Caroline's List of Awesome People Who Make Tumblr Awesome with their Awesomeness

This is my 10,000th post on Tumblr and I wanted to do something to celebrate.  So I thought what better way to celebrate than with wine?  But then I remembered that you can’t send wine through the internet, so I went with my other idea: Make a post about the awesome people who make Tumblr so much fun:


Anne (melsmalone) – A one-stop-shop for all your Doctor Who needs.  Anne was one of the first people I followed back when I started on Tumblr and I haven’t regretted it since.    

Caro (wilfulwilf) – The biggest Alex Kingston fan I know.  Whether you want to sigh over Alex’s glorious face or perv over Alex’s glorious arse, Caro has the gifs for you.  Also, on the first day we met we stayed up until 4am drinking wine in the hotel bar.  You can’t not be friends with someone after that. 

Charina (areyoumarriedriver) – Do I even need to say anything here?  I find it highly unlikely that anyone who follows me isn’t following Charina, but you never know.  Purveyor of wonderful fics, gifsets, manips and advice.

Danica (doctorrsong) – Draws amazing art and writes amazing fic and to be honest I think it’s rather unfair for one person to have so much talent.  But she does and I’m very happy that she’s sharing it with us all. 

Denise (darliq) – All around awesome person of awesomeness.  Posts a veritable cornucopia of geeky goodness. Likes to blame me in tags, but that’s ok.  Because Caronise is unborked.   

Hannah (regal-song) - Although she now posts mostly about a fandom I am not in, I would still highly recommend following Hannah.  Because she’s great.  And seriously good at art.

Megs (savvyliterate) – Excellent fic, excellent tags, and an all-around lovely person.  What more could you ask for?   

Pam (mygalfriday) – Quite possibly one of the best writers I’ve ever come across.  If you like fic and haven’t read hers yet, then you are seriously missing out.  It’s amazing.    

Rach (mattsmithissexy) – One of the friendliest people I’ve had the fortune of knowing online.  Has a url that is just a basic fact and posts a lot of Matt Smith’s face, much to my delight. 

Tess (religiousdevotion) – Gif and graphic-maker extraordinaire.  Ridiculously talented.  Makes my dash a wonderful, albeit sometimes heartbreaking, place.    


These people are also awesome:

amie33 | clare009 | dashingrain | hm0880 | mishka47

my-lonely-angels | penguinspy42 | riversongicouldbloodykissyou | ukthxbye


In fact everyone I follow is awesome.  Thank you for making Tumblr such a brilliant place to be!  I LOVE YOU ALL!