darling!!!! ugh i love him so much don't touch me don't look at me either

Preference #86: Butt Touchin'

Jack: “…And you also have a meeting with the cancer center about doing extra stuff for the fundraiser. I think it’s like a big party with a speech or something. Then lunch with Louis, Ben and your brother. You still have to buy your mother’s birthday present; I am NOT getting it for you this time. Then we go round to your parents for dinner.’ You read off Jack’s ‘To-Do’ list in your special notebook. He’d made you his personal assistant with decent pay and everything. It was kind of nice working with your boyfriend, though not nice working for him. You didn’t realize how much he did until you ended up in charge of it all. He smiled up at you from his desk, giving you his normal sly grin, ‘Sounds great, babe. You’re doing a pretty good job.’ ‘It’s nothing really. Just keeping track of you and making sure you don’t do anything stupid,’ ‘Which you’re accustomed to anyways. Good job, babe. Keep it up!’ and then he slapped your backside loud enough for the whole office to perk their heads up from their laptops. ‘Jack!’ ‘What?! You never mind at home!’

Finn: Finn was a spanker. He liked spanking your ass any chance he could simply for your small gasp. He never did it during sex either. He only did it out in public amongst others whether they know it or not. So, when you all walked down the street to find some dinner, the sensation of being followed didn’t surprise you. You looked over your shoulder to see him combing through his hair with his hand innocently, looking away the second you made eye contact. ‘Don’t you even think about it.’ ‘Think about what?’ ‘You know what?’ ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about babe,’ His grin gave him away. ‘Yes you do. Don’t do it.’ ‘You’re talking nonsense again. It’s a bit embarrassing, darling.’ You scoffed. Your cheeks already grew hot. You could almost feel the small nerve that’ll travel to your most intimidate place the second he does it. SMACK! Yep. It happened. You gave the softest gasp, jumping somewhat and blushing horribly red as Finn ran. ‘Finnegan Harries!’ He only laughed in response, running into the restaurant ahead of you.

Dan: He’s not the type to slap your ass, though once he gets the chance, he laughs. He loves your reaction. Lying down beside him on your stomach, the sheets stopping just above your underwear, you could see the temptation in him. As he worked on his video edit, those brown eyes traveled down your body to your backside. He could tell what underwear you wore, that you somewhat wanted him to, and that he could get away with it. 'Pervert…’ You smirked jokingly. He snapped out of his trance, looking at you, 'Sorry? Wha-What’d you say?’ 'Don’t worry. I think it’s cute you still check out my ass when you think I’m not looking.’ 'Well, it’s not my fault, you kind of stick it out at me.’ 'I do not!’ 'Do too! Like, look at this,’ He slapped your ass once, 'It’s sitting right in arm’s reach. Can you blame for wanting to? Huh?’ He smacked it once or twice more before you rolled onto your back, laughing with him. He then kissed you, pecking a few times then saying: 'How about you slide those off for me and we can have some real fun with it?’ 'Dan!’ You giggled before he set his laptop aside and lied on top of you, smothering you in kisses.

Phil: He hardly touched your ass outside of a non-sexual situation. He thought it was disrespectful to you, and the last thing he wanted was you becoming annoyed by him for it. However, the day he found you walking around the apartment in your underwear, he couldn’t help himself. You eventually changed into shorts, though that hardly helped his condition. They might as well have been panties still. You knew he’d give into it soon and pounce on you at the oddest time. He didn’t. He simply stayed away from you. Until, you stood in the kitchen preparing dinner when a loud smack erupted in the room. 'Ow! Phil!’ It stung somewhat, though you couldn’t mask the pleasure shock it gave you. 'You know what your ass does to me,’ He said, somewhat frustrated and upset. 'Why do you…Ugh…’ You started laughing, and came closer to him. 'Aw, poor Philly. He’s all frustrated,’ You cooed, nuzzling your nose with his. He spanked you again, a bit lighter this time. You could feel a hardness pressing into your thigh. 'Why don’t I go take care of this for you?’ You asked, your hand rubbing the growing erection in his jeans. He merely answered in a groan before you led him back into the living room for a blowjob.