Darlynne- Homestuck Remake (Dirk)

Told in Dirk’s point of view!! This is based off of “Darlynne” sung by Miku Hatsune.

help i vocaloid!stuck'ed

As I walk down the road, Capricorn says,
“Follow this path, take what you can.
Trust in miracles and be as sober as I am!”
I try to walk his way, but Leo caught up to me.
“Boy, what do you think you’re running into?!
Tread carefully, or you’re sure to die soon!”

Can’t drink this ocean water to quench my thirst
And I’m alone, stranded on an island that he lived in first
I clench the red box and await patiently
For my chance to start…

I try to force
This love
He’s all I could ever want
So what more can I say?
Please kiss me Darling
My Page
My darling!!
For me to wake again
And for all of this to end…

I picture in my heart the hope that I had
Now there’s a void, and there’s no life
Not even with help did this seem to end right
I can’t escape these red lines in the sky
Neither can she- are you gonna leave?
My biggest wonder is why you even believed.

I try to swallow my pride and just say how I feel
But it’s hard to type them out…

I cry out for
What I
Never had
Agony’s inside of me
But there’s no point in looking sad
Please forgive me darling
My Page
My Darling!!
This isn’t how I want us to meet
And versus her, I see defeat…

Time is ticking and ticking
Light is too far
And I can’t see too clearly where you even are
There’s no space, no space for me to catch my breath
The game’s length is growing page after page

The Knight speaks, the Knight speaks,
“You can’t show your pain, so just get over it.
The past is past, you’re born again.
But you’re still a child…”


I beg your love
Once more
I will never go back
And say the words I didn’t say
Time for farwell Darling
my Page
My darling
And as an end result
Once again, I’m an adult…

What’s worse for all of us!?
Together- or just me?
It’s how I’ve always been
It’s how I will always be!
So goodbye Darling, darling, my Darling!!

The four of us will play
Beta or Alpha- who can say?

“Just have mercy on yourself, and go onward on foot, Bro…”

Here’s a scandalous and actually super sinister little creature, but usually gets out of their mischief because of their sweet / innocent personality ;}c

They go by any pronouns (he/she/they/etc) as long as it isn’t something like ‘it’, which in that case they just might actually stab you. Due to how they dress and how they act, most people are avoident of them (which is Darly’s goal basically aha) except for Rev. Rev’s view of them is, “I hate you because you’re annoying and hyper, but you benefit me greatly so I guess I can’t really get rid of you either.” They’re one of the people Rev actually “got with”, which, since talk of sex / public sex is something highly taboo in the village, is kind of a big deal for those who know about it and will often get glares or questioning stares from older villagers. 

(Their type of music is stuff like Truly (feat. Sarah Bonito) and  Kero Kero Bonito - Flamingo !)