You guys, for some reason I WOKE UP AT SIX AM this morning and then I couldn’t fall back asleep! So I decided to go on a hike and listen to Kate Bush. I have a number of records of hers that I adore, but this am I listened to Hounds of Love (1985), from front to back. “Running Up That Hill” is probably my most favorite song on the album, and it’s really incredible how the production and style is relevant even to this day. (She wrote and produced the whole thing!) Plus, she is a STUNNING CREATURE with awesome fashion sense. Just look at her in this picture.

Happy Thursday! This morning I’m listening to The Ronettes, one of my favorite girl groups from the 1960’s. I love this picture BECAUSE LOOK AT THEIR HAIR. I only wish I could pull that off. Even though they weren’t the most commercially successful girl group of that time, “Be My Baby” is one of those songs that every time I hear it, it brings back so many memories from my youth. Hello, Dirty Dancing. (Also, did you know they were the only girl group to ever tour with The Beatles?)

Happy Thursday! This morning I found myself listening to a bunch of old Doris Day records while cleaning up my room a little. And then I looked on the internet and found this ADORABLE picture of her. Her makeup and hair are both so relevant for this day and age, right? And I’m pretty sure I need to find her sweater/dress thing to add to my wardrobe. She’s pretty cute. And what a voice!