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✛: Top 10 favourite blogs

♦: Top 5 friends on tumblr and why

Decided ill write them together since I can

  • accolapierce: I love Akrivi! Shes so sweet always being sweet to me, and i love talking to her, even if its just a brief message.
  • darolines: Zoe is amazing, he blog is fantastic, one of the first TVD blogs I followed.
  • damonstan: This girl is simply amazing, her blog just reeks of Damon in a good way. We like to swap theories, and talk about the Sirebond and how it makes no sense at all. 
  • delestiel: Sonia, my girl Friday! I love her to bits, She can always make me laugh at the wierdest things!
  • elijahsmanhood: Brynne, is my sweetheart, she’s one of the first on tumblr, that i really started talking to, its been like what almost a year? We’ve known each other for that long! Oh god. LOL How do I put up with you?
  • hercosmiclove: I love this girls blog, shes literally amazing. She’s so kind, and i love when we have little snippet comments here and there. :) (still can’t believe you follow me) 
  • queenofdobrev: Lou always manages to make me smile :) NOt that is very hard to do, but I MEAN she always puts a smile on my face and shes just so adorable…like when she says acca-awkward…i just want to eat her up. Yum yum for my Tum tum! 

  • indamonseyes: Sophie is kjfsdjlksdjf, there are no words to describe what she means to me! And her gifs like kill me every time. 
  • prettylittleklefan: Elijah or Eli, or Lij or Lijah or my personal favourite Eliaha is just fantastic, like from the first moment we talked. He’s my protege ;)
  • wereimmortalremember: Leigh Ann is simply one of the closest people I’ve come to known, over my time in Tumblr. She has been a wonderful friend. I love how we started on practically different ends of the spectrum but somehow we were able to meet in the middle. I miss her heaps.
  • winchesteredsalvatores: Sara; despite the different timezones we live in, or how busy our lives have gotten, we’ve somehow managed to keep in touch. She’s seen me throughout all my different URL’s. She’s one fantastic girl. I’m glad we had the chance of meeting :)

These are just a fraction of the people who manage to lighten up my dash everyday :D Love you all sweeties

My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. klarolijahs (7%)
  2. jomosfamilyjewels (6%)
  3. jomospenis (5%)
  4. darolines (4%)
  5. xxwhisperofdreamsxx (4%)
  6. darkdelena (3%)
  7. queenofdobrev (3%)
  8. candice-morgan (3%)
  9. klaushastherightequipment (2%)

I love these people beyond words….but it makes me want to cry because Mimi is still on there and I miss her like crazy :’(

I think Caroline has every right not to have any respect for Damon. What I love about how it’s all coming out now is that it’s really reflective on the fact that Caroline was at a really weak place in her life in Season 1. She just so desperately wanted to be loved, and that’s something that will always be rooted in that character - her need for acceptance and to be loved. But what’s different is that now she loves herself. At that point, she did not love herself, she did not respect herself. Anyone that would give her an eyelash bat of attention, she clung onto them. So she clung onto Damon, and he just dug her even deeper in the hole that she was digging herself. He used her and mentally, physically and emotionally abused her. She didn’t get mad because she didn’t feel strong enough yet.

But now, a couple years later and now that she’s grown into herself and feels strong physically and mentally – and she feels loved and she knows what that means now – she’s like, “Oh, yeah. That guy? Guess what? I have the balls to say now that he’s an a**hole! And I have every right to say that he’s an a**hole, and he deserves to be called an a**hole!” She does not feel guilty about it, and I love that. She shouldn’t have to. She’s going to love Elena, but it doesn’t change the way that Damon treated Caroline. I think she can support Elena knowing that even if Damon’s changed and he’s really loving her, it doesn’t change what he did to Caroline. I love that she owns that, and she’s fully okay with saying, “Screw you.”


Candice Accola about Damon rapist salvatore in s4!

Now Candice is Team Delena/Daroline!  LOL

Candice who said on multiple occassions that She prefers Stelena over Delena but suddenly she became Team Damon/Daroline/Delena in the beginning of 2015.Poor CA!JP forced her to sell this non-sense on her twitter during tvd lb!No way,i can believe that CA loved Daroline in s1!

stefanstesticles’ follow friday !

so this is my first follow friday ! yay ! so, if you dont follow anyone of these people you are retarded crazy. i mean how are you on tumblr and not follow them? this isn’t everyone but its everyone that stands out the most on my dash. for the full list check out:

my hoes:


tumblr crushes:

hewhorunswithwolfs ♥ delena-stelena ♥ lydia-forbes ♥ darolines ♥ paulwes ♥ wantedthatforyou ♥ hallowseves

here it goes:

pehtrova ♥ gilbertgifs ♥ stelenagifs ♥ stefanspenis ♥  xanis ♥ delenawhore ♥ hayned ♥ prettylittlefever ♥ sourwolves ♥ gaywolf ♥ stelena ♥ delenasporn ♥ thevampirediaries ♥ birdysalvatore ♥ caroforbes  ♥ sassystefan ♥ defans ♥ slutlinski ♥ martnski ♥ brandedsouls ♥ hasting-s ♥ drunkdamon ♥ -iansomerhoes ♥ -mysticfalls ♥

darolines replied to your post: Have you seen the news on Joseph Morgan’s twitter?…

Yes to the Daniel/Phoebe! First of all, I don’t understand why Phoebe is coming over to the originals spin-off. It doesn’t even make any sense! I really hope there’s no potential Klaus/Hayley romance in the future *gag*

I kinda understand why they want to move Phoebe over to a spin-off because she’s like Kev Williamson’s favorite and there’s really no place for her to shine on TVD. I can’t imagine them wanting to get rid of Klaus though because he’s supposed to be the main antagonist (he feels too integrated into the show already to yank him out). The reason why I think Elijah would’ve been a better choice is because despite his sporadic scenes, I think he’s like everyone’s favorite and people DO want to see more of him. But he can’t really do much in the sphere of TVD. Yet he is the Original with the most story to tell I think. He could have a whole redemptive plot thing going on since he seems to be the most honorable out of all of them. It could be like the Angel spin-off, cept Elijah is less broody and more cool and classy. Haha.