darling stay classy

crystalhardted  asked:

uhhh I just found your blog and seriously wtf your art is fantastic?! Kicks myself for not following sooner AGHHH. No idea if you're able to do requests buuuut some cute Leon/Souda would make my life (take one look at my blog and you'll see I'm utter BGR trash)... But to make it better, I've got a photoset of cosplay pics my BF and I took as them, for drawing references... Just a suggestion... 😂 no but for real I'm stoked to be following your page now ahhhhh 💖

yooooo!! thank you so much!! it’d be my pleasure to send some bgr your way - this is based off one of your cosplay photos, btw! I adore seeing cosplays, and yours is on point! stay classy, darling! and thanks for the follow aaa I hope you have a lovely day! (´∇ノ`*)ノ