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I hope your mom is okay. Stay strong darling x

It kills me to read these knowing she didn’t make it, but I left these around for maybe the hope that I’d wake up and it be all some nightmare. But sadly she’s really gone and it’s time to let go of all the messages wishing her well go too.

It's okay not to be strong sometimes

You don’t have to be strong all the time. Sometimes you feel weak, and that’s okay. It’s okay to acknowledge that life is hard and what you’re going through is making it harder. It’s okay to no longer hold back tears, let them flow. It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to feel down. You can cry. You can scream and shout to your lung’s capability. But you cannot give up, my darling. Stay strong, Warrior. We both know you’re capable. You are worthy of all the happiness that was once stolen from you.



Recently I’ve noticed that it isn’t only my dash that’s been pretty dark & heavy. A lot of my mutuals haven’t been feeling so hot here, either. And I’m sure a lot of my non-mutuals out there are feeling the same. It kinda makes people feel pretty low and lose hope, so I thought I’d go ahead and say to not only my mutuals ( you should know who you are ) but to my non-mutual babes out there, too.

Keep your chins up, darlings. Stay strong, be kind. I’ve been seeing a lot of you battling through some rough times right now but I still have hope for all of you! There are so many of you that are fighting some hard fights right now, and I strongly encourage that you continue to do so.WIN!! Don’t give up too easily. And if you’re feeling pretty bad for not being so active with your blog or with your writing, it doesn’t make you any less of a roleplayer/writer here. Everyone’s got their personal lives.

Your portrayals are all unique, you’re all talented with your own twists on your muses. You’re all outstandingly incredible writers, you can’t argue with me about it, either.

Your health comes first. If you’re looking for a sign showing that someone cares out there tonight, this is your sign. You, yourselves, are top priority here, beauties. Your partners would want you to be okay, trust me, they’d much rather know you’re healthy + safe than unhealthy + not-so safe.

You’re only human and so am I. It’s okay to feel low every now & then, to ask for a dose of positivity and reassurance. Go at your own paces, take care of yourselves. How are you supposed to be here if your health isn’t in good condition? You’re a DELIGHT to have here, believe it or not. Take a hot bubble bath, pamper yourselves, and please: remember that all of you are loved. Whether you know me or not, this message still applies to you.

For your sake & everyone else’s, take care of yourself. You’re extremely appreciated & admired. If you’re fighting depression right now, know there’s someone out there ( myself, included ) who’s rooting for you and waiting for you to be in good conditions again so they can continue to love you unconditionally. Don’t give up. Don’t stop doing what you love doing here because you think you aren’t wanted. We’re all here for you & love you. So look alive out there, sweethearts.

And keep fighting because all of you are such amazing people. Love yourselves.
& remember: You’re all strong winners. xoxo

( ps. @ the owner of utpcsitivity, thank you, too, for being here to make messages like these possible & available for the public to see. xxxx )

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