Little Caroline/Liz flashback. Both of them talking about death

Damon and little Stefan at their mother’s funeral flashbacks

Elena actually taking care of Caroline

Liz funeral

Damon’s eulogy, saying Caroline is extraordinary and talking about her light

Caroline singing

Tyler coming drunk at the funerals and Matt has to stop him before he goes to the church

Matt & Tyler are gonna be police officers?

Jo & Kai being sick because they should have merged together

Jo saying she’ll give Kai her powers

Kai saying they were both sick because she’s pregnant

Alaric proposing to Jo

Sick Kai = prison worlds collapsing

Bonnie ending up in a prison in 1903 and seeing a woman who had a picture of Defan

Bonnie found Qetsiyah’s stone and has her magic back

Defan talking about Steroline & Damon saying she’s not the one because Stefan doesn’t know how to handle the situation right now

Stefan realizing he loves Caroline, saying it can be better than what he had with Elena and wanting to tell her

Caroline flipping the switch

Caroline snapping Elena’s neck

Bamon reunion

Damon confirming the woman in the prison with Bonnie was mama Salvatore