Black Superheroes of the DCU.
A couple commissioned me to do this piece as a gift of inspiration and empowerment for their daughter. Loved drawing it :)

*Una pareja me encargó esta imagen como un regalo de inspiración y empoderamiento para su hija. Disfruté mucho dibujándola :)

thetankeroo: Not even sure I’m suppose to be sharing this secret recording? Thought about doing a Christmas album. But we ran out of time. So this is all you get, sorry! Funny thing is Jensen looks at his niece, who didn’t know the words. By default it officially made us old! #spnfamily #spnplease keep this to yourself! Shhhhhhh…. ;-) #familybusinessbeerco #goodtimes


Congrats to Pixar Coco’s cast and crew for winning Best Animated Feature Film and (finally winning) Best Original Song, Remember Me at the 2018 Cirtic’s Choice Awards

Black Superheroines (Commission)
Nubia, Darla (Marvel Family), Star Sapphire (Fatality), Bumblebee, Storm, Spectrum, Crimson Avenger, Ladyhawk, Empress, Vixen, Silhouette, Lightning and Thunder.

(Note: The characters depicted are picked by the person who ordered the commission and not meant to be “every black superheroine in comics”)