried many times when creating your PR story. But these particular facts are all over his social media, hers and the social media of her friends.  

Please set Darren free.  He is so much more appealing when allowed to be himself.  The man is making a career playing LGBT+ roles.  Please allow him the freedom to do this in a truthful and genuine manner.

The only thing at this point you are accomplishing is making a complete fool of a man who has worked too hard and is to talented for your incompetency.

Thank you.


Okay, let’s talk seriously this time:Darren Criss’s Beard. 

I can not be the only person in the world who thinks that beard grows too fast, the first serious photo even though it is recording you can see the your subtle presence, the recordings ended on Friday 2nd and the third is from Sunday, May 4 and oww  BEARD! Finally the last two are from yesterday with almost 2 weeks after the end of the recordings AND YES it gets really hot with the beard. 

glee will return only in 2015, yes this is very sad but I wonder, how will be the beard Darren until there? I mean are 7 months … a bear? maybe? i dont know ! I think it will look sexy Chubacca or Cousin Itt .. lets wait

Sorry for the Joke…

Alright tumblr world. I’ve spent my morning laughing, shaking my head, and singing the Thompson Twins.

Let’s discuss. Because I really can’t decide. Clearly Chris was caught off guard. Of that I have no doubt.

So was it the dumbest move made yet. you cannot recreate history. Lessons learned from Darren and Team Beard. But this is a whole new level. Darren’s team hasn’t even sunk this low. Chris is on record. Stating he was obsessed. Darren is on record saying Chris loved AVPM. Heather is on record saying she watched with Chris. This isn’t a maybe. This happened. And his denial. No plausible deniability here. Just a bold face lie. That he was caught in immediately.

Or is it a brilliant move? Once again highlighting the obvious lie. Knowing that if there was nothing to hide, he wouldn’t have to try. Because there is nothing suspicious about watching a musical your former co-star of 6 years wrote some of the music for and starred in. Unless you are in a secret relationship and said co-star is still in the closet.

Thoughts? Opinions?

The Project (Redux)

“One more or you won’t get the promotion.”

It was late at night, and Darren was working overtime. Sort of.

The obese man was being stuffed mercilessly by his boss. He hazily looked at George standing above him. He licked crumbs lazily from his goatee as his fat boss held the last donut of the two boxes, an enormous and delicious chocolate eclair, cream oozing from the sides.

George was tall, an inch over Darren making him about 6'3". His gut protruded about a foot in front of him and his love handles made him look like a barrel on toothpicks. One of his weathered hands was holding the donut while he slicked back his white hair with the other. He looked like a tall Santa Claus with blue eyes, and a straining white shirt and red tie to boot. His glasses adorned his fully bearded face.

Darren had previously been stuffed full of Little Debbie’s danishes, at least five boxes of them (each box held at least eight enormous danishes), fifteen individual fruit pies, a dozen boxes of snowballs, and an entire Bundt cake. To say he was going through a sugar rush was an understatement.

Darren wanted that promotion. He couldn’t protest as he was hog tied to his office chair, his feet pulled underneath and tied together, his wrists bound behind the back and connected to his ankles. His enormous gut was gurgling in protest of all that sugary food as he opened his mouth, ready for the final donut.

“Good piggy,” George cooed in his deep, bass voice as he put the eclair in Darren’s mouth. Darren moaned in pleasure as his cheeks were completely filled with delicious donut. As he slowly chewed, the chair was lowered as low as possible and tilted back until the back of the chair leaned against his desk. George swung his leg up and over and sat on his chest, causing Darren to breathe out heavily, gasping.

George’s belly truly strained against his white shirt. He unzipped his pants and inserted his big, hard cock in Darren’s donut filled mouth. Cream squirted and squished around his dick as Darren began to suck.

“Mmmm, that’s my good hog. Fuck yeah, you do well tonight and that promotion is almost as sure as yours.”

Darren continued to suck, George grabbing his head and pulling him closer. Eclair continued to squish around his member as he moaned, crumbs and cream now on his goatee as George’s dick displaced the food. He wrapped his lips around and drew on it’s length, burying his face into his soft belly and warm pants.

“Aaaahhh yeeeaahhhh!!” George groaned as he bucked, causing Darren to get a mouthful of cum. He sat there for a second with his mouth around George’s surging dick, waiting for him to be done.

“Thats my good little piggy.” George slid down and sat on Darren’s belly, trailing his still oozing cock on his enormous moob and trailing his last bits of cum on his orange shirt. The chair still tilted back and causing him to feel all of George on his full stomach.

“You’ll be on the way to management yet,” he said, grabbing a handful of belly before he put his furry mouth to Darrens, kissing his mouth full of donut and cum. He pulled back and licked his lips before Darren swallowed the mixture.

His fat boss then pulled out an enormous tub of ice cream, a spoon, and a vibrator. “Open wide and I’ll get you a raise as well.”

Darren opened his mouth as George eased the vibrator in him, getting rock hard as George began to stroke him off and feed him ice cream. He was so full he felt like he was gonna pop. George just kept spoon feeding him as his cock grew hard again on Darren’s belly. Darren’s own cock strained in agonizing pleasure against George’s cock. Every time George leaned in to feed his fat pig, he would rub against Darren’s dick. The orange ball of lard shook in pleasure.

“Halfway there.” George put the ice cream down. He pulled up a box of Ensure protein shakes. There were a total of twenty-four of them. “If you can drink all of these my little pig, I’ll give you a $20,000 a year raise.”

Darren just stared blankly at his boss. He nodded his head as George opened the box, cracking open the first one. He leaned against Darren as he put the bottle to his lips. Darren slowly drank the first one. When he was finished, George kissed him, putting them beard to beard and fogging up their glasses. Darren grew rock hard and was ready for more. George pulled away and gave him the next one.

In minutes he downed the entire box of twenty-four shakes. George picked the ice cream back up and kept spoon feeding him. The vibrator kept buzzing away at his ass as George ran the spoon on his dick, rubbing in circles before he gave him another bite of ice cream.

In no time the ice cream was done. George leaned forward, pressing his large belly into Darren’s. Darren’s shirt buttons strained, enormous gaps showing his hairy belly. The young man moaned as George played with his dick. He grabbed tight began to jerk him off, causing him to strain against the ropes. George placed his cock on Darren’s as he jerked, then stroked himself off. In moments, both of their cum flew out and onto their shirts, wet spots showing their true lust.

The vibrator kept going and going as they sat there, the fat, bearded, bespectacled men with their tongues entwined as George grabbed and played with his young employees enormous belly.

anonymous asked:

I don't understand the PR team like I'm trying to make sense of it. Darren and Chris have both said that they were close friends on set etc etc. So doesn't it make it extremely obvious that when glee is over they don't even acknowledge each other's accomplishments. I mean friends would do that. I'm trying to make sense for it I really am...but I mean if Darren is 'happy' then I'm happy.

Ask 2:  There is so much CC proof out there. One of the biggest is definitely the big change in their public relationship. They go from supporting each other and D being C plus one to not even acknowledging each other. How can CC haters ignore the heart eyes at the Trevor project? Also, what about D participating in a walk to end epilepsy? There is just so many instances that point to them being together it’s crazy.


 I grouped these together as they are very similar.

The number one tell that that all is not as sold is the complete lack of interaction between Darren and Chris since Glee ended with the exception of one brief twitter exchange that was meant to rehabilitate Darren after an epic disaster at the Trevor Live Red Carpet the week prior.

The fact is, Fox and Murphy and Team Beard made a decision somewhere in Season 3/Season 4 that Chris and Darren could not be publicly seen together outside of Glee Production. And Post Glee, Team Beard, Darren and Chris, pushed this further and cut off all public contact. I have said before and I stand by this, I do believe Darren and Chris thought this was a way to highlight the obvious. Both gentlemen go out of their way to comment on every other cast member of that show’s latest projects, social media, photos, etc.  They have been seen and spotted with so many of their former caste-mates. But when it comes to each other they, in the words of Chris, only “kind of sort of” stay in touch (kind of sort of, i.e. live together, sleep together, make decisions together, own property together, spend holidays together, own pets together, exactly my definition of “kind of sort of” as well). It makes no logical sense, they are well aware of this, and they wanted us to talk about it. And we do. But sadly, the other side is that there are fans who genuinely believe they hate each other and feed off of this fabricated hatred.

Why did this happen? Fact is, Darren and Chris are pretty obvious when they are together. They  have amazing chemistry and they are not capable of hiding it. And they are crazy in love and they are terrible at hiding that as well.  Chris in general does a better job, but he has his moments as well. So instead of using this as a marketing tool, and it would have been golden, Fox/Murphy/Team Beard repressed it completely as it contradicted the straight Darren narrative. And let’s face it, their limited interactions do contradict straight Darren as there is NO ONE he looks at like he looks at Chris. NO ONE that he reacts to like Chris. And NO TWO WORDS he enjoys saying more than “Chris Colfer.” 

And here are some of my favorite examples that I thought I would share this Monday morning before diving into work:

I mean clearly two people who hate each other and cannot stand breathing the same air:)

Honestly why Fox did not capitalize on this is utterly and completely beyond me. This is a beautiful thing and should never, never have been hidden. And I only hope that someday they are able to be free and open and their feelings.


At the 1:38 mark:

Moderator:  "Darren, seriously, what’s with the beard?“

Darren: "Like is that a beard joke, as in like…”

Moderator: “I’m just curious where…”

Darren: “Sit with that for a second”  (watch Kevin’s reaction to that - EYES)

Darren: “I don’t know, man, it’s my time off, it just happens, it’s like my third or fourth beard of the summer. They come and they go. Sorry.”  (watch Jenna’s reaction to this)


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This is what I find most interesting about the Marie's Crisis event Thursday night: BOTH management teams were there. Like many other CC shippers, my mind is whirling around with scenarios and possibilities. After all, we have not seen the likes of this sort of "CC" conglomeration since...NEVER! The only thing "missing" was Colfer. (Or so it seemed.)

Ask #2: so was this guy chris or not? bc i’m pretty sure it was him at the Marie’s Crisis last night. any good thoughts?

Ask 3: so was this guy chris or not? bc i’m pretty sure it was him at the Marie’s Crisis last night. any good thoughts?

Ask 4: Good morning! I have so many questions.  Like everyone else I saw the birds nest pic and everyone knew that was fake. I also saw a post about D and C being with their families in the fashion district. Then Alla post about a fun time at Marie’s Crisis. There’s a pic of a tall man behind her with his hair coifed high. Please tell me your thoughts. Especially about hanging out at a fashion event. Do you believe it was our boys? This is the most we’ve seen/ heard in ages. They’re ready to end this! 


I am trying to be better. Since all of these are similar, combining my response.  I do not think the tall man in the video and stills is Chris. Similar but not the same. 

However, do I think Chris was in NYC with Darren? 100% yes. Why? First, ask yourself. When was the last time we had a verified sighting of Chris? I’d say a month ago when he was in NYC promoting STFF. 

Second. We have the birds.  My honest opinion about his animal posting.I think its intentional and at this point, more for us than for those he is trying to fool.  He knows we expect him to post some photo that “proves” he is in LA. And i think he posts them almost as a sign, “I am saying I am in LA but actually I am wherever in the world my husband has gone.”. And this past week it was NYC.

Do I think Chris was at Marie’s? I would say possible but doubtful, though not the man in question.  As one of you point out. Marie’s is incredibly small. It is the tiny dive bar and when it is crowded as it appeared to be Thursday night, there is nowhere to hide.  BUT I would say at this point, Chris is a master at blending into the crowd.  If you have ever had the opportunity to walk around the West Village, where Marie’s is located, you would come to the same conclusion as me. It would be so easy for Darren and Chris to blend in if they want to. A pair jeans. A hat  Or a hoodie.  Contacts to hide their eyes. Just 2 more good looking guys in the village.  There are so many of them they would blend in.   So could he have been present and hanging in the back? Absolutely plausible.

But much more interesting to me was Allla. Yes,she brought her clients with her.  No one is denying that.  But she chose to take a photo with Michael. Chose for her after party to be at tiny little Marie’s Crisis. Was standing with Darren in one of the photos I have seen. And perched at the piano while Darren was playing.  Watching him. She even tweeted about being there,.  And the next day, posted the photo with Michael.  This is not the behavior of someone who’s client is NOT friends with Darren. Even if she went, she would not have made her presence known. She loves and respects Chris too much for that.

So why did she post?  As I said multiple times yesterday, Alla is very deliberate in the message she sells.  I do not doubt for 1 second she is team CC, But her job is PR. And as part of that job, she is charged with selling the PR narrative.  But on many occasions she has strongly hinted at CC.  Many. And Friday into Saturday she did her job at showing that she is a fan of Darren and friendly with his PR rep.  And you know why she and Michael are friendly?  Because they have been working together for years on hiding CC. And while Michael has taken a step back post Glee, he is back again and promoting Darren.  I would guess because Darren’s star is very much rising. But I would also guess it is because the Miarren chapter is ending and a new chapter is beginning. We don’t yet know what that chapter will look like.  A break up? (I assume yes). A new beard?  Single Darren?  The truth? You all know my predication, it will be stages. And well, if we are to get stages, both Darren and Chris have to agree to the strategy and their teams have to work together to climb their way out of the absolute mess that has been made (one that could have been completely avoided if a certain person was fired years ago as she should have been and if CC were allowed to be friends in public).

And what evidence do I have of this besides observation?  The captain of the CC Ship himself, Christopher Paul Colfer, who went out of his way to comment on Alla’s IG post.  Saying “usually when I see these sweet faces I have a drink in my hand.”  Well Chris that is interesting. When was the last time you saw Michael? I mean you hate Darren right? Oh yeah, that is right. You live with Darren and have been for years.  And every decision made is made together. And no doubt Chris has seen Michael and Alla this week, all with a cocktail, perhaps at the apartment he shares with Darren, planning for the future.

And you know what the biggest sign this week of Chris being present and someone being very unhappy?  The little stunt pulled yesterday with one of the worst photoshops I have seen. Again having little to no faith in her fans that perhaps they had seen the original and would remember it just like we did.

worst von beard PR team ever

this entire stunt was just downright hilarious because of how unoriginal and unnecessary it was.

the whole point team beard is trying to make is that Darren is straight and totally NOT in a relationship with Chris. yet, trying to convince us that he was somewhere else on Chris’s birthday with the various tweets from Darren and snaps from beard, just makes everything more obvious.

their biggest flaw (besides the worst von beard ever) is that they overdo everything. if they were trying to convince us, they should try to make it look more natural (highly impossible at this point though since Darren looks like he’s actually having some level 120 gas pains whenever he’s with von beardy beard and his team) and not so pathetically over-the-top.

bring attention but not so much attention that it has some people questioning everything and others just outright laughing at it because of the poorly done PR stunts.

but we’re not complaining because if anything, they’re just confirming everything and at this point, we’re so skilled in their game that we can predict their next move.

better luck next time, team beard.

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Is it just me or do some old Mia/rren pics look like manips?

Hi anon. Thanks for the ask and sorry for making you wait!

You are in the right track, but not far enough.

There is a lot of trickery involved in everything we see. Like we always say, we see what they want us to see. It is as true now as it has ever been.

Photomanipulation is not limited to pics of Darren with the Beard. There is e.g. a pic of Chris with the PA that is manipulated much to the amusement of my friends and I and a few other curious pics that feature neither PR couple. And as someone who talks more behind in the secret dark corners of Tumblr, I can say that we spot more than we mention out here. While some are better manips than others, it’s not really too difficult to spot many of them if you known what to look for.

The trickery is not limited to editing pics though. They use pretty much every play in the book to make us think what they are selling is real. There’s a lot of staging. A lot. It happens all the time, even or especially when PR couple is not together in the pic. Staging isn’t just about the seemingly clever product placement or anything we might see in the pic though. It’s also about the details attached to the pic, when, where and by whom the pics are posted. Remember, this game is played by insinuations.

The deception is not just a thing of the past. It’s still happening. Darren isn’t more together with his beard now than he was years ago when she elbowed her way into his life. The need for manipulation and staging hasn’t magically disappeared.

And something to keep in mind: Even if a pic is real, it doesn’t mean what they are selling is real.