darling i miss you


I miss you tonight: Our spur of laughter, the gaiety I’ve discovered in the intonation of your words; of the wisdom I’ve found in your strong hands. Of that stare…that stare that drives me insane.

I miss you—and there is a full moon suspended high in the sky. I’ve jumped several times to wrap my arms around such moon, but to no avail. I’ve waged that if I could bring down this moon, all of you would instantly come to me without discussion or planning.

Both tree frogs, and cicadas serenade such moon tonight—I do the same, but with my rounded eyes that have more to say than my mouth.

I miss you.

Look up, my darling. It’s a clear, rounded moon. Please, for a second. I am bewitched by the very one you stand under.

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Your a slut.

First and foremost, darling, your statement should read, “You’re a slut.” Such simple grammatical errors are a serious turn-off, sweeting.

And yes…yes, I most certainly am a slut, and damn proud of it. Was this an attempt at making me feel ashamed at enjoying sex and a plethora of partners? Darling, i’m afraid you missed your mark if that’s that case. As I recall, we are no longer living in the 1950′s. Women have the right to vote, the right to go their own way, and, if they so choose, the right to share their body and their pleasure with whomever they so choose. The double standards of men and women are horrifically out-dated. I embraced my slut flag quite a long time ago, and I don’t see that changing in the near future.

Spazzkid/Cocolulu - Darling, I Miss You

Recorded 2006. Used an early version of Fruity Loops, Toy Keyboard and a cheap mic. Friends tell me they like this song, hence the reason I’m posting here. This song was also used for the recently released movie, “Rakenrol” directed by Quark Henares

Download: Soundcloud

But, darling, vodka won’t burn his name out of your throat. Drugs won’t kill the memories. Kissing someone else or a hundred someone elses won’t take the stain of his kiss off your lips. You’ll still be tormented. Sleepless nights, mascara running down your cheeks, gasping for the air he seems to have sucked out of the room. There’s no way to forget, numb out, or make it disappear.
—  The room is spinning but your face isn’t
More than "I miss you"

I don’t just “miss you”

My heart cringes when I hear a song that reminds me of you

My hands become cold because your not there to hold them

My lips become dry because your not there to kiss them

My shoulders become tired because your not there to rest on them

My head becomes dizzy whenever I think of you

Oh darling, my sweet darling, I don’t just miss you

I need you

Nona's at her daddy's,

So I have an evening and tomorrow to myself. I hope I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep because I realllly need it! I wish my sweet darling was here with me though.. Just two more months.. It’s going to be a dream..