darrel shaynne curtis,

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character breakdown for Darrel Shaynne Curtis please :)

How I feel about this character

At first I was like tone it down, sir, but then I realized how stressed he is and it absolutely broke my heart. Darry works so hard, he deserves the whole world, he needs to take a freakin’ break.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

I never thought of that actually? Not anyone in particular, but he sure deserves a wife, poor bb.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

I honestly thought that one guy he played football with back in highschool would’ve been a perfect bro friend, but they’re on opposite sides nowadays and that also breaks my poor lil heart, like why.

My unpopular opinion about this character

I feel like he’s really rough without meaning to be like I have this headcanon that if you shake his hand, you’ll pull back and say “Ow!” bc it was too rough, but he didn’t mean to, he’s just like that and he apologizes quickly like oh gosh, sorry,,,

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon


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dating darry headcannons?

!!! ;))

dating darry hcs

  • he’s def one to gush over u in front of the gang
    • and then steve or pony tellin u guys to get a frickin room
    • and soda getting trIGGERED cause pony is sassing darry
    • but darry doesn’t even respond he just laughs
    • “put a sock in it”
    • and pony and soda r relieved
  • you’re literally always @ the Curtises’ and ur a helpful lil nugget around the house & with his brothers
    • you’re gr8 w the younger curtis bros like yall are homies
    • he can b a real buzzkill but he 1000% lightens up when ur around
    • soda and pony are v thankful
    • not only bc they can get away with a ton of shit but bc they see darry lighten up and b a happy lil bean!!!
  • in order to look strong for the kiddos, darry is actually just fakin it till he makes it 
    • & you’re the one who he really breaks down to when the going gets real rough
    • you’re always telling him to lighten up and take it easy bc he stays overworkin himself
  • darry dead loves the way u know exACTLY how he likes his coffee
  • and literally everYONE knows not to mess with u
    • like even dally doesn’t try shit cause he kn o w s
  • everyone also knows that if darry is driving, u will always ride shotgun, no questions asked
    • alwAYS i say
  • tbh yall dont have “sex”, yall make love
  • darry is suCh a sweetheart!!!1
    • eskimo kisses
    • nose kisses
    • forehead kisses
    • v passionate & slow kisses
    • kisses in general
    • omg AW
  • sleepin next to darry is a dream and sometimes a nightmare bc he likes his space and is just overall an unpredictable sleeper
    • like sometimes his snores are v soft and oml its so cute
    • but sometimes they’re louD AND VIOLENT and u will not sleep
  • always wanting to take u out to fancier restaurants and stuff
    • he’ll set aside cash, if he can, just to spend on taking u out
    • u cant argue w him about this
    • if he said he’s taking u out, he’s takin u out homie
    • but he’s automatically turned on when you get assertive ;)
  • you two are partners in crime dont get me started
    • normally he’ll leave soda and pony alone but when ur around…….get ready 4 some pranks
    • and 9/10 times it’s the other way around, like darry would get his ass pranked but my man is stressed so pranking the gang w his wonderful lover is a relief
  • in the summertime, when darry has off, there will b waterballoon fights at least once a week
    • “listen here. if one of you break a damn window, so heLP ME GOD, i will break you
    • it gets wild but darry makes sure it doesnt get too wild
  • he’s always reminding u how much he loves u
    • and if he doesnt outright say “i love you”, he’s always reminding u to put on your seatbelt 
    • or to take an umbrella 
    • or he’s always asking if u want a bite of whatever he’s eating 
    • or he’ll bring u one of ur fav sweets bc 
    • “i saw this and i thought of u!! i know it’s your favorite!”
Darrel Curtis- The Most Dorkiest Man Alive (Headcanon) (Collab with westsidegreaser)

I have officially decided that Darrel Shaynne Curtis Jr. is the most dorkiest and adorable man on the planet. 

- Even though it doesn’t look like it, Darry loves poetry.

-His favorites being Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson.

-The gang figured this out when he helped Ponyboy write a poem for English class and continued to sass Pony on what proper rhyme and meter to use. 

-Darry is that guy who holds doors open like a true gentleman, even if you are two miles away. 

- He blushes real easily.

-He is a teachers pet. 

-He only got detention once and that was because he had to get Two-Bit out of a sticky situation which involved a punch or two being thrown at Socs. When he received the detention he became very flustered and became very embarrassed about the whole thing. 

- During his high school years, he wore braces. 

-He played the cello in middle school but had to quit after he started playing football.

-He is also very farsighted so he wears reading glasses. And by god does he look adorable in them!

- He is also that one guy who loves Shakespeare. His favorite play being “Julius Caesar”.

-Sometimes in high school, Darry and Two-Bit would play different parts from different Shakespeare plays, Soda and Steve would sometimes join in as well. Two-Bit always wanted to play the female role while Darry the male and Darry still doesn’t understand why…

-And last but not least, he does not understand when a woman is flirting with him. He simply does not understand the whole flirting process so he just assumes that they are just being nice. Soda is still trying to get it in his head that that’s not the case.


I’m not sure how many of my followers are still fans of The Outsiders (or of how many fans are left at all), but I’ll go ahead and share this, anyway!
My mother has an internet friend who was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We went to stay with her for a little while, and yesterday she began talking about how she was a resident enrolled in high school when the cast and crew of The Outsiders came to film in her town.
They used several locations in her home town for filming the movie, one of which was a little home located on the corner of a sleepy neighborhood. To residents, tourists, and fans alike, this house is referred to as “The Outsiders’ House.”
She was more than excited to take my family on a small car ride to go visit the treasure. On the way, she told us about how they had filmed at a drive thru which had burned down (later, there was money raised to build it again), how the water fountain in the park had been removed, how their school was used in the film, how the DX was no longer a DX, and how she observed the filming from afar. She was even invited to the reunion of The Outsiders, alongside all of the residents from the filming period.
Within her stories, she detailed how a band member from the hip-hop group House of Pain has purchase the home, and now has full intent in completely restoring it–outsides, insides, and all–so that it can be formed into a museum where it stands for all to come and see.

In short, enjoy the photos I snapped of The Outsiders’ house (with the last three pictures being bonus snaps of interior work, a poster hung up in the window of the home, and the park used in the movie).