insecuresteroline asked:

Can you explain why the steroline sex wasn't rape? I can't exactly put into words why.

Ugh I really want to like bitch slap the person who started this whole thing because it’s such complete and utter nonsense and it drives me fucking crazy. Anyway of course I can! First here is the definition of rape:

Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without that person’s consent.

The key phrase here is against a person without that person’s consent, in no way shape or form are Caroline or Stefan doing anything that is without their own consent. Caroline and Stefan are both completely in control of the actions and decisions they are making they simply DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES. It’s that fucking simple, and while Caroline may have forced Stefan’s hand into turning it off he still made a choice (and LBR he could have faked it) and add to the fact Stefan knew he was going to do bad things without his humanity because he’s shut it off THREE TIMES BEFORE! Plus when did everyone decide humanity-free vampires aren’t in control of their actions? When did everyone decide humanity-free vampires aren’t allowed to have sex because it’s considered rape? Stefan had sex with Rebekah without his humanity, is that all of a sudden rape now? Damon had sex with Lexi without his humanity, is that all of a sudden rape now?

Now there have been two forms of rape on this show; Damon/Caroline and Stefan/Katherine. Caroline and Stefan were compelled by Damon and Katherine respectively to forget that they were feeding on them and that they were vampires. If Caroline and Stefan knew what Damon and Katherine were doing to them they would not have given them consent to continue their sexual relationship. 


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