Here in Italy it’s 7:58 AM, I haven’t been sleeping all night, and ten minutes ago the inspiration came to me.
As well as a large amount of “God Damn, Bower, you’re hot”
I made this in like 10-15 minutes, and I can’t believe how good it looks.
(The name on the top is my Twitter nick, follow me)

I just want winter to come.

we just booked a trip in December to go to Brooklyn as a Christmas present to ourselves (hi lavender-wolf and jamie-darling see ya soon, maybe!) and of course, Costa Rica in January and February.

also some things that I just straight lol’d at happened this weekend.

anonymous asked:

I love this I love you I love kevamie. Thank you for creating this. (I'm honestly ecstatic that this exist.)

thank you darling. kevin and jamie say they love you too.


△ SpeedWork#001▽

▽ Music; The Darling Buds (Jamie C. Bower) - Alone is no together and Always (Jamie C. Bower )

▽ Program; PhotoshopCC 2015

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