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          for characters from fantasy or historical settings.
          send a symbol to see what my muse would be like in the present day. 

                  ►   Netflix
                  what does their Netflix queue look like? if Netflix has all the TV & Movies!

                  ♪    Playlist
                    random five songs from their favourites playlist. 

                  👏   Dream
                      what is their aspiration?

                   👓   Education
                      top 3 subjects, worst 3 subject. what was their ‘clique stereotype’?

                  ♚   Resume
                      what is their occupational history?

                  ☒   Criminal Record
                    do they have one? what did they do? their mugshot.

                  ☺   Online Profile
                      top five sites, example tweet, what would their tumblr be like?

                  ✞    Beliefs
                      what is their religion, political leaning & what would they advocate for?

                  🎧   Gaming
                     top 3 games, favourite game genre. are they any good?

                  ✎   Books
                      their five favourite books. what type of story do they like?

                  ✈   Travel
                   good driver? how do they get to work? been abroad?

                  ✿   Home
                      what does their home look like; and their bedroom?

                  ☕   Coffee Shop
                      what would they order from a coffee shop or cafe?

                  웃   Wardrobe
                      what is their style label? 5 examples of their clothing.


                             DYNAMIC MAP OF FERELDEN

In my efforts to expand the Lore around Ferelden and it’s lands, I had a thought that got a little big and unwieldy but with @ordoachao (seidrthemes) amazing help, I’ve sort of managed it! This is a map of Ferelden with names of Bannorns, Arlings and Teyrnirs which you can hover over and read more about the area. I made it for me, so it’s for writing my Characters, but anyone is welcome to use it for Roleplay or Fanfiction as they like! It is as close to canon as I can possibly go, considering how slim the actual canon is, so there is definitely some of my own ideas and interpretations in here.

However, whilst I’ve written a whole bunch for a lot of the areas already, there are a ton of Bannorns that require addition and some of the places are lacking in detail. I’m very open too SUBMISSIONS, SUGGESTIONS AND FEEDBACK. You wanna design a Bannorn? Add a Lord to a Bannorn or a Character into a place’s history? Feel free to submit your ideas to me! Let’s populate Ferelden with our ideas!!

 - Inspiration for the Borders of all the Lands from HERE and HERE

Send one for party banter from:

♡ — my muse and yours
♢ — my muse and another character ( asker’s choice
— my muse in a specific location ( asker’s choice )
— my muse about a specific event ( asker’s choice )

Yine İzmir, yine Suriyeli bir çocuk, yine bir esnaf, yine bir darp…
İzmir'de seyyar satıcılık yapan bir şahıs, yakaladığı Suriyeli çocuğu havaya kaldırıp acımasızca yere vurdu. 

HARVESTMERE, the 10th month of the Dragon Age calendar, is not particularly spooky! But, considering we’ve celebrated odd holidays in random months, there’s no reason not to get festive for our own spooky holiday season. Join me in throwing our latest DARP Event: Harvestmere at Skyhold!

WHEN: The entire month of October through November 2nd.

WHO: You! Anyone is welcome to be a part of this event, whether you’re in DARP or visiting us with a DA verse. 

WHERE: Anywhere in Thedas; Skyhold is merely a gathering point for many of us, one that I certainly hope would join in the festivities for the season. But hey, if you want to carve some pumpkins down in the Deep Roads, you do that shit. 

WHAT: Since Halloween is not an official holiday in Thedas, consider some of these suggestions to help get the creativity flowing:

  • ALL SOUL’S DAY, celebrated traditionally in August, is a Thedosian celebration of the dead. The Chantry uses this holiday to remember Andraste and her sacrifice through plays and bonfires representing her immolation. It is said that in northern areas of Thedas, many people dress as spirits and parade through the town after midnight. 
  • SATINALIA, celebrated on the first of Firstfall (our Nov. 1), is a wild, often week-long celebration in which Thedosians don masks and feast and drink. Antiva is known to have the longest running Satinalia festivals, followed by a week of fasting, while more pious areas and families tend to emphasize the feast (over the celebration) and give gifts to one another. 
  • Elvhen and Dalish characters may want to consider how their clan or people would celebrate months of harvest and the dead. Do they take time to have rituals for Falon’din and deceased loved ones? Do they celebrate Sylaise or Andruil for warm fires and successful hunts? Do they dress as Fen’harel and play tricks on one another?
  • Inquisitors may want to consider how Skyhold will celebrate the fall holidays. Are they particularly pious? Would they encourage their companions to wear masks? Could they spare time to decorate and feast?
  • Would necromancers have particular rituals to which they would adhere during this season? How do they negotiate their particular connection to the dead?
  • Dwarven characters may want to consider their character’s relationship to the Stone, their caste–would these allow for celebrations of the dead, of seasons, or harvests? Would they be similar or different to Chantry-held beliefs?
  • How would Fade-connected characters like Solas or Cole make sense of the season?
  • What mask would your character wear? Why would they choose that? Would they go all out into making a fabulous costume or would they show up in something simple?
  • Don’t forget all the silly things we enjoy that make the season what it is–apple picking and hot cider, pumpkin flavored everything, carving, baking, playing in the leaves, spiced wine, pecan pies, corn pits and mazes, costumes, celebrations. It’s up to you how to best celebrate the season!


  • As always, be respectful! Don’t godmod or force others into situations they may be uncomfortable writing in. Understand that horror themed threads may be triggering to certain people or they may be inappropriate to engage in with minors. Don’t make assumptions about others without asking their consent first and make sure to stay vigilant on your tags.
  • More than this, be respectful to the season! Not everyone celebrates Halloween as Americans or Westerners do (and some don’t celebrate it at all), and some people may have different celebratory practices, holidays, beliefs about the dead, rituals, and so on. This is a time for us to learn about one another’s cultures, not to appropriate or mock them. 
  • Have fun. Be creative! Write some metas, get drunk, eat too much candy. 
  • Tag your starter calls, aesthetic posts, or other contributions with our event tag #event: harvestmere at skyhold to help you connect with others! 
It’s Better to Live on Your Feet...


 (This is the beginning of an alternate universe roleplay that takes place in 9:27 Dragon -Eirwen, having run away from her alienage at age 12, has wandered the world as an apostate for the past six years. During a less-than-well-advised trip to Antiva, she was kidnapped by slavers and brought aboard a ship bound for tevinter. 

At the same time, a disturbance in the veil caused Fen’Harel to awaken from his slumber 12 years early. Disoriented and confused, he woke to an alien world wrought with horror.)

…than to die on your knees.   

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This is a list for all OC roleplay-blogs that play in the Dragon Age fandom. If you have an OC you want me to add, send me an ask containing the following information:

  • Name
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  • Land of Origin
  • Occupation
  • Class (Rouge/Warrior/Mage/Other)
  • Gender

I will add you to the list as fast as possible. Updates to the list are posted on this blog no more than 3 times a day. So you can follow, if you want to keep up to date.

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new open RP ring

1900, Blackpool. Nestled just on the edge of a thickly growing forest lies a campsite; a kaleidoscope of patchwork tents and brightly painted wagons, colored gaslights and sounds of piped music, all steeped by a hazy, faint air of mysticism. The Infernal Circus, as it is called according to the signs and fliers that surround it, appeared seemingly overnight some years ago, situated a short distance from a few towns and a city. It will remain there another few years before appearing just as mysteriously somewhere else.

The circus holds shows and attractions every night, but Saturday nights are the nights that most people travel to see for the most special shows. The members of the circus are aloof; some say cold, others say standoffish, and others yet say suspicious. (“They’re all criminals, you know.”) Only a few townspeople manage to get close to the talent and the staff, and those that do still only see the presented veneer. Although some would love to see deeper.

The Ringmaster is spoken of in soft voices, curious lilts, even by the members of the carnival. It was he to whom they sold themselves (different prices, all of them, but the same ending; eternity working for him.) and yet they know nothing about him. Not his name, not his age, not how he manages to keep them all alive and young decades and centuries past their time. Magic, some of the staff says. Others insist they are trapped in hell. It could be both, for all anyone knows.

How to join the group verse

Quick and Dirty

  • 18+ only, due to darker themes
  • All fandoms welcome! No need for a separate blog, as long as you have a verse for us
Muse AU - Dragon Age Edition
  • Send me a symbol and I write a headcanon about my muse's life...
  • 🌱...if they were raised by/born a Dalish elf
  • 🎭...if they were raised by/born an Orlaisian Noble
  • 🍄...if they were raised by/born a dwarf
  • 🔮...if they were a mageborn in the circle
  • ⛪...if they were raised to serve as cleric in the Chantry
  • 🏥...if they were trained to be a templar
  • 🌁...if they lived in Tevinter as a slave
  • 🍍...if they were born as a farmer's child
  • 👑...if they were born/adopted into one of Thedas' royal families (bonus:sender picks which family)
  • 🎲...if a specific event in their life didn't happen (sender picks the event)
  • 🍷...if they became a warden
  • 👋...if they became the Inquisitor

“I didn’t come here to hear stories. 

                                            I came here for the truth.”

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Blood in Skyhold (Open)

“Oh, Maker… Where do I hide?” Eden’s voice trembled and he was clearly in distress as he pushed past people and made his way towards the throne in the main hall of Skyhold. “I need to hide. I need to hide.” He repeated this over and over to himself until he was actually stood before the throne. Now what?

The rogue didn’t check no one was watching him before stepping around to sit behind the throne, curling his knees up to hug then against his chest. Wiping his eyes with one hand, he opened the other to reveal a letter that Lady Nightingale had managed to slip to him before she went off to speak to Cullen. In her elegant script, it read:

I know this will upset you, but your father is coming to Skyhold. Verius wishes to back the Inquisition by giving us funding, but I believe he has the ulterior motive of wishing you dead as my scouts have found evidence that he has been tracking your every move here.
You have done good work for me in slipping me secrets that you have learnt, so I can only hope this warning gets to you in time for you to flee.

Only the warning had come too late.
Verius, Eden’s father, was already riding up to the gates of Skyhold on his horse and it left Eden nowhere to run to.