Dualizing is up for businezz!

((Turtlez-mun here. Dualizing is finally here! Feel free to send in any picture of 2 different items (doesn’t have to be an item from in-game) and Dark Turtlez will dualize them. He doesn’t follow the conventional rules of dualizing so there are an infinite amount of combinations and it’s your job to find them! Happy dualizing!))

“I may not like the bozz and the other Turtlez but I still lovez me some dualizing! For all those first time dualizers I thought I would show an example." 

"It is common knowledge that when you dualize Hot Coffee 


 Iced Coffee

the resulting product iz 

LLoyd Irving

wonderchef-blog  asked:

Also, I have been looking for the ingredients necessary for some.... *special* brownies. New years, don't ask questions. Do you have?

“I am just going to tellz youz straight up front that thiz stuff iz a little dangerouz and by a little dangerouz I mean a lotz. It iz mind-boggling to me how people get a hold of so much of thiz stuff. Letz just say itz a mysteriouz liquid." 

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"Haz a Happy New Yearz everyone! Whether you survive this or not.”

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