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365 Films: 11/365 "The Fountain"

Overall: 9/10 


I’ve already seen this movie so I don’t know if i should be counting it but…I watched it with some friends and I’m behind, so I am.

This is one of my favorite films and it just gets better. I love films that are beautiful, cerebral, atmospheric. I really respond to ambiance and general atmosphere (I very much like David Lynch for this reason…also Drive) and Darren Aronofsky is one of the most talented contemporary filmmakers in that respect. 

Arronofsky’s attention to detail and total commitment to his vision (in whatever movie he is doing) is just magnificent. It’s also quite obvious that he goes into the films with a fully formed vision. I also very much appreciate that he writes his own scripts, at the risk of sounding derivative or pretentious I casually think of him as a sort of “art-house Christopher Nolan”.  Something about his brand of storytelling and filmmaking just grabbed me when I saw Black Swan (my first Arronofsky film) and never let go. I lose myself in Arronofsky films and I love it. 

The film also does the thing I love where it has a set color pallet and lighting process that is wholly planned an unique (as I mentioned in my Shame entry). Speaking of lighting, I still can’t get over how beautiful and perfect the lighting of this film is. 

Also, the film makes one ponder (and arguably) offer your own answers to some very deep, important questions about spirituality, mortality, love, and commitment without being heavy-handed, which is refreshing and wonderfully challenging. 

This movie is beautiful on all planes. Visually. Sonically. Emotionally. Intellectually. Aesthetically. 

I could rave on about my love of this movie, but thats just coming from an intense Arronofsky fan. 

pi (darren aronofsky)

I watched this awhile ago, I just forgot to put it on here.

An artsy film about logistics and rationalizing - quite a contradiction. Aronofsky pulls it off. He always does.

Nowz letz me be rantin up in her! I b countin down da days fo my Black Swan to be comin out gurrl and iz been lookin forward to dis since i heard about it which was a long time ago yo and deez bitches not be playin dis film in da big SC in da Beaufort area or anywherez nearz it yo soz iz b depressd an shit. mane. and den deez otha bitches that aint even know who aronofsky be and dey just be all yeah dat look good cuz my gurl nat portman and shit in it and shit, theyz be seein it and i aint? nah, kate dont play like dat. Sheeeeet. jus cuz dey live in a city and shit all fancy with dey sky scrapers and  dey slimy benches and  dey taxi cabs and deez bitches ackin like dey brand new or suntin, nah. kate dont play like dat. nah dawg. aiight i be done. that’s whassup. that shit go HARD mane!


Phase - Ibidem ft. Duncan Patterson (Anathema, Antimatter, Ion)

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