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Arrival - cc ficlet

Title: Arrival
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating:  ~1,100 / PG
Summary: Teeny tiny follow up to Layover.  If you don’t know what’s happening here, start with Departure.  That’s that, I think.


Chris loiters outside the little wine bar in the West Village, scuffing his shoe against the curb and willing himself to just go inside.

His phone had just buzzed with a text from Darren saying that he was running a few minutes late and Chris can’t decide if it’s worse to stand outside alone or sit inside alone.  Either way, people can see that he’s alone, and waiting.  And possibly being stood up.

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Ultimate Preferences:

This Ultimate Preference Collection includes; their fave book, fave food, waking up next to you and their nicknames for you. Hope you enjoy!


Fave Book: The Dexter Saga.

Fave Food: Burgers.

Waking Up Next To You: Anakin loves waking up to you, he’s always awake first due to his nightmares. He usually tends to let his eyes wonder over your body and graze over your face as you sleep peacefully. When he watches you sleep, it’s like all his anger and hatred just slip away with every rise and fall of your chest.

His Nickname For You: Mi'Lady.


Fave Book: Pride and Prejudice.

Fave Food: Pasta.

Waking Up Next To You: It’s rare Obi stays over and when he does it’s because you two had sex the previous night. He wakes up the moment he hears you stir and wraps his arms around you and kisses your shoulder blades murmuring how good you were the previous night.

His Nickname For You: Darling/Love.

Darth Maul:

Fave Book: Hannibal Lecter series.

Fave Food: Fruit Salad.

Waking Up Next To You: Maul is always awake before you, he has training extremely early but when he opens his eyes to see you buried into his chest and snoring slightly he doesn’t have the heart to wake you up or move you, so he holds you close and strokes your hair; staring at you until you wake up.

His Nickname For You: My Queen


Fave Book: The Viscount Who Loved Me.

Fave Food: Salmon.

Waking Up Next To You: You’re awake before Qui-Gon and he’s a really heavy sleeper. You’d lay your head on his chest and stroke his hair, smiling up at him as you watched how peacefully he looked. Qui-Gon is a sleep talker, so he’ll occasionally moan your name or mention something about leaving the Jedi Order for you. When he’d eventually wake up, he’d give you sloppy passionate kisses and give you a massage which can sometimes lead to more exhausting, sensual morning activities.

His Nickname For You: Princess


Fave Book: The Lord Of The Rings

Fave Food: Doughnuts

Waking Up Next To You: Luke never woke up next to you, he was always the one bending over to you, waking you up with a tray of your favourite breakfast and a cup of tea/coffee. After giving you your breakfast, he’d crawl next to you and nuzzle your neck asking if you loved his expert cooking. You’d nod and finish your breakfast before he rolled over on to you and would place tender kisses on your lips.

His Nickname For You: Sunshine/My Love


Fave Book: Of Mice and Men.

Fave Food: Onion Rings (IDK WHY).

Waking Up Next To You: You slept in the Falcon on top of Han or in his lap as he coo'ed sweet things into your ears. When you woke up it’d be to Han kissing your neck and stroking your hair whispering that it’s time to wake up.

His Nickname For You: Sugar.

Darth Vader:

Fave Book: P.S I Still Love You


Waking Up Next To You: You’re always naked when you sleep with Vader, you just love his gloved hands grazing over your body and he usually does that to help you fall asleep (also to hear little whimpers of pleasure out of you). When you wake up, you huddle yourself into his body it was like you were meant to be there together with your body’s locked together. Vader would do what you liked and rub his hands over your body making you sigh in relief and contempt.

His Nickname(s) For You: My Queen/Lovely/My Love/Baby/Baby Girl/Daddy’s Little Girl

Kylo Ren:

Fave Book: 50 Shades Of Grey (he wants to know how to loose his virginity properly okay don’t judge him)

Fave Food: Soup?

Waking Up Next To You: Kylo loves it when you sleep in his bed with him. It usually happens when he’s angry or sad, you clm him down and lay in bed with him. He’s the Big Spoon and you’re the Small Spoon and he just loves holding you close to his body, your contact calms him down. Kylo is relieved when he wakes up and you’re still entangled in his body, your breathing lightly and you look so peaceful.

His Nickname(s) For You:Princess/Babe/Lovely/Darling


Fave Book: Darren Shan Saga

Fave Food: Spring Rolls.

Waking Up Next To You: Hux always wakes up before you. Earlier than he’s supposed to just so he can lay there and hold you, sometimes watch your chest rise and fall and think to himself how he got such a wonderful and beautiful partner. He’d occasionally fall back asleep only for his alarm to wake him up.

His Nickname For you: Sweetheart/Princess/My Queen


Fave Book: He likes fairytales/Legend Stories :’)

Fave Food: Almost all Oriental Foods.

Waking Up Next To You: Mitaka is a man who’s spent all his childhood dreaming about the perfect girl to spend his life with. Occasionally he’d cry himself to sleep thinking he’d never get her and wake up to her face in the morning - but now he had you and it was almost like the Fairytales he loves to read. He’d always wake up with the both of you facing eachother, and as soon as his eyes opened he noticed your eyes flutter open. He’d smile and stroke your hair muttering a ‘Good Morning Beautiful’ and placing a sweet, delicate kiss on your lips. He’d hold you close, kissing your head before getting up, getting his uniform on and making you breakfast before he has to leave for work.

His Nickname(s) for you: Princess/Hunnie/Darling/Sweetheart/Babe/Baby/Doll/Baby Girl/My Queen/Sunshine/Bubba/My One&Only.

Here it is @my-amazing-nerdyness I hope you like it!Sorry it took so long, and I’m sorry to all those who had to send requests again, I really am >I start college next week so I won’t be posting as much, but I will be here so pls don’t unfollow me and leave me :(

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Blind Date

One of the biggest problems with online dating, at least according to Michael, was the complete unreliability of photos.  Guys lied.  They lied all the time through outdated photos and misrepresented numbers.  Men posted photos from six years ago, listed their weight as twenty pounds lighter, or used completely stolen photos of someone else and hoped when real life meetings occurred that nothing would be said.  Not with Michael. Having one too many dates expecting a jock and getting a pudgier version, Michael’s profile was explicit and direct.

“No fat guys. Period. If you have gained weight, put on a gut, lost your six pack, don’t lie and pretend you still have it.  I’ll call you a fat ass and bail on the first date.”

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One of my many “go to” meals for my family. Easy to make from scratch and it serves quickly particularly if you make the meat in advance. I usually buy two to three pounds of ground meat and then cook up half for spaghetti and the other half for tacos. 

I make my own taco seasoning which means I can have it as spicy or mild as I like.

This one goes as follows:

  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 TBSP Smoked Paprika
  • 1 TBSP Chili Powder
  • 1 TSP salt,
  • 1 TSP Pepper
  • 1 TSP Cumin
  • 1 TSP Garlic Powder

I then add ½ cup of water to the half cooked meat when I add in the seasoning.

It’s incredible. Even Darren’s ratty old t-shirts can inspire Lynne enough for a fic prompt. ~800 words.

“What are you doing?” Darren asked, seeing Chris in front of their closet with a few garbage bags by his side.

“Spring cleaning,” Chris answered, scanning the contents of the large cabinet with a murderous look in his eyes.

“It’s November, Chris.”

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Like I Know My Own Mind

Summary: Based off a prompt from OTP Questions on Twitter - “Whose mother can tell they’re in love with the other before they even realize it?” AKA Darren’s mom knows everything. Do not question her.
Pairings: Chris/Darren
Words: 1200
Genre: Fluff
Notes: Written for my lovely Sarah @lovetheblazer​ who’s been having a tough time lately. Hope this makes you smile <3 
Read it on AO3

There are a handful of people that know Darren just as well as, or perhaps better than he knows himself, and one of those people is certainly his mother.

It’s always been this way. It makes sense, really; she did give birth to him, after all. She carried him for nine months, felt every kick and squirm of his tiny growing body. She raised him, and spent almost every single day with him for at least the first 18 years of his life. They’ve always shared an extremely close bond; he’s opened up to his mother in ways that he’s never opened up to anyone else before. In fact, she was the first one Darren told when he thought he might like boys just as much as he likes girls.

So of course she knows him incredibly well. That much has never come as a surprise to Darren. She always knows he’s sick even when he’s pretty sure he’s doing a good job of hiding it and she always knows when he’s sad or stressed about something. She knows just what to say to calm his fears, or to encourage him when he needs it most.

So, when she comes into the kitchen during one of his brief weekend visits and asks how long he and Chris have been dating, Darren nearly chokes on his food.

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