Danai discovers Dixonne

Q: Have you heard about “Dixonne” fans, who want to see Michonne and Daryl get together?

A: I only heard about that very recently through my sister. I’d mainly heard about the “Richonne,” so “Dixonne” was a new one. It’s cool. Of course we don’t really discuss amongst ourselves what’s happening with our characters, but it is obviously people seeing that there is a great connection that Daryl and Michonne have. So I get that people are seeing that, but whether or not it’s a romantic connection is another story.

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smallboats  asked:

explain dixonne to me please? :)))))))) not against it ive just never thought about it

For me to ship something, the characters have to have a lot in common and Daryl and Michonne have that. 

Their pasts are different because they were in different classes, but that didn’t mean they both weren’t struggling in different ways. They’ve both lost their families prior to the apocalypse. And because of their pasts, they have a huge fucking problem connecting with people. They have both been harmed by the ones they loved.

They’re both outcasts who are hard on the outside and act like they prefer to be alone, but would never admit to wanting to be a part of a group which is what they’ve wanted all along. They’re both surprisingly good with kids. 

They’re the smartest people in the group. Daryl was damn near born to take on the apocalypse. And Michonne is adaptable and discovered how to use walkers to her advantage. They both are strong and know how to deal with their losses. And because of their intellect, they never use guns unless they have to. Silent tools being their weapons of choice. 

I feel like they would just click. Michonne is a sexually assertive queen and Daryl isn’t overflowing with testosterone like his brother. I don’t think he’d have a problem at all with a woman being in charge of him in any situation.

And Daryl never had a problem with race. It was always Merle. Sure, he was a fucking idiot for calling Glenn a chinaman, but he has clearly learned that Korea is a different country. And he saved T-Dog at the beginning of season 2 when he could’ve just let him die for what he did to his brother. 

And Michonne didn’t have to get him that new crossbow. And he defended the shit out of her on multiple occasions to Rick and Merle. Which is out of character because Daryl is so quiet and he’ll blindly do whatever Rick tells him, but when it came to Michonne, he made sure his voice was heard and he didn’t have to do that.

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This first manip was inspired by ‘A Moment’ by Listzomania. The color of the dress is wrong than the color of the dress in the story, (and no tux) but when I found the pic of Danai in hot pink, I couldn’t change that. I then found a pic of Norman kissing some woman in a movie and cut him out and it fit nicely with what I wanted to do. I then found a dread lock updo with a flower in the hair that fit perfectly w/ the color of the dress. I cropped/cut/spackled them all together, closed Danai’s eyes and this is what I got, not bad for 45 minutes of work. I think I could have worked on the coloring more but I’m too tired and I still like it. The bottom two is the pic embedded in  the ship names that I like 'Dixonne’ and 'Daronne’