The best thing happened last night. I’ve met so many wonderful friends in this fandom, and one friend in particular, who’s from Egypt, is my best friend. I’ve never called anyone my best friend, and even though we are miles apart, he’s always there to talk to me and make me happy. I decided to stop being shy and to video chat with him and it was so much fun even though it was awkward at first. And not only did that made me happy. While we were talking, we were talking about how much we make each other happy and how stupid we are, and then he makes a tweet about me and Jaycee (another friend) to Camila (she was doing an #AskCamila) saying how we were the greatest people he’s ever met (which is true, I’m so cool and swag haha jk) and then out of nowhere, Camila tweets him back saying that’s her favorite thing in the world and my heart STOPPED. not because the tweet was about me and jaycee, but I was genuinely happy that my best friend got noticed by camila. and what he said was true. I’ve met wonderful people because of those 5 girls. I can’t wait to see the girls again and I can not wait to meet some of my friends in the fandom this summer :) you meet friends in the weirdest ways, I love you guys. (plus I find it hilarious how I snapshotted him fangirling haha)