Jugendstil aka Art Nouveau in Darmstadt Germany

Darmstadt was a centre of the Art Nouveau movement. Surviving examples of the Jugendstil period include the Swimmingpoolhouse, the Rosenhöhe, a landscaped English-style rose garden from the 19th century, recently renovated and replanted,[16] the Mathildenhöhe,[17] with the Hochzeitsturm (‘Wedding tower’, also commonly known as the 'Five-Finger-Tower’) by Joseph Maria Olbrich, the Russian Chapel in Darmstadt and large exhibition halls as well as many private villas built by Jugendstil architects who had settled in Darmstadt (Wiki). http://casaboa.tumblr.com/

Joseph Maria Olbrich (Austrian, 1867 – 1908)

Prediger-haus, Darmstadt, Germany, 1904

In 1899, the Grand Duke of Hesse donated land and funding for artists to construct a group of Jugenstil houses and artist studios to demonstrate life in harmony with art. The Darmstadt Artist Colony houses were opened to the public in a series of exhibitions from 1901-1914.