darling you were taken too soon


Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 1512

Warning:  Fluff

A/N: Ask from reader “Would you be able to do one where reader has snapchat and nobody knows they are dating and one day he takes a photo/vid of them together with like a caption of “happy anniversary” and everybody freaks out. Please and thank you on both.”


As you leaned back on the couch, you waited for the FaceTime call to go through to Tom.  It was ringing over thirty seconds before the call was cancelled from his side.  You were a little disappointed; as it was the time he had told you to call.  He was on set, finishing his current project while you had been staying at his flat in London.  It was a special day for the two of you, it was your one-year anniversary and you wanted to be able to see his smiling face even if it was only through the phone.  There were plans for when he returned next week to be able to celebrate and you truly could not wait.  

Within a minute of the call being cancelled, Tom called back, though it was just a phone call.  “Sorry love, I was driving I did not want to get into an accident.”

Hearing his voice made your night.  “Don’t apologize honey.  Stay safe. I’m just glad I get to talk to you today.”

“Me too, darling.  It’s a wonderfully important day.”  That made you smile.

“Yes it is.  Hobnobs were on sale today!  I bought a few boxes for tea when you get back.”  It was difficult to get out before you burst into hysterical laughter.  Tom followed suit laughing loudly from other end.

“Your obsession with those biscuits has hit new heights darling.  Though I am glad to see, you have taken to tea so well now.”  Tom was right, those ‘biscuits’ were your new obsession.  They were delicious.

“I love it, almost as much as I love you.  I can’t wait till you come home.”  

“I love you too, [Y/N]. I will be home soon I promise.  Then you will be stuck with me for a while before I drag you off to the tropical beach location of the next film.”  He had promised he was not going to go to another film without you.  The next movie was being filmed in the south Pacific and would be a beach vacation for you for a few months.  There was not a whole lot of convincing on his end that was required. Months on a beach with Tom, yes please.

“I’m excited for it. Though, people will probably know at that point that you are dating someone.  Are you ready for that?”  

“Darling I have been ready to tell people you were mine since the first night I took you out and declared I did not want to see other people.  Nevertheless, I wanted to give you as much space from the world before reporters and photographers start following you places.  I didn’t want to run you off.”  Tom had always thought of you first, even when he was disappointed that you could not go to premieres and award shows with him.  Now you were not working for your former employer in marketing and sales for a very large communications company.  It would not cause so many publicity problems for them having an employee who was dating a high profile actor.

“You won’t mind if the whole world knows you are dating someone not famous and the complete opposite of glamorous?”  

“You know me better than that.  Would I care about any of that?  Plus [Y/N] you are far more glamorous than you know.  And wonderful and amazing, brilliant…  Need I continue?  Because I could truly go on for some time about all of your wonderful qualities.” Knowing him as you did now you knew it was something that was not in the slightest bit important.  

“No you don’t have to continue.  I miss you.” With a sigh you leaned further back on the couch, pulling your legs up underneath to.

“And I, you.  If I was home would be we be out dancing and dining?”

“Honestly if it was right now, no.”  Tom got quiet on the other end for a moment.  “I would rather us have take away and just curl up together to watch a movie or talk.  I don’t want to share you with the world, at least not tonight.”

“Hmm a quiet night in? That sounds lovely.  What kind of take away?  That Chinese place around the way?”

“Oh God yes.  Those shrimp noodles are so good.  Stop it; you are going to depress me tonight.  I don’t want that.  I want to talk and enjoy the conversation before you have to go back to work.”  His quiet laugh warmed your heart.

“I apologize love.  I won’t do it again.  Can I call you back in a few minutes?  I need to get out of the car and I have too many things to carry.”

“Of course baby.  Love you.”  He repeated the same as you disconnected the call.  It would give you a few minutes to look for something to eat. It was getting later and your stomach was rumbling.  The cupboards proved to be useless, as did the refrigerator.  Nothing looked good after thinking about the shrimp and noodles that Tom mentioned.  A knock at the door pulled you out of your hungry driven misery.  

Opening the door, you found a deliveryman from that very restaurant.  “Evening miss, I have your food.”

“I didn’t order anything…”

“Oh no?  I have shrimp and noodles, soup, egg rolls…  It’s all paid for, here look.”  He handed you the receipt with had Tom’s name on it from his credit card.  That man had called in an order for you.  He knew you better than you knew yourself.  You laughed nodding towards the man.

“I think it is for me. Thank you.  One moment let me get you something for a tip.”  The man shook his head handing the box over to you.

“No miss.  I got a big tip from the man who ordered.  Have a good night.”  He took off down the walkway as you laughed closing the door. Of course, Tom had tipped well. Setting the box down on the kitchen counter you found there was an extraordinary amount of food.  There was no way you were going to be able to eat that much. At least there would be plenty for left overs for the next few days.

Another knock sounded and your hope was that he had wine delivered too.  Laughing you opened the door to find a large bouquet of pink and purple lilies, you favorite flower.  Behind the lilies was the face that made your whole world shine.  That surprise silenced you as you covered your mouth.  “Happy anniversary [Y/N], my beautiful darling.”

Tom stepped through the doorway to kiss your still shocked lips.  Both his arms were full one with the flowers the other with a bottle of wine. It was scary how well he knew you. Well hell no wonder there was so much food.  “I can’t believe you are here!  You weren’t supposed to be home for a week.”

Happy tears filled your eyes as you reached up to hug him close.  “I finished early.  I did not want to miss tonight with you.”

“I love you so much.”  When you finally gave the man a chance to move he was able to set the flowers and the wine down.  Dinner was enjoyed from the comfort of the couch as you two talked.  Wine was poured and the bottle finished within an hour. It was a wonderful evening for you both. Soon you both were a tad on the tipsy side when Tom decided he wanted to take pictures of you both on his phone.

Recently he had finally caved to using Snapchat.  For months, you had told him how fun it was with all of the different filters and voice changers.  When he relented, he had become a Snapchat monster.  His followers were subjected to many stories and funny videos a week. Not that anyone minded.  Tonight he was playing with the filters and had taken a video of you both kissing and laughing with the hearts floating around your heads.  He even put a ‘happy anniversary’ banner over the top of the video.  You thought it was adorable and wanted him to send it to you.

He was playing around with more filters giggling like a child but eventually he did send it to you. As you were cleaning up the living room table, Tom got quiet before you heard “Oops.”

“Oops what?”  That was when the phones started to ring, both yours and his.  

“I may have posted that on my feed for the world to see.”  Your eyes went wide as you dove to grab your phone.  Your best friend was calling you.  Tom’s agent was calling him.  Now the whole world was going to find out about your relationship.  Looking back over to him not wanting to answer it, the grin on his face sealed it.  He may have not done it on purpose but he was not upset about it.

“Tom…”  He pulled you down next to him so he could wrap you in his arms. Both phones continuing to ring.


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good souls die young — part two || kol mikaelson

author: @broodybell
pairing: kol x reader
word count: 826

warnings; mentions of blood and death. 

authors note: this was requested by many anons, and even though i wasn’t going to do a second part, here it is! sorry it’s short!

part one

summary: kol goes to find reader after he blew her off the night before, but his life is flipped upside down. 

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Different Goals

I stare at my pen
Wondering when
Life broke
Like the sickest joke
It seems
Undelivered are
But darling we
Aimed for the stars
Travelled far
Circling the moon
Earthly again too soon
Our best tried
Can never be denied
Such distance travelled
Before things unravelled
Actually reached the pinnacle
But life’s cynical
Interfered and
What once we revered
Became obscured as
Career’s ivory towers
Abused their powers
Truth no matter
Confidence shattered
Became worse
As life cursed and
Through death’s dark cloak
Whispering voices spoke
Haunting spirits near
We refused to hear
Yet still they were taken
Hope forsaken
Loved so dear
No longer here
But we’re still strong
Moving on
No retreat
No defeat
You and I
Still flying high
Yet even our end could be nigh
Who knows numbered days
We’ll stay
Yet wasting for past’s return
We yearn
As lost suns burn
Searing thoughts
Scorched memories retort
We might be stalling
But not crest fallen
Tho’ a life so cruel has
Exhausted hope’s fuel
Let’s not our flight deride
Instead slowly glide
Looking over the view of
Once we knew
Savouring every breath
Dodging death
Avoiding distain
Long still remain
Joyous in our souls
Just now different goals
Not possessions treasured
But each moment measured
By the love in our life
And you forever my wife


Haunted (loki x Reader Oneshot)

This one is a little bit personal and I didn’t post it before because I was worried about the response it would get but anyways: You are part of the Avengers and you can freeze objects in time and occasionally fast forward a few minutes and she was very depressed as a kid so she has scars (also everyone gets drunk except for you and Loki. And Tony insists on playing a game). Sundae of Fluff with angsty sprinkles on top! Enjoy!

Forgot to mention the reader is depressed and has scars from when she self harmed. Trigger warning I guess?

You were in the middle of a competition with Wanda on whose power was coolest with Natasha, Clint and Tony being the judges. Until Thor burst into the door with Loki trailing not far behind.
“Friends! My brother and I have come here in search of a place to rest!”
“What’d he do this time?” Clint asked.
“Yeah and why can’t you go find somewhere else to rest?” Tony jumping in while staring directly at Loki.
“Come on guys stop being so rude, I would like to meet Thor and Loki actually” you said while trying to keep glass cups suspended in air to make a pyramid. You were the newest avenger along with Bucky, Wanda, Vision and Sam, so you hadn’t got to meet Thor or Loki (or Bruce) yet.
“ Y/N, you want to meet everyone okay, this man destroyed New York with an alien army! Hell he killed me! Thank god Bruce was there to scare me alive” Tony wasn’t looking too happy with your protests.
“Yeah Y/N you do tend to forgive and forget very easily. Loki is not someone who deserves forgiveness yet.” Natasha added in, siding with Tony.
“I’m right here you know” Loki tried to protest but Thor interrupted him.
“Please friends we just need a place to stay for a few days. Loki will not be of any problem to you!” By now you had forgotten about your glass pyramid and went to introduce yourself to Loki who seemed rather unamused.
“Hi I’m Y/N, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” You shot him a cheerful grin and held out your hand making sure your long sleeve stayed at wrist length.
“Lady Y/N, it’s nice to see at least one friendly face.” and just like that you were obsessed with him and everything related. He shook your hand and noticed the blush blooming across your face, causing your (Y/E/C) to look even more vibrant. You awkwardly walked back over to the couch hoping no one noticed your red face.
The rest of the night was filled with the Avengers getting drunk, Thor and Steve’s drink off, and you trying every chance available to talk to Loki. Once everyone was drunk Tony suggested a game of Truth or Dare, which never ended well drunk or not.
“(Y/N) are you gonna play? Everyone else is!” Natasha called out from her spot on the couch.
“Sure why not!” After Clint was forced to draw an arrow on his forehead in sharpie, Thor had to tell about his first time with a woman, and Wanda had to hold Vision’s hand, it was your turn.
“Okay (Y/N) truth or dare?” Natasha was notorious for getting juicy truths, so you went with dare.
“Take your best shot, dare!” Challenging her was the worst mistake you had ever made and you knew that the minute the words left your mouth.
“I dare you to sit on Loki’s lap for the rest of the game!” She looked at you with the best cocky grin as she could muster with how drunk she was.
“Okay” you said shrugging, trying so desperately not to show the others how excited you were that you had played this game. As you walked over to Loki to sit on him you could barely breath so when you actually took your space on top of him he noticed right away.
“You midguards are terrible at hiding your emotions, or is it just you?” At this point you were glad everyone was beyond just drunk because they wouldn’t remember your intense blushing or Loki wrapping his arms around you and whispering rather inappropriate things into your ear.
“Loki why are you doing this to me?” You squeaked out covering your face with your hands.
“Oh (Y/N) dear, I’m just sharing my thoughts with you. Do you not like them?” You could hear him smirking and it didn’t help your situation at all.
“They are very… ungodly Loki.”
“Well if just whispering them to you gets you in such a vulnerable state, I wonder what it would be like to actually do them to you.” Again you could hear him smirking as he buried himself in the nape of your neck with his arms around you. He had you in the palm of his hand by the end of the game, and luckily everyone was to drunk to see him disappear into your room with you. As soon as the door shut he had you on the bed with himself on top of you.
“Darling (Y/N), are you okay with me doing this?”
You couldn’t resist him, especially when he had respect for you even though he could’ve easily taken advantage of you at that moment. You were about to say yes until you stopped yourself, realizing you couldn’t do this. You were ridiculed when you were younger, you had been abused physically and mentally by the other kids. Soon enough you fell into depression, and you had too many scars along your arms, legs and body to be confident enough to say yes to him.
“I can’t do this Loki.” You said sullenly as you sat up.
“Why ever not?” He asked also sitting up and moving a few inches away from you. All lust that you had seen in his eyes was now gone, replaced with curiosity.

You had grown up in an orphanage filled with other powerful children like you. There were two unbreakable rules: No one was allowed to have memories of before the orphanage, and no one over the age of sixteen. Nobody knew what would happen if you broke the rules but after you turned sixteen, you were shoved in a tiny cell, only allowed to come out when your number had been drawn for the fight. After surviving for a whole year, you were finally rescued. The damage done to your body and mind were thought to be irreversible, and in some cases it was. You had only an elementary grade education so you had to go through school, that’s when things got bad. You were bullied by the others for being older, and when you told your friend about your abilities, they turned on you too. You had the atrocious fate of depression and bullies. Now you were in a gut wrenching situation, Loki wanted to go a step further but your self esteem was holding you back. What were you suppose to do?
“Darling (Y/N), what is wrong? Is it me? I’m sorry.” Loki casted his eyes down to the floor and it broke your heart watching him blame himself.
“No Loki it’s not you at all! It’s just… well for a while… I have a lot of, um a lot of scars,” Loki was now looking very puzzled “ that I made… myself.” You felt him staring at you and you knew how this would end. With him calling you insane and you two never talking again.
“Why would you scar yourself (Y/N)? Did someone force you to hurt yourself?”
“No Loki, I did it to myself.” You were waiting for it, him to snap at you, but he didn’t and instead he laced his hands through yours.
“May I see?” You looked up, not expecting to see him stricken with worry and curiosity. Slowly you removed your shirt not knowing what to think. When he saw your stomach and arms he recoiled and immediately you moved to put your shirt back on.
“I’m sorry Loki, I didn’t mean-” you stammered out while tears streamed down your cheeks.
“Why are you apologizing? You’ve done nothing wrong darling,” Loki wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him. “ no matter what scars you have I’ll still love you!” You’d been sitting with him on your bed for at least half an hour now in his arms when you made up your mind.
“Loki, um if it isn’t to late or the mood isn’t to down, would you like to, uh-”
“Yes, love” and with that he was once again on top of you with a gaze filled with lust. He crashed his lips into yours and the rest of the night belonged to him.

angels-in-hell  asked:

FLOOF. Since it's fall now. Maybe you could write something about Igs and Alfie going on a walk and making leaf piles or something? Or maybe going on a date and drinking apple cider?

I’m Falling For You All Over Again

Rating: G; Fluffy fall goodness requested by the amazing katiecro!

Summary: Arthur and Alfred go to the pumpkin patch!

     October wind sent a chill down Arthur’s spine but he didn’t care, too happy and bundled up in a large, cozy sweater and scarf. Both items belonged to Alfred of course. Arthur loved stealing Alfred’s clothes and the cold happened to be a great excuse. The American looked just as content, holding his boyfriend’s hand and sipping on an apple cider. They were at the pumpkin patch, a crowed place with lots of screaming children and weary and/or parents. Alfred loved it, he was a maniac for fall, and Arthur loved watching him. The large man-child would bounce with joy, coercing Arthur to join him on the kiddy rides. Halfway through their ride on the spooky teacups Arthur was about to puke up his funnel cake. Then there was the haunted house (aimed towards children as well) and Arthur had to drag Alfred out of there and hug the poor man till he stopped crying. 

     Even with all of Alfred’s childish traditions, Arthur couldn’t stop smiling. Now as he sat next to his boyfriend on the hayride, snuggling into his side and glancing at the large field of corn and pumpkins, Arthur couldn’t imagine being any happier. He was sad they would have to go home.

“Having fun, babe?”

     Alfred’s sweet voice interrupted Arthur’s sentimental thoughts. And he looked up, grinned.

“A blast, love. Today has been amazing.”

     Alfred smiled widely, squeezing Arthur tight and kissing his forehead. Arthur melted and the lips were taken away too soon. They sat back and glanced each other. Alfred took off his beanie and placed it gently on Arthur’s head.

“There, you looked cold.”

“Thank you, darling.” Arthur blushed. 

    They held onto each other until the tractor came to a stop and the got off the ride in favor of picking pumpkins. Alfred wanted the hugely ridiculous ones and Arthur laughed at him. They both settled for opposites; Arthur picked a skinny almost yellow one and Alfred picked a round, fat one, bashed in on one side (he said it added character and he felt bad for the ‘vegtable-fruit-thing’). It was all perfect, cheesy and perfect, and when they were almost out of the pumpkin patch, Alfred caught him by the hand.

“Hold up, there’s one more thing I want to show you first.”

     Arthur followed, silent and inquiring as Alfred led him to a white and yellow striped canvas tent in the center of the farm. They had passed it earlier and Alfred had said it was a craft station for children. 

“Alfred, what–”

“Close your eyes, Artie. Don’t open them, okay?”

    The Englishman was clearly confused, but played along anyways, laughing.

“Alright, take me to the kiddy table.”

    Alfred said nothing guiding Arthur into the tent. The brit kept his eyes closed and could only focus on what he was hearing: breathing, hay crunching beneath their boots, and… music? It was faint but the tune was oddly familiar…

“Open your eyes, baby.” Alfred said softly, 

    Lights were strewn across the ceiling, hay was on the floor and pumpkins sat on hay bales. The music in the background was their song… Arthur felt his heart soar, he wanted to cry. 

“Oh, Alfred–”

     Alfred got down on one knee, looking up at his lover with teary blue eyes. The box with the ring lay open in his hand, a silver band with emeralds all around it. Arthur was frozen in shock.

“Arthur Kirkland, will you marry me?”

     There was a moment of silence and then–

“Yes! Alfred, love, darling, of course, of course I’ll marry you!”

    They flew into each other’s arms and kissed longingly. With shaky hands, Alfred slipped the ring onto Arthur’s hand and with joy they stared into each other’s hands. In the background the music played and Alfred took Arthur in his arms. They danced beneath the yellowish lights amd the chilly autumn air was no match for Arthur’s warming heart.

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"I believe I owe you one last dance, darling." Like a really sad one with maybe Kai or Kol please and thank you P.s Your blog is goals

It had been sixty one years. Sixty one long years since you’d last set your eyes upon Kol Mikaelson. It was your birthday party - your 80th birthday. How time had flown by. One minute you were nineteen, falling in love with a timeless vampire and the next you were here, old and alone. Well, alone is the wrong word. You’d married, had a few kids and even a couple of grandchildren. You’d lived a very long, happy life. But sometimes you wondered what life would’ve been like had you accepted Kol’s offer.

It was a whirlwind romance. He was new in town and he was everything you didn’t need but exactly what you wanted. He was different. He had this dangerous energy around him - a warning that told you to stay away but you were always one to break the rules. You spent countless nights with him, whispering promises to each other and falling deeper and deeper in love with each passing day. You danced with him as the moon rose and the sun fell. He told you his secrets - all of them - and you promised that you’d love him forever. It was true, what you’d promised, you had loved him all this time. He’d wanted you to be like him. He’d opened up parts of himself to you that he’d never even known were there.

You rejected his offer. Your family, your friends - you couldn’t do that to him. The next morning, he’d left with a letter apologising for everything and saying that he’d love you eternally and that one day he’d see you again and then, you’d dance like your used to.

        Your heart almost stopped. He was standing there, wearing a black suit and tie, looking as handsome as ever and not a day older, “Hello, darling.” He mumbled, a dazed grin on his face.

Slowly, you stood, holding onto the chair for support, “Kol…” The party still buzzed around you but you were too focused on him to do anything else, “You haven’t aged a day,” You looked at your aged hands, “… I have.”

Kol stepped towards you, “You’re as beautiful as ever, (y/n).” Your eyes were watering as he reached you, “It’s good to see you, darling.”

“I never thought I’d see you again.” You admitted softly.

He extended his hand, “I believe I owe you one last dance, darling.” So he remembered his promise to you all those years ago.

You accepted his hand with a watery eyed smile, “I’ve waited a long time for this, Kol.” He led you to the middle of the floor where your family danced around you. Conveniently, the song switched to a slow song, one that reminded you of the love you and Kol had shared.

You sank into his arms, letting him lead you. He hummed in your ear, “Not a day went by where I didn’t think of you.”

“Why did you leave me, Kol?”

“I couldn’t watch you grow older as I stayed the same. I couldn’t watch you die.”

“Well, here I am, Kol… Dying.” You lapsed into silence before you whispered, “I wish I’d taken your offer.”

Kol smiled sadly, “Just close your eyes, darling. Just remember what we once had.”

He spun you around and then you were nineteen again tumbling into his arms laughing. He was the same, always watching you with the same loving expression, and you were in love.

The song ended all too soon and you were left, crying softly, as you breathed in his scent, “I will always love you, darling.” Kol promised and you knew that he was being honest.

He pulled away from you, pressing a tender kiss to your hand, “Happy birthday, (y/n).” He smiled before leaving, giving you one last look before he left.

You were left, in the middle of the dance floor, with a tear running down your cheek, “Goodbye, Kol…” You whispered to yourself knowing that he was really gone now.

Someone approached you, “Who was that?” It was one of your grandchildren, asking you with a smile.

“Just… an old friend.”

You walked back to your seat and closed your eyes, wishing you were nineteen once more.