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They say eyes are windows to the soul, and yours are the most beautiful I have ever known. 
They say when you find the one, you just know.  I wasn’t even looking, but I just know. 
My spirit is dancing to the music your heart creates. I love, Oh I love, the melody it makes.
And I know I’m young and I’m in my prime. But, darling, I don’t want to waste time.
Josiah was only 8 & David 17
Never too young for anything
God called me to His mission and He called me to you.
I’ve finally found the one I’ve been missing; I know you feel it too.
And in all this mess, I have you.
I am surely blessed, for you are my refuge.
You don’t love me most and that’s okay.
I’d rather you love God more than me anyways. 
You do what’s right, and it infatuates me
You are my guide, my right hand, my soul mate for eternity.
Your faith, your courage, your love
Everything you have was sent from above
And you give it all to God
and that’s what I love about you most of all.