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See you #Kazakhstan ♡
I will never forget you! 


Damn near died from laughing so hard. Honestly my new favorite Markson video.

froggybangbang  asked:

Hazelnut, dark chocolate and.. Fruit&nut... Cranb... Ok maybe not cranberries they tend to taste like raisin when dry. Hummmm following the marmelade I'll go with orange? (and I didn't mean invested in a bad way; this is fun!)


We have a winner!

Hazelnut and dark chocolate are both correct, and you needed 2 out of 3 flavors to win! 


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For those of you playing along, the other flavor - the fruit flavor - was cassis, ie blackcurrant. It’s not a flavor that I even knew about before studying in London, but it’s fucking delicious and as far as I know, it’s all over the UK and possibly Europe. (they even put shots of the flavoring in cider in some pubs over there. at least they did back in 1999. god i’m old.)

@froggybangbang gets their name (or whatever name they choose, lbr) in the next chapter of the coffee shop au fic, tentatively called Ground Control, as the customer who guesses right. 


And thanks everyone for playing, this has been so lovely, and I wish I could give all of you shout-outs because this little game has made my week. <3