DAY 2799(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Dec 3,  2015                Thu  11:26 pm

Ef Mansi ,birthday

Friday, December 4, 2015

to the ‘chul buli’ little one from Gujarat, a live wire and a dedicated Ef .. we all wish the many joys for you in your life .. remain well and remain in happiness always .. from us all, our love …

The random imagery of our loved ones our own Ef and their technical skills leaves me in such admiration and a keenness .. I sometimes wish to do away with a team that is deployed to photo shop for me at times .. at times .. not all the times , just at times .. 

Maybe I should un deploy the team and re employ my Ef for this task ..

The ‘winter line’ from 43,000 ft above sea level .. in Sherwood a sign or a visual as this, was so eagerly awaited .. it used to start appearing by the end of October beginning November, over the mountains of Naintal , beyond the ‘plains’ that we could see from our vantage positioning of Sherwood .. an indicator of the coming of winter … but more importantly an indicator of our return to home from boarding after 9 months in School, without a break .. Sherwood closed end of term by end November …

A short stay in Mumbai home, to finish the last Finale of #AKRHZ, and then back to Kolkata and the helmet and the scooter and the streets and people of Kolkata .. a destination that has been given attention to me in so many different ways .. perhaps in far too many ways than many would know or acknowledge ..

But this is something that I never did see during my entire stay ..

Flower garlands .. an entire market especially for this art and trade .. miles and miles of the marigold, in different hues … for the different hues of our Gods and Goddesses ..

Its been more than expected from the Blog today, has it not ?

‘Has it not’ … such a common usage in the English language .. this and many such .. ‘is it not’ .. ‘i would imagine’ .. they all and many such more lack of definiteness .. its never : ‘it has not’ .. its never ‘it is not’ .. or its never ‘i know i do not imagine’ … or some such vocab ..

But then the British invented the most spoken language in the World, so one does not question their intellect or their reason .. dare we .. ‘do you not think..?’ hehahe ..

And Spanish comes a close second after English .. I would never have accepted that, had I not got its confirmation from some rather well informed intellectuals  …

And in sweetness .. of course, the French, and a close second .. ahem .. Bengali .. !!

Daroon .. besh bhalo .. !

Amitabh Bachchan