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• Him obviously being over protective

• Him and Merle having arguments over who you should stay with, ending with him dragging you away to stay with him.

• You being one of the very few people he opens up to

•Him rolling his eyes a million times a day listening to your stupid jokes and attempts to make him laugh

• Being one of the very few people to actually witness him laugh

• Always Being the first person he checks to see if they’re safe

• Rick and Glen being like uncles to you

• You being a complete bad ass

• Having Daryl teach you everything he knows

• Him threatening anyone who even looks at you

• “Look at her agin and I swear I will feed you to the walkers”

• you being able to calm him down and convince him that he’s not a bad guy

• singing with Rick on car journeys to annoy him.

• “ I Gotta pocket full of sunshine, I got-” • “I swear to god if u two don’t shut up”

• Him always bringing you back presents from scavenges

• And of coarse you two being the best ass kicking team their is

Andy talking about Norman cheating on him with Jeffrey lol

Being Ricks daughter would include:

•Being just as tough if not tougher than Carl

•Fighting 24/7 with Carl but knowing you will always have each other’s

•Being Judith’s babysitter and guarding her with your life

•Having all the group adore you and thinking your the sweetest even though they know you could kick their asses

• Helping Rick after Lori’s death “Dad I know this is hard for you but we need you. I need you ”

• Having Daryl teach you how to fix cars

•Promising Glen you would take care of Maggie if anything ever happened

•Having michonne teach you how to do dread locks “You sure you’re not going to rip my hair !“

• Being the one that kills Ron when he shoots Carl

•Not liking Enid at first but eventually warming to her. “ I swear to god if you hurt my brother I’ll kill you”

• Having to have Michonne hold you done while Negan threatened to have Carl’s arm cut off

• Being happy but worried that you have the largest family

•calling your dad officer friendly to annoy him.


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• The group waiting for days on end for you to pass away from the bite, each day becoming more concerned.

• “Seriously I’m fine”
“If you try and get out that bed again I will seriously consider breaking your legs”

• After weeks of you telling them you feel fine then finally realising that you are going to be okay.

“See how many times did I tell you.”

• You becoming the groups only hope and giving them something to live for.

• The group not letting you go on any runs as they feel they need to protect you.

“And where do you think you’re going?”


“ I don’t think so, nice try Y/N”

• Daryl constantly having to track you down when you have tried to escape.

“Seriously Dixon this little game of fetch we have going on is getting a little old”

• Rick taking you to every doctor the group comes across, in attempt to find out what’s going on with you.

• Having to sit for hours on end while people examine you, but always having Carl to keep you entertained.

• Everyone being elated that there is one less thing that could harm you.

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