Sorry but i speak spanish.
Para las pocas personas que ven ever after high y hablan español.
Yo se que es muy cliché estar re emoción por esta pareja porque es la última novedad que apareció en la serie. No tanto por Darling (que desde lejos se nota que es rebel) sino por Applewhite que sería tan irónico que ella tan royal se de cuenta que su destino se de una manera tan distinta de la que se imaginaba…al fin y al cabo no podemos negar lo que somos. Espero que mattel nos siga sorprendiendo!

As I go through every day of my life, there is one thought that is generic to them all. “What’s that thought?” you ask. It is you, my darling.

People usually begin to describe their day from the moment they wake up. But no, not for me- because a new day starts at midnight, when I’m laying in my soft bed thinking about you, what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. Then soon enough I’ll be talking to you, because I couldn’t resist any longer. I mean, I don’t want to be annoying, but at the same time, I feel so empty without talking to you, and it doesn’t take long before I start to miss you.

Not being a big dreamer, I still dream about you when I finally fall asleep after hours of staring at the ceiling imagining scenarios and things I’d like to tell you. The dreams I dream may be weird at times, but they’re just dreams and you’re in them; so that speaks for itself.

I wake up in the morning, and you’re still on my mind. I check through my devices and their notifications for any sign of your beautiful name, and surely enough, I feel to message you. Of course, I don’t always. I can sense my disturbance and annoyance seeping through most times, so I fight off my instincts and try not to give in. I lay in bed for a couple of moments, just admiring how amazing you are and how glad I am to have you.

Throughout the school day, I try to focus in the long and attention-seeking classes, but all my mind really wants to focus on is you. I, yet again, think about how you might be feeling or what you might be thinking as I attempt to figure out what mass of ammonia is needed to make a million tonnes of ammonium nitrate.

Soon enough, I’m home again and the cycle restarts. I wish that the thoughts I had were more than just thoughts, but having you just here- by my side, means the whole world to me. And I don’t want to lose you. 

I will do everything to ensure you’re happy and I won’t simply let things hurt you. You deserve the best, and only the best. I know that you will find whoever and whatever is perfect for you and you’ll be happy. Despite that, I will always see it as my mission to look after and protect you. I will always make sure you’re okay and try to make you laugh with my stupid jokes. I will always be here, just as I know you will be.

Why? - Because I love you. I love you so much, its indescribable.