Disaster was a synonym for our relationship. Hurricane katrina had nothing on us.

Avoiding me was your nightly ritual. Seven months and you barely made a dent in that matress.

Remember when you promised forever? Me neither.

Late nights wrapped in your arms were when I felt most alone. Weird how that works.

I said those eight letters three times. If you ever did, it was never to me.

Never thought that I’d feel like this. You’re a stranger I used to kiss.

Gone With the Wind was your favorite book. How ironic.

—  darling, you were quite the heartbreak 
After Malec's wedding

Alec: So… your name will be “Magnus Lightwood”?
Magnus: …
Alec: …
Magnus: Or your’s “Alec Bane”!
Alec: … *leaves*
Magnus: Bane is better than Lightwo…
Alec: What did you say?!
Magnus: Nothing darling!! I love your name! I SWEAR!