darling stay strong

Episode 6.

I am completely devastated. I couldn’t even enjoy the Jonerys scene because of what happened to Viserion. I cried so much I don’t think I have any tears left.

Dany, darling, stay strong, for the world needs you and you don’t need to explain anything about your emotions to anyone because you don’t owe them a damn thing.

Viserion, you will be missed. You were a good dragon, and your mother loves you.

I know this makes the entire fire vs ice scenario even more interesting and exciting, but Viserion’s death has destroyed me.

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James March imagines please? It's present day... james (a ghost) & reader have been together for a few months. He doesn't give her enough attention bc of his hobby, so she gets annoyed & tries to do things to get his attention by making him jealous. Thank u thank u!

Title: I’m Sorry.

Pairings: James March x Female!Reader

A/N: I changed it slightly

Warnings: Murder, cheating, blood.

The last few months had been tough. Y/N spent hours hunched over a laptop, typing frantically to get her essays done. She couldn’t wait for the holiday that was coming up, she could sleep until long after noon and spend her days doing whatever she pleased. Instead of slaving at school and then work.

To make matters worse, when she wasn’t working on essays, she wanted to spend time with her boyfriend, James, but he didn’t seem to have time for her. He was always disappearing and returning at ungodly hours, followed by Miss Evers. Y/N had no clue where James went, but she knew it couldn’t possibly be anything good.

Y/N had to trust James, but she feared he had found someone new. Someone who could give him attention all hours of the day, instead of Y/N who could only provide attention after she’d finished her work.

Y/N sighed, strolling through the seemingly endless corridors of the Hotel Cortez. She hadn’t spotted James - not that she was looking - and assumed he was in one of the hotel rooms. Probably fucking some gorgeous guest, anxiety swelled inside her as she flinched at the thought. James wouldn’t do that, would he?

Y/N sprinted down the stairs, rushing to the front desk. Liz turned around and greeted her with a smile, which soon vanished when she saw the worried expression etched on her face.

“What’s wrong, Hon?” Liz asked, leaning forward over the desk.

“I’ve finished all my work and I wanted to know where James is.” Y/N admitted.

“Mr March… is - er - busy at the moment.” Liz stuttered.

“Liz, don’t lie. What room is he in?” Y/N demanded.

“Room 64. You might want to knock.” Liz advised and Y/N went on her way.

Y/N ignored Liz’s advise and barged into the room. A scream ripped through her throat when she saw James hunched over a lifeless body, blood all over his white shirt and face. He turned around, eyes wide, his dark hair matted against his forehead.

Y/N staggered backwards, back hitting the wall as tears fell. She stuck her hand out, warning James to stay back.

“You don’t approve?” James queried, raising an eyebrow and tilting his head to the side. The action would’ve made Y/N swoon before but now it just made her sick to the stomach. He was a cold-blooded murderer. How was she to know she wasn’t next?

“Of course I don’t. You killed an innocent person!” Y/N snarled.

“Hardly innocent, Dear, he tried to steal from us.”

“Oh he tried to steal from you? That totally justifies you killing him.” Y/N sassed, lower lip wobbling as she tried to stay strong.

“Darling, don’t be mad. This is my hobby, this is who I am.”

“Your hobby? So this is a regular thing? God, James, what is wrong with you?” She hissed, her hand grasping onto the door knob.

“I refuse to change who I am for you. I’ve done this my entire life and after.” James yelled causing Y/N to flinch.

She wrenched open the door and sprinted down the hall. James stumbled out of the room, glaring at her retreating figure. He turned to Miss Evers and told her to dispose the body. He sighed, following after Y/N calmly.

Y/N sunk down on the chair at the bar, ordering a whiskey and wiping her eyes. She had to remain calm but it was damn near impossible, the love of her life was a murderer. Y/N had known since they met he was a ghost, but she couldn’t digest that he was a murderer so easily.

She gulped down the whiskey, slamming the glass down in the table and demanding a refill. If she were to return to her hotel room with James tonight, she’d need all the liquid courage she could get.

A dark stranger sat down next to her and Y/N hazily snuck a glance. His skin was the colour of honey and his hair was a lustrous black. His eyes as blue as the sea and he sent her a small smirk, setting a kaleidoscopic of butterflies to erupt in her stomach. She finished her second glass of whiskey and ordered another. Her head becoming slightly hazy.

“Hello.” She slurred, although she sounded perfectly fine to her own ears.

“Hello.” The stranger smiled, amused by her drunken state.

Y/N fell forward, but the stranger was quick to catch her.

“Take your filthy paws off my girlfriend.” James voice boomed.

“Sweetheart, do you want to come to my room?” The stranger asked, ignoring James.

“Yes, please.” Y/N grinned and the stranger helped her to her feet, wrapping his arm around her waist.

“Y/N, do not.” James seethed, moustache twitching slightly as he bit back a snarl. He glared at Y/N, making her detach from the stranger. James let out a sigh of relief but it was short lived as she grabbed him by the collar and pulled his lips down to hers.

James erupted with jealousy. Every fibre of his body telling him to rip the stranger apart from his hands. He was touching what was his.

He marched over to the pair and pulled Y/N off the stranger. He shoved the stranger backward, glaring daggers at him; if looks could kill, he’d be six feet under. James guided Y/N back to their room, knowing if he tried to kill the man that Y/N would never forgive him.

He heaved as he attempted to open the door and hold Y/N who was flailing in his grip. He finally got it open and guided Y/N in, shoving her into the bed. She sighed, eyes fluttering shut.

“I’m sorry.” She squeaked, taking James by surprise.


“I’m sorry. I’m not fond of your hobby, but as you said you’ve been doing it for a long time, longer than you’ve known me.”

James sighed, sinking to his knees at the foot of the bed and taking off Y/N’s shoes slowly. He placed a kiss on both of her ankles before standing again. He turned around and pulled out a fresh shirt that belonged to him.

“Sit up, Dear.” He ordered and Y/N groggily did as he asked. She lifted her arms in the air, eyes shut. James pulled her shirt off and replaced it with his own. The action making Y/N’s heart swell. She laid back down and James began to unbutton her jeans, pulling them down her legs and throwing them across the room.

He then stood her up and pulled back the duvet, helping her clamber back in once more and tucking her in, placing a kiss on her lips.

He turned to leave, but Y/N’s hand flew out and wrapped around his wrist.

“Stay with me, please.”

James smiled and ripped of his clothes, leaving him in his underwear. He climbed in beside her, wrapping his arms around her waist and placing a kiss between her shoulder blades.

“Tomorrow, I’ll spend the whole day sigh you, yes? No distractions.”

“I’d like that.” Y/N murmured, not long after James could hear small snores.

He smiled, running his hand up her side. He felt at home when he was with her.

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i'm trying to find a job but i have like a five year gap in my resumé from when i was too depressed to work and i don't know how to explain that to prospective employers. i don't want them to judge me.

Hey angel. I still experience some anxiety when I get asked this question. Not wanting to be judged is completely valid and understandable. You’re human! I think the most helpful advice I’ve ever seen regarding this topic, is to simply say “I haven’t worked (or attended school, etc whatever fits) because I am (or was) recovering from an illness.” 

I actually found this tip while browsing through Tumblr a few years ago so I did some digging to find the original post for ya. Even though it takes some time to get used to talking about it, it does get easier. You build confidence and coping skills every time you handle a tough situation. I hope this is somewhat helpful darling, stay strong 💕

I just heard audio of Jaal whispering to Ryder, “Stay Strong, darling one,” and my God, I can totally picture him saying that as he’s taking care of a sick Ryder. I can picture him saying that as he’s checking her temperature, seeing it’s still high while she rests against his palm. He lets her know that he’s not going anywhere, not until she’s well and urges her to rest. “I will be here” he says.

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You know what really bothers me?

So, if you go to the cultural center on the nexus and talk to romanced Jaal for like the 3rd or 4th time, Ryder asks him if hes read Hamlet. I think. It might be a different interaction.

Anyways, Jaal says something like, “It must be comforting to know these stories live on” idfk.

Ryder answers with, “Yeah. It’s nice to know I can share them with my children some day.”

That’s it. Jaal doesn’t get all excited or anything and get those giant puppy eyes and ask, “A family? You would like a family? With me?” There’s nothing. This giant, beautiful kitten whose entire culture centers around family, doesn’t get excited when his squishy human wife mentions wanting children. Or even concerned because they’re not the same species and how would that work? Does she mean his children with her or does she intend to start a family of just her own? Will she leave him for a human? Will she just get artificially inseminated? Will they genetically engineer their own children together? Does she want him to find an angaran mate and they’ll have angaran babies and Ryder will just be an other mother?

God it frustrates me how infrequently dialogues are romantic-themed after you romance them. If you ask Jaal about having a mate, he still says he doesn’t, even after Aya and even after Meridian. There’s no new dialogue options at all. The most it changes is he says, “stay strong, darling one” which, don’t get me wrong, makes me blush like a fucking teenager, but DAMMIT I WANT MORE. AND LET JAAL MOVE INTO MY ROOM ON THE TEMPEST FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

Sorry. I have a lot of feelings.