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Calling All My Lovelies

It started out ironically, as a joke.

If Neil was having a bad day, it was only natural for Andrew to affect an accent and call him darling, in order to make him laugh. It was a way for them to joke about Nicky and Erik, without them knowing.

The problem was, to get the joke, you had to know like six different things that only Andrew and Neil knew.

First, you had to know that Nicky was a fucking romantic and he hid it with a thin veneer of sexual jokes and light teasing. Second, you had to know that Nicky’s favorite movie was Lady and the Tramp. Third, you had to know that it was the first movie he watched with Erik, after he had come out to the Klose family. Fourth, you had to know that Andrew loved to say random quotes from movies that Neil had never seen, until Neil asked to watch them with him. It finally got to the point that Neil started quoting those random things to, for the joke. Fifth, you had to have a keen understanding of Lady and the Tramp. That particular knowledge being that Lady believed her human parent’s names were John Dear and Darling, because it’s the only way they referred to one another. Finally, sixth, you had to know that Andrew and Neil would do anything to further their inside jokes; to the point that sometimes their inside jokes had inside jokes.

It took Neil awhile to catch on. Andrew would say in the most casual tone as he walked by Neil, frustrated and furious, trying to figure out his homework for his survey of astronomy and astrology class. Darling.

When Neil finally caught on, he started calling Andrew, Andrew dear. They would share a private chuckle over how sickly sweet and openly romantic Nicky and Erik were.

They were Andrew Dear and Darling, until one day they witnessed something in the park that took their joke from good to great.

A little girl called her grandmother Lovey. Lovey. Neil started calling Andrew “Lovey” every chance he got. He and Andrew would share a private grin in remembrance. They always referred to each other like that when they were texting. Eventually, Neil shortened Lovey to Love, and that was that. Over time, it wasn’t brought up in order to make one another laugh, it just became the nicknames that they had for one another.

Love, can you grab the remote while you’re up?

Darling, would you grab my mug while I start the coffee?

Darling, want to go for a smoke?

Love, I think Kevin wants us to meet him 20 minutes early for night practice.

The only problem with their new form of communication was that none of the Foxes were aware that they did it. They tended to speak to one another in glances and snorts and scoffs. They had their own language of eyerolls and side glances. Since they were rarely away from one other’s side, it was easy for the Foxes to be kept in the dark. Not on purpose, because if called out on it, both men would adamantly argue that they only did it as a joke to make fun of Nicky. And if they tried to argue that, the Foxes might have believed them.

If they didn’t so clearly have love in their voice when they shouted it across the court.

“Darling, I’ve seen ducks with better footwork than that. If you think I won’t start aiming for your feet for you to pick up the pace.” Andrew left the threat unfinished, but everyone on the court froze as if he had explicitly stated how he was going to murder everyone on the court.

“Oh, is that right, Love? Maybe if my backliners had my back, I wouldn’t be out here making a fool of myself. Matt, what the hell man? The ball is in play, don’t just stand there.” Matt was frozen and so was the rest of the team. Neil spun a little wildly, until Nicky spoke up.

“What the fuck? I thought you guys were just hate fucking to get out all your pent-up rage.”

“If I wanted to get out my pent-up rage, I would take it out on your face,” Andrew said menacingly, but coming from under all his layers of armor, it was hard to sound tough.

“Are you guys, like, dating?” Allison asked.

“Shh, don’t be nosey, Al,” Renee shushed from the other side of the court where she was defending the opposite goal.

“No, fuck that. I’m being nosey, what the fuck guys! Why didn’t you tell me? I’m your family!” Nicky screeched.

Neil looked confused. “What, exactly, were we supposed to tell you?”

“That you’re in love, man!?” Matt asked, almost hysterical.

“I suppose I wouldn’t want him to die,” Andrew said, “could you imagine the trouble that he would put me through. No, it’s much better he stays alive.”

“Okay, but we’re playing exy right now, guys,” Neil said.

“I changed my mind. I’ll fucking kill him,” Andrew said, throwing off his gloves.

@sweetchildhooddreams it’s thanks to you I was able to write this at all, so this one is dedicated to you!! <3

Listen my little chicks, my ducks, my darlings: Tumblr mom is fine. This is my life and I am used to it. Admitedly still going through the seven stages of grief over donuts, but that’s to be expected.

The reason I have been talking about this so much and so openly is not because things are worse, but because I have been told by several (hundred) people that it has helped them not only realize the nameless thing they have been suffering with their whole life and just thought was normal for them was actually an allergy, but also from other people with long term illnesses who didn’t realize the corelation between their chronic illness and food intolerances/issues–and neither did their doctors.

I’ve had people telling me that they recognized their own symptoms in the things I talk about, take themselves off to an allergist and find out, oh hey, I’m actually allergic to XYZ and it’s impacting my health I should stop doing that. I’ve had people thanking me cause they didn’t realize the synthetic scent in their gods damned fabric softener was triggering an allergy which manifested in anxiety attacks. I’ve had people tell me they didn’t realize the chemical dye/bleach in their menstrual products were actually the cause of excess discomfort at their time of the month and since switching to the brands I recommend, have had not only less skin irritations, but less infections like thrush and bv. I had someone tell me they figured out their kid wasn’t allergic to their dog but the egg used in the dog’s food brand, so everytime the kid got licked they’d break out in hives. They got to keep their dog, just swapped out the food brand.

I get people telling me on a consistent near daily basis, that me just talking about all this shit, has helped them feel less isolated, less alone with their problems which no one else seems to inderstand. Not even doctors. And I get that, because up until very recently, I also felt the same way. Sometimes I still do.

So if me bitching and griping about being allergic to things like potassium sorbate and trying to explain over and over that yes it is possible to have a rice intolerance, helps people?–I’m gonna keep talking about it.

This has been my life for a while now. Admitedly the last six weeks was awful because I caught that super virus bullshit that wrecked my system. But this? All this food stuff? Has been going on for years . I’m just finally getting a confirmed diagnosis from medical professionals because my symptoms got too bad to ignore.

Now, that said, there will be some people who don’t want to see all this. I get it, shits depressing yo, and you just clicked here for the vampire nipples. In that case I have a tag which I have been using for the last two years which is #chronic health tag. Blacklist it, you won’t see anymore of my posts about health. Everyone’s happy.

And I do mean happy, because as much as all this sucks I’ve got new answers to fit into the puzzle pieces of my health, and there’s a chance that one of these days I might just get to see the whole picture instead of just the corner pieces. And that’s good enough incentive for me to keep going.

So please, don’t worry about me. I’m gonna be fine. One of these days, it’s all gonna be fine.


Ashton Rashid.

I get that the official art has a fuzzy canon/noncanon status for the Penumbra Podcast, so everything here is to be taken with a grain of salt. But we do know that Mikaela B knows more about what’s gonna happen then we do, and some of that’s inevitably going to sneak into her art.   

So let’s take apart the similarities here, shall we?

  • Similar forehead (O’Flaherty’s hairline is higher, which is typically a consequence of aging), large-ish, and protruding slightly over the eyes. Kind of a heavy brow
  • Similar shape of eyebrow (more slender in O’Flaherty’s case, but that’s either genetics or judicious shaping for the sake of aesthetic)
  • Same shape of nose 
  • Same pattern of facial hair (more carefully groomed in O’Flaherty’s case, more scruffy in Juno’s)
  • Same shape of chin/jawline (though Juno in general has a longer face)
  • Same shape of lips
  • Same basic body type– short, lean, and somewhat broad-shouldered

It’s not something I would necessarily be able to tell if they were actual people, but the similarity is striking, especially considering @disasterscenario‘s art style. This is not one of those “everybody has the same face but with different hair and eyes” thing that you get with some artists. To compare, here are some other dudes in the same series:

Just from the points that I mentioned before– build, nose, jaw, lips, eyebrows, forehead, facial hair– there’s a really marked diversity. For all my trouble with faces, I have no problem telling any of these people apart, or recognizing that they’re probably not related (Kanagawas notwithstanding). 

It’s that diversity that makes Juno and O’Flaherty’s similarity stand out so much.

Oh, and you know the only thing that keeps me from wondering if O’Flaherty is straight-up just aged-up Juno gone back in time for nefarious purposes? The fact that we’ve already been shown what old Juno will look like (and he’s surly and scruffy as always, my darling duck). 

Like I said before, this isn’t 100% conclusive that Juno and O’Flaherty are related– but it does seem to indicate that Mikaela feels they are, and that’s more than enough for me.

2016-17 NHL Backup Goalies per Team

(Based on ice time played)

Jonathan Bernier, Louis Domingue, Anton Khudobin, Anders Nilsson, Chad Johnson, Eddie Lack, Scott Darling, Semyon Varlamov, Joonas Korpisalo, & Antti Niemi

James vs. the Sun

This was written for @doctorroseprompts‘s weekly prompt of sunburn hurt/comfort.

Ten x Rose AU, kid fic, part of my Soulmates Series

James vs. the sun. Spoilers: the sun wins.



“One minute, Ainsley,” James said patiently as she squirmed away from his touch. “Gotta get you all covered with sunscreen. No sunburn on my watch. One more minute, darling.”

“Done,” Ainsley growled, ducking away from his hands. “Down.”

“Nope, one minute,” he said, slathering sunscreen over every inch of her skin. “One minute. Gotta get those little legs!”

James pinched her pudgy thighs as he rubbed in the lotion, and grinned when Ainsley’s whine dissolved into laughter.

“Aaaand, done!” he finally crowed.


“Are we all ready to go?” Rose asked, a heavy-looking back slung over her arm.

“Done!” Ainsley proclaimed again.

“Have we all put on sun screen?” Rose asked, looking directly at James.

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Meet the Baron

“What’re we going to do with this case? I mean, a sentient bird? It’s unheard of!” Judy exclaimed, smoothing her ears out of her face and leaning back on her office chair.

Nick, who was standing by her cubicle wall, glanced down at her thoughtfully. “Actually, it’s not that unheard of.”

The bunny lifted her head. “What?” “I might know someone… Come on, Carrots, let’s go.”

“Where are we, Nick?”

He spared his partner a glance before turning another corner into a small alley. “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies, darling.” Ducking to avoid an open window, he continued, “Besides, don’t you trust me?”

“I have my moments of doubt.”

“You wound me with your words, Carrots.” Nick smirked playfully, taking pleasure in the smile the bunny gives him in response. They reached a cobblestone path and followed it to an open centre square with a tall bird statue in the middle. Judy took note of the various designs of the houses around the plaza, all having some sort of European influence. She wordlessly followed her partner to a cream colored house and waited while he knocked.

“Hey Baron! Open up!”

Lights from the inside flickered on and the door opened to reveal an immaculately dressed orange tabby cat with eyes as green as— as Nick’s, Judy thought, a bit surprised but shook her head to clear her thoughts as Nick spoke up, addressing the dapper cat. “Baron, nice to see you again. How’ve you been, my friend?”

The cat spared a quick glance at Nick’s uniform and smiled, “I’ve been well, thank you, Mr. Wilde. It’s nice to see you too. What brings you here with…?” His emerald gaze fell on the silent bunny and once again, Judy was shocked at the brightness of his eyes. She blinked and stepped forward, tapping her badge out of habit, “Officer Judy Hopps, pleasure to meet you, sir.” The cat’s smile widened as he took off his top hat and bowed in front of her, taking her paw and kissing it. “Good evening, Miss Hopps,” he said with a slight accent, taking note of the how the fox rolled his eyes from behind the bunny cop. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

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