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 Thanks for tagging me notsogingerlady <3

 Name: Alyssa
Nickname: Family call me Darling, friends call me crusty🍕{aha don’t ask, I don’t even know myself, I think It’s because I love pizza omo}
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Favorite color: Mint, Pink and Gold/white
Current time and date: 5:30pm/ 31th March 2015
Average amount of sleep: 8-10 hours😅{I sleep early okay?}
Lucky number: {I Got}7
Last thing I googled: Call me baby
First word that comes to my mind: Yehet😋
One place that makes me happy: My home.. {because I feel safe there okay}
Favorite Character: A~ from pretty little liars🙈
Food: Pizza{duh why am I called crusty} & Noodles like a typical asian & any filipino food {minus the vegetables erkk, and any spicy stuff- no seriously I can’t eat spicy food very well, I’ll choke}
Book: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones✌️
Dream wedding: In a gigantic church•or• in an aquarium{I know it’s weird but wouldn’t it be awesome to see the colourful fishes though😬}•or• in a magical forest
Dream Job: I don’t exactly know, but I hoping something to do with Art, science or english soooo either:
journalist {something along with writing stories and stuff}
What am I wearing right now: workout clothes aww🙈{I’m supposed to be exercising nowㅋㅋ}
Favourite Animal: Pandas 🐼 {I mean how can you not love these squishy bears}
Three things I can’t live without: My family/friends, internet, Kpop/ music
I’m constantly listening: I am a woman too ~ Bang Minah of Girl’s Day {Omo,it’s so addictive, I’m even trying to learn the dance to it😂} •and• Call me baby ~ Exo {Nope, you don’t understand how I feel when I listen to this😭}
I’ve watched: Pinocchio (The drama), Omo lee jong suk in it urrhhh😅•and• I am currently watching heirs😅 Omo 2 episodes to go✌️Kimm wooo binnnn😭😭

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