darren at film tv conference


Decent video of the whole performance!


Here’s a slightly closer version of Darren’s performance tonight.  

Don't mind me, just crying over "A Whole New World"

Cause you know he used to grow up singing that song and he always talks about how Aladdin was the movie that made him want to become and actor and the reason he got into this profession.  And he adores Alan Menken and his songs and he adores Lea and her voice and so, no big deal, he gets to sing this iconic song from his childhood and my childhood.  And you know he went to bed singing it every night for weeks after he first saw it, and I bet he never imagined that he’d get to sing it onstage with Princess Jasmine herself in honor of the guy who wrote it and inspired him musically and I just have way, way too many feelings right now because I’m so proud of him and all he’s accomplished and all he’s still going to accomplish.  And twenty, thirty years down the road, he’s going to be the one that Billboard is honoring and he’s going to be the one who people look up to and idolize and who inspires people to get into the business because that’s just who he is.  It’s inevitable.  Because even though he’s already come so far, he’s going to go still further.