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aa hi! happy thing here!! so my high school graduation party was a week ago and no one there really knew me too well so all the gifts were just cash, but that means i can get a binder !!! i haven't had the money or been in the right place for trustworthy shipping until now but i just need to get a card to use and then wait for it to come!!!!!

Ahhhhh that’s awesome!! Remember to measure correctly and get the right size! I recommend GC2B personally; that’s what I have, and I love it. Anyway, great news!!!

So I was thinking long and hard about this today at the gym while listening to Misty Mountains. And I couldn’t help but draw a few similarities between The Hobbit and some princes… 

You’ve got Paris 

You’ve got Mika

You’ve got Arrow

You’ve got Darren

You’ve got Vancha idk why he just reminds me of vancha ok

and bonus Kili!Darren trying to impress the big vampires: