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could you do headcanons of the boys getting jealous & protective of their girls? thanks, love!!❤️❤️

You know, @nothingtoseehere-move-along and @scarletbenoitkesley answered something like this very recently and I have to come up with the same conclusion that I don’t think the boys would really get jealous. I mean, sure they would get irked that some guy would try to hit on their ladies, but these boys know full well that the TLC girls love them and I just can’t see them being so insecure as to get jealous. 

Now, protective on the other hand…but even then, our boys know their girls can take care of themselves. Still, they do tend to worry.

  • If anyone out of the boys would get jealous, it would be Kai. I mean, we all knew how he hated Thorne just because he was so good looking, but can we blame the guy? Princes aren’t exactly known to be denied anything, but he soon learns that it is not a good idea to act on any jealous inclinations.
    • For one thing, Cinder does not have the patience time to stoke hurt male egos.
    • For another thing, Cinder is so bad at flirting and being flirted at that it’s actually funny someone tries to get fresh with her. 
      • More often than not, Kai ends up laughing at the pure hilarity of Cinder’s facial expressions. 
      • It is also important to note than 90% of the flirting Cinder gets is from Thorne and Kai has no worries about this. Sometimes he even encourages it until Cinder hits him with her metal hand. 
    • Speaking of Cinder’s metal hand, she also has a metal foot and leg and isn’t above using them in self-defense. She is much better equipped to defend herself against sleazy guys than Kai is. 
  • Being an alpha male, Wolf does not get threatened easily. It actually amuses him when someone can actually scrounge up the courage to flirt with Scarlet and when that happens, well, Wolf can’t deny the guy a moment in the spotlight.
    • Most of the time Wolf will just sit back and let the poor guy try to lay  some cheesy pick-up line on Scarlet. 
      • He will actually cringe when they eventually pull the, “Like the hair?” line and mentally count down the seconds until Scarlet actually threatens physical pain on the poor sap. 
    • If things get a little too out of hand though, all Wolf has to do is flex his muscles and let out a low growl and they are left alone in two seconds flat.
  • Thorne is so good natured that I just can’t see him getting jealous. The only time I can see him getting jealous about a guy talking to Cress is if he had better hair or a nicer smile than Thorne (which is a pretty difficult feat) or if, heaven forbid, he has a nicer ship. 
    • “Oh, so that’s your Neubla Class K13. It’s a shame their gravity thrusters are so unreliable.” 
    • Still, he insists that Cress get the whole Earthen experience which does mean getting hit on by guys from time to time. 
      • “Especially since you’re so beautiful.” 
    • But if anything, he’s super protective of Cress and is very attuned to her. One tiny twitch of an eyebrow will have him swooping in, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and leading her away from trouble.
      • “There you are darlin’. I’m starving, lets get something to eat.” 
  • Jacin is no stranger to guys looking at Winter, but he’s never gotten jealous over it because Winter only has eyes for him. He is, however, overly protective.
    • Usually, one of Jacin’s Death Glares™ can keep away guys in a ten foot radius. 
    • For the persistent few either too stupid or too foolish to stay away, Jacin always has a knife strapped to his belt and may or may not have pulled it on an eager fellow on more than one occasion. 
      • “Don’t worry, Winter. The guy was just asking about my knife and I pulled it out so he could get a better look.” 
  • Thorne: Is there even enough room for everyone?
  • Cress: Here, sit on my lap.
  • Thorne: No, that’s humiliating! can’t I at least sit on Wolf’s lap?
  • Wolf: No, that’s Scarlet’s spot, she called it.
  • Cinder: Thorne, we’re already late, now be a man and sit on that girl’s lap!
  • Thorne: Yes, ma'am...
fic: take a bite of my heart tonight

fandom: the lunar chronicles

characters/pairings: cress darnel, carswell thorne, cresswell, scarlet benoit, wolf kelsey, wolflet, kai, cinder, kaider, winter hayle-blackburn, jacin clay, jacinter

summary: "i caught the bouquet"

notes:i) @avidreader821 asked “Can you do a CressxThorne drabble #50 Thanks!” I must add that is not just a Cresswell fic

notes:ii) this fic got a little out of hand, so it is a bit longer than a drabble. 

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can you write something where Thorne throws Cress a big surprise party and he's all nervous and adorable (also bonus: Wolf is the one in charge of distracting her all day with sightseeing and such) absolutely love your writing! you da bomb

  • Cress’s first birthday with Thorne and the Rampion crew happens almost a full year after the events of the revolution. Since it’s her first ever birthday party, Thorne takes it upon himself to make it extra special. 
    • In true Thorne fashion, he feigns an illness, but his acting is too dramatic good and Cress insists that they make an emergency landing and go to the nearest hospital. After a lot of persuading, he finally convinces her he doesn’t need go to an emergency room, but instead, they should land at Benoit Farms.
      • “Aren’t we lucky that we happen to be in the area, Cress?”
      • “Are you sure we don’t need to go to the hospital? Let me feel your forehead again.”
      • “We’re already here. Landing sequences have begun. No! Don’t come near me, I might be…contagious!”
  • Of course, Thorne has planned this all with Scarlet and Wolf for months now and when they finally land at Benoit Farms, Wolf carries Throne off to the spare bedroom while Scarlet makes them some lunch.
    • Cress says she should take care of Thorne, but Scarlet insists that he is being a baby. “But maybe you should stay away for a day. We don’t know how you’ll react to the Earthen flu.”
    • After a quick lunch, Wolf says he has to run some errands in town and insists that Cress go with him. She hesitates at first, but Scarlet insists that they go and promises to take care of Thorne in their absence. 
  • Wolf says he needs to make the produce deliveries and they begin at Rieux Tavern where Cress is treated to a root beer float. After the third delivery and a third treat, this time, a Nutella crepe, Cress begins to get suspicious. Especially when Cress wonders why they would make a produce delivery at an ice cream parlor. 
    • Cress confronts Wolf and he folds like it’s laundry day, especially when Cress puffs her cheeks and pokes him in the chest, demanding to know what’s going on. Wolf spills the beans sheepishly and Cress feels so bad for being mean to him that she shares her ice cream Sundae, letting him have the cherry.
  • When Wolf and Cress finally get back to Benoit Farms, they are greeted with a huge surprise party and even Cinder, Kai, Iko, Winter, and Jacin have made it. Cress was truly surprised and then proceeded to throw up from all of the sugary treats she had that afternoon.
    • Scarlet smacks Wolf in the arm for making Cress sick.
    • Thorne rushes to Cress’s side and holds her hair back.
    • Cress spends the rest of her birthday party on the couch with a glass of ginger ale near by.
      • She doesn’t have a slice of the lemon cake, but it still tastes good the next day.

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Character (your favourite OC to play around with): 2, 7, 8, 10, 22, 36, 38 Creator: A, B, F, H

I’m gonna do these for my boy Darnell because I am just in a super duper Darnell mood these days

2) How easy is it for your character to laugh?

Grinning and smiling come super easily to him, but laughter is a little more tricky. He’ll snicker at things like people falling over, but full blown stomach aching laughter takes the most well crafted of jokes to cause

7) What triggers nostalgia for them, most often? Do they enjoy that feeling?

His reflection. It brings back everything that happened to him at Byrgenwerth and down in the labyrinths and he absolutely hates it. It’s why he keeps his face covered up all the time. If he can’t see himself, then he can’t be forced to remember

8) What were they told to stop/start doing most often as a child?

To stop throwing his little sisters into the ocean every time they threw sea slugs and crabs at him

10) What lie to they most frequently remember telling? Does it haunt them?

“Yes Master Willem, I did understand everything in the text and had no problems using the information for my work” - Darnell, the morning after he didn’t read the text and winged his entire essay

22) How does jealousy manifest itself in them (they become possessive, they become aloof, etc)?

He gets extremely paranoid and, if it’s a partner, might start prying and asking too many questions in an attempt to calm himself down

36) Do they actively seek romance, or do they wait for it to fall into their lap?

If this boy wants romance, you can bet your ass he’s gonna go lookin’ for it. He’ll climb onto your desk, do the splits and then ask if you’re busy later tonight

38) What memory do they revisit the most often?

The day he got the scar across his face. He can still see the anger and hatred on Gehrman’s face, and knew that he probably would’ve died there and then if he hadn’t managed to shove him off and wound him enough to stop a killing blow from happening

A) Why are you excited about this character?

Before Darnell I’ve never really had or played about with a character who was as evil and cruel as him. I’ve got plenty of other OCs who are assholes, but this boy murders and toys with others minds for no reason aside from the fact he can. Ofc this mostly applies to him post-death, but his cruel post-death persona is the him that is more known and is just generally more interesting to play about with

B) What inspired you to create them?

Spite. Pure spite. It’s no secret I absolutely hate Gehrmaria as a ship and a lot of the people who ship it, so I made him. Because Gehrman can’t have Maria if she’s already with Darnell. It was also because at the time I’d decided to completely restart writing Servant of None and needed a reason for the plot to move forward, since Silence can’t really move it along herself. He is the being that forces her to move forwards

F) What do you feel when you think of your OC (pride, excitement, frustration, etc)?

Controlled. He pretty much instantly became a coping mechanism for my depression and I know I can deal with and control him, even if I can’t do that with depression in its rawer form. But also anger, because I remember exactly what was said about him the first time I showed him off to people who I’d thought were my friends.

H) What trait do you admire most?

He’s a quick thinker and can figure out how to make best of any situation, regardless of how much or little time he’s been given to prepare for it

Your Kids

Nash Grier: He would have 4 kids 2 boys 2 girls.

Your first Daughter: Kaitlynn Grier 

Your second daughter: Madeline Grier 

Your First Son: Darryl Grier 

Your second son: DeAndre Grier

Cameron Dallas: He would have 2 kids both girls

Your first daughter: Claire Dallas 

Your second daughter: Allison Dallas

Matthew Espinosa: He would have 4 kids 2 twin girls and 2 boys

Your First girl: Abigail Espinosa 

Your second girl: Carly Espinosa 

Your first boy: Cody Espinosa 

Your Second boy: Lucas Espinosa 

Taylor Caniff: He would have 3 kids all boys

Your first son: Tanner Caniff

Your second son: Wyatt Caniff

Your third son: Braden Caniff

Jack Gilinsky: He would have 4 kids 3 boys and 1 daughter 

Your first girl: Imani Gilinsky 

Your first boy: Luke Gilinsky 

Your second boy: Tyrone Gilinsky 

Your third boy: Andre Gilinsky 

Jack Johnson: He would have 2 kids a boy and a girl

Your first girl: Jenny Johnson 

Your first boy: Jack Johnson JR

Sammy Wilk: He would have 3 kids 2 boys 1 girl

Your first daughter: Queen  Wilkinson 

Your first son: King Pharaoh Wilkinson

Your second son: Demetrius Wilkinson 

Nate Maloley: He would have 5 kids 2 girls and 3 boys

Your first girl: Nicki Maloley

Your second girl: Jhene Maloley 

Your first boy: Darnell Maloley 

Your second boy: Marquis Maloley 

Your third boy: Darius Maloley 

This was requested by jjohnsonsbabygirl hope you like it!


The Darnell Boys: “You Got the Devil”