darn youngsters

What to do when someone stares at your cane

Stare back super intently til they look away 

or do what I do because I have no self control and say one of the following

  • would you like a picture?
  • what are you staring at?
  • fuck off
  • fuck you
  • scream “ YES IM YOUNG YES I REALLY NEED THIS CANE” at the top of your lungs til they run away now frightened of you
  • while shaking your cane like an old person yell “ damn kids! get out of my way you darn youngsters ” and mutter to yourself about the “good old days” and how “disrespectful the youngins are today”
  • very politely (or not) say “ can I help you” and watch as they trip over themselves trying to apologize

and personally I know these all work to get them to A stop and B leave you alone

Oh man, track practice today. Someone sprains his ankle while he’s out on his run and he literally comes back on a horse. The coach had to drive him back to school, so we got b.s. 200s :D Well, sort of b.s. We ran 7 out of the 8 200s he told us to do. And then we were all walking back to school and the coach was driving back FROM school, and saw us so he parked along the sidewalk where we were walking to give us all the stuff he was holding for us. We were all amassed in front of this house (it takes a while to pass stuff out) when the old lady who lived in that house came to take her garbage out. Someone asked if she needed help, twice, and the old lady just ignored her.

And then when I got home my younger cousin called me.
“Who was your history teacher in 7th grade?”

“I had Mr. Wells, why?”

“Do you remember if you did the section 4 review on Europe?”

“… That was like 3 years ago”

And then he asked me if I had gone through puberty and started questioning me about pubic hairs. I am neither your parents nor your science teacher leave me alone