darling ducks

Listen my little chicks, my ducks, my darlings: Tumblr mom is fine. This is my life and I am used to it. Admitedly still going through the seven stages of grief over donuts, but that’s to be expected.

The reason I have been talking about this so much and so openly is not because things are worse, but because I have been told by several (hundred) people that it has helped them not only realize the nameless thing they have been suffering with their whole life and just thought was normal for them was actually an allergy, but also from other people with long term illnesses who didn’t realize the corelation between their chronic illness and food intolerances/issues–and neither did their doctors.

I’ve had people telling me that they recognized their own symptoms in the things I talk about, take themselves off to an allergist and find out, oh hey, I’m actually allergic to XYZ and it’s impacting my health I should stop doing that. I’ve had people thanking me cause they didn’t realize the synthetic scent in their gods damned fabric softener was triggering an allergy which manifested in anxiety attacks. I’ve had people tell me they didn’t realize the chemical dye/bleach in their menstrual products were actually the cause of excess discomfort at their time of the month and since switching to the brands I recommend, have had not only less skin irritations, but less infections like thrush and bv. I had someone tell me they figured out their kid wasn’t allergic to their dog but the egg used in the dog’s food brand, so everytime the kid got licked they’d break out in hives. They got to keep their dog, just swapped out the food brand.

I get people telling me on a consistent near daily basis, that me just talking about all this shit, has helped them feel less isolated, less alone with their problems which no one else seems to inderstand. Not even doctors. And I get that, because up until very recently, I also felt the same way. Sometimes I still do.

So if me bitching and griping about being allergic to things like potassium sorbate and trying to explain over and over that yes it is possible to have a rice intolerance, helps people?–I’m gonna keep talking about it.

This has been my life for a while now. Admitedly the last six weeks was awful because I caught that super virus bullshit that wrecked my system. But this? All this food stuff? Has been going on for years . I’m just finally getting a confirmed diagnosis from medical professionals because my symptoms got too bad to ignore.

Now, that said, there will be some people who don’t want to see all this. I get it, shits depressing yo, and you just clicked here for the vampire nipples. In that case I have a tag which I have been using for the last two years which is #chronic health tag. Blacklist it, you won’t see anymore of my posts about health. Everyone’s happy.

And I do mean happy, because as much as all this sucks I’ve got new answers to fit into the puzzle pieces of my health, and there’s a chance that one of these days I might just get to see the whole picture instead of just the corner pieces. And that’s good enough incentive for me to keep going.

So please, don’t worry about me. I’m gonna be fine. One of these days, it’s all gonna be fine.

Meet the Baron

“What’re we going to do with this case? I mean, a sentient bird? It’s unheard of!” Judy exclaimed, smoothing her ears out of her face and leaning back on her office chair.

Nick, who was standing by her cubicle wall, glanced down at her thoughtfully. “Actually, it’s not that unheard of.”

The bunny lifted her head. “What?” “I might know someone… Come on, Carrots, let’s go.”

“Where are we, Nick?”

He spared his partner a glance before turning another corner into a small alley. “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies, darling.” Ducking to avoid an open window, he continued, “Besides, don’t you trust me?”

“I have my moments of doubt.”

“You wound me with your words, Carrots.” Nick smirked playfully, taking pleasure in the smile the bunny gives him in response. They reached a cobblestone path and followed it to an open centre square with a tall bird statue in the middle. Judy took note of the various designs of the houses around the plaza, all having some sort of European influence. She wordlessly followed her partner to a cream colored house and waited while he knocked.

“Hey Baron! Open up!”

Lights from the inside flickered on and the door opened to reveal an immaculately dressed orange tabby cat with eyes as green as— as Nick’s, Judy thought, a bit surprised but shook her head to clear her thoughts as Nick spoke up, addressing the dapper cat. “Baron, nice to see you again. How’ve you been, my friend?”

The cat spared a quick glance at Nick’s uniform and smiled, “I’ve been well, thank you, Mr. Wilde. It’s nice to see you too. What brings you here with…?” His emerald gaze fell on the silent bunny and once again, Judy was shocked at the brightness of his eyes. She blinked and stepped forward, tapping her badge out of habit, “Officer Judy Hopps, pleasure to meet you, sir.” The cat’s smile widened as he took off his top hat and bowed in front of her, taking her paw and kissing it. “Good evening, Miss Hopps,” he said with a slight accent, taking note of the how the fox rolled his eyes from behind the bunny cop. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

That’s it. Sorry guys but I’m just an occasional writer. I did this because I couldn’t get it out of my head all day. Anyway, to whoever is watching Zootopia tomorrow, have fun! Check out my Instagram @ charlenesketch for more fanart and other stuff 🤗

Flash Freeze Fic #1

Thanks to @kate2kat and @scribblscrabbl for coming up with this challenge! I’m breaking the rules a bit here, but I think it works out.

Warning for mild homophobia 

“Hello Arthur, thanks again for finally calling last week about your sister’s baby shower. Which is still tomorrow, by the way. Don’t be late, and for God’s sake—don’t you dare bring him. I won’t have Eleanor dealing with your… proclivities when she should be concentrating on the baby and—”

At times like this, Arthur wishes he still had a flip-phone so hanging up on his brother-in-law (well, the voicemail his brother-in-law left him) would be more satisfactory.  

“Fuck,” he says, throwing the phone onto the bed. It thumps against his half-packed suitcase.

“Darling?” Eames ducks into the bedroom of their hotel suite.

“Fucking Dave,” says Arthur. “I’m sorry I didn’t RSVP on time, we were getting shot at in Mexico City and I wasn’t exactly going to put saving our fucking lives on hold so I could let them know by the reply date.”

“Ignore him, love,” says Eames, tossing one of the rare t-shirts that could belong to either of them on the bed for Arthur to pack. “We’ll charm all of your cousins and—”

“He doesn’t want you to come,” Arthur bites out.

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