darling angel

You look like an angel
my darling, my dear
so deliciously sweet

Silk hair to entangle
my darling, my dear
a delectable a treat

Your flesh I will mangle
my darling, my dear
and take chunks of you meat

I want you to dangle
my darling, my dear
from ropes tied to your feet

Hung up from five angles
my darling, my dear
pentagram in concrete

Your neck I’ll then strangle
my darling, my dear
to feel for your heartbeat

Picked bones clean to jangle
my darling my dear
sacrifice now complete

Next one soon to wrangle
my darling, my dear
because that’s my conceit

—  Daisy

carrie fisher (october 21, 1956 - december 27, 2016)

                                 drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.

rest in peace, my angel, and may the force be with you always.


Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby


I own a tavern, a brothel, a tanner, a butcher, interests in a dozen other concerns on the street. I am the one they come to here when they need things, want things, fear things. In another time and another place, they would call me a queen.