Hi, everyone!

I’ve already donated to Prizeo for the Trekstock campaign but after watching this video this morning and doing some thinking I’ve decided I’d like to donate more.  Here is where you all come in, I want to make it fun so with every note that this post gets, up to 100, I will donate $1.  I will choose someone randomly from the notes to give the necklace that comes with a $100 donation to.  

I am going to give everyone until the 28th to like and/or re-blog this post to get it to 100!  You can re-blog/like whether you are willing to give me an address to send the necklace to or not.  I will contact the winner after we reach 100!   :) 

Also for any of you who can and have not yet, please make your own donations here!


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   -   Hey, I’m Happy.
   And I’m dying, but you don’t see me telling everyone.