I miss Majim/Shamy...

Any form of their relationship is magical and fun to watch. They are so cute together. I miss seeing any interaction between them so much, my fangirl heart is aching. It may sound silly but… Ugh I miss them so darn much!!! Can’t wait for September. Sorry, I’m having Shamy/Majim withdrawl effects today.

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ih my god the widowmaker death faking thing killed me i got the mental image of WM shooting someone nd they fall and half heartedly go "ah oh gosh darn oh you got me oh ive been shot oh damn ur so good at the sniping and the shooting oh jeez" and WM is away on her perch like "aw yeah im the greatest" (sorry it's 1am and im gettin tired)

omfg this was probably ana after she got shot and widow’s just like ‘ohonhonhon nailed it’

Natalie bashing Bridgette saying if “Frank leaves, she’ll latch onto me.” (and cut into her time with James) like.. sorry you, James, and four other houseguests want to play BB9, but this is a completely different season, if ‘Oh darn she’s gonna take time away from my showmance’ is your reaction to someone potentially working with you and being your ally……….. why are you here..          (I love Nat but.. yikes)

Wait a moment...

I’m pretty sure around the time Lion 2 aired, Matt Burnett tweeted that the box office girl did indeed have a boyfriend. So, uh that was Ronaldo?! That was aaaaages ago as well, so presumably those kids were pretty darn serious and Steven’s plan just split them up?! Aww man that was hard to see, such a *not* Steveny Steveness thing to do. Poor potato babyyyyy! *big motherly hug* Although… neither his brother nor friends seemed to believe him. Communication between the Frymans seems kinda bad!

Still, great episode… even though as a Brit, none of those “experimental” foods seemed new to me, hahaha.