Ways Isak Valtersen is problematic:
- uses Internet Explorer ???
- leaves multiple porn sites open on his phone
- lies very poorly
- doesnt use a phonecase???? On his expensive phone???
- is constantly a cutie patootie and messes with my emotions???
Edit: After months of thought… Theres more
-genuinely enjoys old asf and outdated memes
-prints said memes and puTS THEM ON HIS WALL
-BUYS movies online

I can’t believe I just saw louis perform on jimmy fallon but I’m literally DEAD he’s so talented he performed the song twice and somehow only got better and better his voice was so GOOD oh my god and he was so hyperactive like jumping around and pointing his finger and stuff and he’s just the brightest human being on the planet??? he’s a star that fell from the sky holy shit I’m so proud of him and I’m so glad everyone is going to be able to see him perform KING OF ICONIC PERFORMANCES

a fun little story

while @meherandthemoon and I were waiting in line for the today show for 24 hours we encountered a lot of people and one was this young nbc businessman who was with a bunch of his coworkers right?

so he and his pals stopped and asked us what we were lined up for and I said “louis tomlinson!” but then he asked “who’s that?” so I said “from one direction” and he said “I don’t know what this is” and I was like “what? you definitely do” but he kept insisting he didn’t until I quoted a part of wmyb and he was like “oh a boy band!”

BUT the best part is he asked me to show him a picture of 1d so I started pulling one out and his coworkers were like “yo let’s go” and the dude was like “no man I gotta see a picture of one direction”

so I pull out a picture and he asks which one louis is and I point him out and I SWEAR to god he goes “oh he’s really hot” and then started showing the rest of his pals while me and juliana started DYING

the moral of the story is: random businessmen from rockefeller center find louis tomlinson attractive