darren at hotel cafe


Darren Criss singing Jealousy at the Hotel Cafe on 4/7/12

Video belongs to mkasadate.


I saw this video.

And I was kind of moved by his voice and his talent.

And I laughed at all the theories on his drunkness (maybe tipsy, come on… he’s a big boy).

And I was a little bit envious of the way he can drink in a whole sip all that rum.

And I was amazed by his voice (fuck you Glee autotune).

And then I realized that I was just being charmed by another one of his usual carefully planned performances.

Because even when he looks “spontaneous and fun”, it’s just perfect acting.

All the “glass in hand” show, it’s always the same, same song, same way. A way to present himself in contests where the audience it’s not teenage girls. Where he has to win a little rispect, to look more “grown up”.

Well done, Darren. You, smartass.

N.B. The other occasion I was referring to is this, at the party for his broadway debut.


Part of Your World live at Hotel Cafe on 4/7/12

Video by gannonerika