darling devils

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hey henry how do you feel about the bendys youve met so far and do you really not remember anything before becoming a toon?

“Never got a reason to not trust any of them… Or well… The ones I remember that is.”

Henry gives a hum. Something seems to be on his mind.

“… May might change his mind, or hey…. Maybe I could find out why he’s so hostile.”

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Joey backed away from his work, looking over it with great worry. Oh, if Bendy or the others see this, he’d surely be dead meat. Quickly, he threw a blanket over the wolf’s corpse, before leaving the room. He lit a cigar, trying to act as innocent and as calm as possible as to not worry the staff of toons. Especially Bendy. Now was not the time to catch that ink demon’s attention. The old man stayed quiet, turning a corner and crashing into the little devil darling himself.

“a-ah! Bendy! Good to see you!” He squeaked, a look of fear appearing on his face, before vanishing into the fakest of smiles.