Things to love:

a) Dylan saying “What?” like he was lost elsewhere for Tyler’s words on chics to actually register. Which begs the question what was he saying “I don’t know.” to? Mingling with Theo/Cody? “I don’t know. I’m not yet sure, but I’ll definitely consider.”?

b) Cody’s “What just happened? Did I give away too much?” face in the end.

when even finally starts talking to his friends from bakka again and reconciles with them, he soon after introduces them to isak when he invites them to his new place (”dude! you have your own place? that’s so cool. but, hm, wait, is there enough room for movie nights like at your old place? oh man, your mom always made us the best popcorn”) one of them teases “i see you still love blondes” and all of them go “ooooh” in unison, and even raises his eyebrows like “oh! i see! this is how it’s going to be” but he can’t help but smile, and then he says “nah, i just love one blonde” as he wraps his arms around isak from behind, gives him one long kiss on the cheek, and one of them says “oh jeez, you’re still a big romantic, aren’t you” and this time isak’s the one who says “he is”, and they’re all smiling, and it’s just a funny, loving moment between friends who are glad to see each other again, to see each other happy

you know, it’s so good that isak, who had to leave home at sixteen and who hasn’t been around relatives and hasn’t been receiving affection from them in a long long time, is living with these roommates who just come and join him in his room and decide they’ll lie with him in bed, rest their heads on his shoulder or against his, surround him with love and warmth. because these people he lives with genuinely care about him, this seventeen year old grumpy teenager who doesn’t always clean up after himself, who apparently can’t watch movies and tv shows or listen to music with headphones, who doesn’t pay rent on time and who keeps asking them if they can go buy beer for him and his friends, if they can bring him a bottle of orange fanta and a pack of chips since they’re already at the grocery store. because he’s like a little brother to them, really, which makes them his annoying older siblings

but the truth is that they’re not actually annoying, if we’re being honest, because yes isak will groan and roll his eyes, but deep down isak is glad he has them, he’s thankful for the spontaneous and random group hugs, and eskild ruffling his hair, and deciding he’s going to hang out in isak’s room some afternoons even though he already has his own (bigger) room because he doesn’t like the idea of isak spending the whole day alone. he’s thankful for linn making tea and bringing him a cup and not saying anything, just putting it on his bedside table. because these two people he’s been living with are the closest thing he has to a family, a loving family, and kollektivet is the closest thing he has to a home, and it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to him

“When I told you to get me a caramel cappuccino with more sugar, I meant more sugar than the actual coffee, Naomi-san.”

“I know that, B, but first, I didn’t want to look like a complete idiot while ordering and second, you didn’t say please.”

“Are you suggesting I am an idiot, Naomi-san?”

“No need to state the obvious, I am suggesting you start ordering your own abomination of a coffee.”//

!! coffee buddies! crime solving buddies! <3