darren at craig's


I dont know if someone has mentioned this before, but it seems like The Endless Summer students are also studying in Hartfeld. 🏝💼

As I replayed ES and TS Book 1. I saw some hints that maybe this is possible but cant be confirmed. 🕵🏼‍♀️👣

First in the dream of MC when Sean and Craig played for the Freshman Orientation. PB used the Hartfeld Stadium BG for the game, the same stadium in where Darren, Logan and Chris played. If its a different university, they should have edited the background to a different university name or school colors and team. 🏈🏆

Second is Craig’s jacket with an “H”. This is a tricky one since it could mean “Hartfeld” or “Hsiao”. 🏛 🇹🇼

Third, Sean mentioned that Michelle’s sorority sisters said she cheated on him. Is there a possibility that Michelle is in Alpha Kappa Phi together with Becca and Madison? ⚜️🚺

Its cute if some of them know each other. This thought lead me in making the just for fun Ms. Twombly’s Special Class. 🤣👩🏽‍🏫

If you got any thought kindly enlighten me. Thankies. ✨👍🏻

lauraluvesyou: Went to celebrate the illustrious career of the incomparable Craig Slaight at @actsanfrancisco. And Darren Criss remembered me (or at least pretended to)! And was as cool as ever!!! Half Filipinos unite 😂 #halffilipino #halfasian @darrencriss

urban_oceans: AHHHHH TONIGHT I GOT TO MEET, PERFORM AND TALK WITH DARREN CRISS AND IM SO BLESSED AND HAPPY🤗😍 it’s all for Mr. Craig Slaight the best director and mentor in the world !❤️🌟

dylansaunders: Back for a San Francisco homecoming honoring Craig Slaight and his 29 incredible years as an educator and director at the Young Conservatory at @actsanfrancisco. I was lucky to call him a teacher, a mentor, and a friend during a pivotal time in my youth, and beyond. I’m glad you instilled a love of art, theatre, professionalism, craft, and community in this kid when you did, because it absolutely changed my life. “But then I remembered about my call and kept on going somehow.”


VCU Students Protest Darren Wilson Grand Jury from Craig Zirpolo

Students at Virginia Commonwealth University protest a grand jury decision to not indict Darren Wilson, a white police officer who shot and killed 18 year-old Michael Brown. The group started on Broad St., marched to The Compass and then to the Richmond Police Station on Franklin St.


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