ramblinganthropologist  asked:

★★★ for the first of your characters that comes to mind.


The first one I thought was Dar’lin len’Lavellan, alleged father of the Inquisitor  the bard who travelled between the clans as well as city elves and occasionally even human settlements, and who was known to have a woman and a man at every stop.

- Dar’lin resented having to shave his hair. What would Elgar’nan do with a bunch of hair burnt on a brazier along with bones? He’s a Creator, surely he doesn’t care if one of his subjects out of thousands gets to keep his hair?
This is partially the reason why he’s now travelling but never stays with clan Lavellan for long. He decided that if gods demand a glimpse of bare scalp as a mark of reverence, he’ll give them that. So he only shaved sides of his head and emerged from the pre-vallaslin rites with most of his dark chestnut curly mane intact. He keeps the sides of his head shaved, because though he isn’t a hunter, he did swear himself to Elgar’nan and even someone as wanton and all over the place as he would not dare to defy the Creators. Doesn’t mean he can’t be just a little bit unruly as children are wont to be once they grow older.

- Dar’lin comes from a line of hunters, so when he picked up the lute and the flute and sang tunes instead of war cries, he was something of a disappointment to those who had reared him. However, though clan Lavellan was one of the largest clans roaming the North and had a decent battalion of hunters and warriors, the ruling tier of the clan did not mind him being into songs, tales and travelling. A bard is an excellent way to spread influence, and even make nice with humans, both traders and common folk, for if there is one thing that unites people, even if for a minute, it’s a good song and a story.

- Dar’lin and Aule Lavellan caught each other’s eye because Dar’lin had never met someone from the elusive Helai of the East. And Aule, though awkwardly tall and hobbling shared his sense of adventure and gladly shared stories and songs with him on one of his stays with clan Lavellan before he headed for the shores of Rialto. Lovely girl, he thought. Naive, shallow, but only perhaps a dull life grinding herbs and volatile powders rendered her so. 
Aule did buy into his promises to take her along, so when one morning Dar’lin and his entourage had ridden away before she awoke, she was only left with a memento growing in her belly.