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Feysand pick up lines

Feyre: *lying on the roof next to Rhys while looking up at the moon*

Rhysand: Can you do that?

Feyre: *sideways glance* do what?

Rhysand: Moon me




Cassian: *enters scene* did someone say moon?

Rhysand: by the cauldron Cassian, if you-

Cassian: *moons them*

Feyre: *groans while covering eyes* look what you’ve done.

Rhysand: *pushes Cassian off roof* you tiresome fool you ruined the moment!

Cassian: *cackling*

Feyre: the lines are blurred here about who ruined the moment, Rhys *wicked smile*

purplemonkeyland  asked:

i saw you were doing recs???and i was like you have to read itsb by otppurefuckingmagic then i was like WAIT A MINUTE

wait a minute is right. damn. no one should read that fic ever. i mean, it doesn’t follow canon at fucking all, alec and magnus talk way too much, there’s hockey (is that even a real sport???), and i’m pretty sure alec isn’t going to end up with clary in the end, so what’s the point anyway????? definitely avoid it at all costs ♡ xx

anonymous asked:

What if Dark ruins Saint Patrick's Day for Anti because he knows that Anti is planning something big and Dark know it's importants of that day for both Jack and Anti and also Mark also knows it's importants for Jack and tries to stop what ever Dark is planning.

………Dark IS completely off the wall, so i mean...