darn forest


Summary: Sans keeps forgetting how clearly insane Error truly is, but that’s part of why he loves him, really… To a point of defending him from another version of himself. Sequel to “Cat & Mouse!” The finale of the series.

Errorswap, OoC, Blueberry’s PoV.


Warning(s): Yaoi ( boyXboy ) for those yaoi haters. Sancest… Major hints of Character Death. I guess that’s it.

Pairing(s): Errorberry ( Error Sans/Underswap Sans )

Note(s): Ink Sans makes an appearance! He might be TOTALLY OoC, I’m sorry, Comyet, if he is! ;3;

Please be as harsh as you could.

I’m sorry if I got any spelling wrong. The only spelling corrections I have are google. So, if I made any mistakes, tell me.

Criticism is welcome.

Enjoy! xD x3

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