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Could you do a BTS reaction of them going on a family friendly trip with their kids and wife and they go on a long airplane ride from Korea to a tropical destination please? Thank you!

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You: Darling, quiet down—-



You: Great. I have another kid to take care of now.

Jin: Don’t worry. We’ll have fun in the Bahamas. *kiss*

Kid & Jin: *fist bump*

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Suga: I have a surprise.

You & Kid: What is it?

Suga: We are going to the Caribbean.


You: Thank you so much babe. It’s going to be so much fun.


Kid: Daddy look! Daddy!!!

Suga: I already regret this. Lemme sleep

You: This is gonna be a loonnggg plane ride.

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Rap Mon: Uh-oh

You: What happened?

Rap Mon: *fumbles around

You: Please don’t tell me you

Rap Mon: I lost one of my bag..

You: Namjoon, how?

Rap Mon: *shaking*

You: A-are you crying?

Rap Mon: No, it’s cold in here.

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You: Jagi, I have some good news.

Jhope: What is it?

You: We’ll be going to Costa Rica!

Jhope: *touch my body dance*

Jhope: . . Will we have some alone time?

You: Yes. . *blushes*

Jhope: *gif*

Kid: Mommy, what is alone time?

You & Jhope: Go to your room.

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You: Do you like it here?

Jimin: I love it. But my butt hurts from the plane ride.

You: Need help with that? *smirk*

Jimin: Uh..

Kid: Daddy I’ll help! I have a band-aid.

Jimin: Oh no no no I’m fine honey.

You: Hahaha let’s just enjoy the view.

Kid: But Daddy’s butt is in pain.

i honestly have no idea what that was lmao

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- At Hawaii -

Kid: Mommy, can we go get some ice-cream?

You: Sure honey.

Taehyung: Mommy can I get some ice-cream, too?

You: *flustered* Taehyung, we’re in public!

Kid: Why did you call Mommy “Mommy”?

Taehyung: Oh because she likes —-

You: You’re not getting any ice-cream.

Taehyung: I was just gonna say you like being a mother.

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Jungkook: What do you wanna do?

You: Wanna go to the pool?

Jungkook: Suree

- At the pool -

Jungkook: *wets his shirt on purpose*

You: No teasing, Kookie.

Jungkook: *smirks* No promises.

You: Jungkook, our kid is with us.

Jungkook: I know, but my sexiness just comes naturally

Kid: Daddy can you fix my goggles?

Kid: And what is sexiness?

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i wanna tear that shirt off of him.

i was honestly just messing around so this was very crappy.

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Life for Alexander Gordon of Greenmount in the Darling Downs changed on 15th August 1914. On that day, his son Leslie, a 23 year old road works contractor, enlisted for service with the 2nd Light Horse Regiment and was shipped off soon after to France on the HMAT A15 Star of England.

Leslie was followed by his older brother Harvey, 26, who enlisted later that month. Then brother Norman, 19, enlisted on the 1st of September 1914; 18 year old Huntley joined up in April 1915; brother Douglas, 19, enlisted on the 21st September 1915, only to be joined a day later by the last of the Gordon brothers, Kenneth, who had just turned 19 years old.

The six brothers enjoyed the spectrum of what military life has to offer. Leslie obtained the Commemorative Anzac Medal; Kenneth went on to serve in WW2; and Norman rounded out the experiences with a service record in Egypt of gambling, disobedience and a hospital visit for V.D.

The Great War is littered with stories of siblings lost to warfare. 2800 sets of Australian brothers perished between 1915 and 1918 at Gallipoli, Palestine and on the Western Front.

More surprisingly, in this case, is that all six of the brothers Gordon survived WW1 and were shipped home. Imagine the atmosphere at the Gordon home when all the brothers reunited under the same roof after the trauma of warfare.

The Queenslander - 23 October 1915


Imagine you are running a successful farming operation; then one day a man from the gas company arrives with news that a coal seam gas field lies beneath your feet. From there 3 wells are sunk, then another 18. And then a proposal for another 30, turning your property into a thriving gas field, while threatening the viability of the working farm.

Down the road, the neighbour sells after 48 wells are sunk into his property. The compensation of $250 a year, per well was not much inducement to stay. The wells themselves are estimated to be making the companies a million dollars a year, each.
And then the gas company says they might have to move your house to sink another well into the land.

This is the experience of just one of the farmers featured on Four Corners this week.
Right across Australia gas companies are drilling down through the earth to extract the resource that the industry says will be one of the answers to our future energy needs. Already some $31 billion worth of gas projects have been approved by the Federal Government, which are expected to generate thousands of jobs and billions in revenues.
But this precious resource lies beneath homes and farms, and the food bowls of Australia.

And this is where the gas companies are drilling; prompting a heated conflict over who should pay the price for our energy supplies.

Matthew Carney reports from communities in Queensland and NSW that are directly affected. Farmers tell of their feelings of violation and frustration; their belief that they are losing control of their properties and their ability to plan for the future. As one says “It’s really frustrating. We have taken on extra debt to fund our farming business and we are powerless to stop people accessing it and abusing it.”

But it’s not only what’s happening above ground that worries them.

One farmer claims his water supplies are dropping alarmingly as the coal seam drilling causes the water table to drop at an accelerated rate. This cattle farmer believes he may only have two years supply left in one of his key water bores.

Then there is the danger posed by faulty gas wells. The program shows local activists testing for leaks and finding highly explosive gasses leaking at alarming levels.

Others talk of their fears that Australia’s greatest underground water resource, the Great Artesian Basin will be contaminated and depleted. Four Corners details cases of water supplies being tainted by salty toxic water.

Many of those affected are beginning to work together on a national campaign to call a halt to “The Gas Rush”.


This is why Four Corners is my favourite show, and also why I’m going to sit on a farm in Tara from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May to stop gas companies destroying one of my countries most important food bowls and threatening my nations food security. Food security is not a phrase a lot of Australians are familiar with, that’s because we’ve hardly had to worry about it before, but if our fertile, food producing land continues to be lost we will all be in serious trouble. The cost of living in Australia is already one of the worst (in comparison to wages), imagine if the price of food skyrockets because we have to import it all…

For more information on the situation in the Darling Downs and the Lock the Gate Alliance click here.

The Four Corners report will be aired on Monday 21st at 8:30PM on ABC1 and here.