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LOTR CHAPTERS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING - Chapter Sixteen: A Journey in the Dark

The Moon now shone upon the grey face of the rock; but they could see nothing else for a while. Then slowly on the surface, where the wizards hands had passed, faint lines appeared, like slender veins of silver running in the stone… At the top, as high as Gandalf could reach, was an arch of interlacing letters in Elvish character. Below, though the threads were in places blurred or broken, the outline could be seen of an anvil and a hammer surmounted by a crown with seven stars. Beneath these again were two trees, each bearing crescent moons. More clearly than all else shone forth in the middle of the door a single star with many rays.

ngl i haven’t had time to watch s2 of sense8 yet but still i feel like a lot of ppl miss the point when it comes to kala and wolfgang’s relationship

like it’s not a simple case of kala being The Sweetheart™ to wolfgang’s Bad Boy™. it’s not a simple case of kala being the light to wolfgang’s dark

the point is that most other ppl SEE them that way. most ppl in kala’s life look at her and see the Good Daughter, the Good Wife, and that’s what kala TRIES to be. she tries to make rajan and her family happy by marrying rajan even though she doesn’t love him. she tries to put her own happiness aside for that. and then you have wolfgang, a delinquent from a dynasty of criminals. ppl look at him and expect him to be the Bad Guy. they expect him to take over the family business. and wolfgang internalises those expectations

but kala’s line in the christmas special summarises it perfectly: “you have something good and beautiful hidden inside of you, just as i have something dark and wicked inside of me.” there’s a part of wolfgang that’s fiercely loyal and loving towards his friends, a part of him that wants to be a better person, and there’s also a part of kala that’s cunning and angry. and the reason they gravitate towards each other is that where others only see the Good Wife and the Bad Guy, wolfgang and kala see the whole person – the good and the bad – and love each other still. they allow each other to express the parts of themselves they usually repress

Fic masterlist

So I decided to make a master list!! 

T- Teen
M- Mature
E- Explicit 


The Bodyguard (M; in progress; co-written by @alittlemissfit)
An AU crossover between The X Files and  The Bodyguard (the movie). Scully is a bodyguard who is hired to protect Mulder. 

Evelyn Samantha (in progress) 
After giving up William and being on the run for a few years Mulder and Scully settle down and have a couple more children who turn out to be as extraordinary as their first born who finds his way back into their life. (almost to the end)

The Red Haired Woman (in progress)
William begins to have visions of a woman who he believes to be his mother. Picks up at the end of season 10 (Post colonization; also almost to the end)

My Sister
A series of vignettes exploring Scully’s thoughts on her sister at different big events in her life. 


Never Leave (M) - 52) things you said with my lips on your neck

Movie Night (T) - Every Saturday Mulder and Scully have a beer, pizza and movie night

Head (E)- After watching Caddyshack Scully gives Mulder some head.

Nightmares (G)- 94. “I had a bad dream again.”

Deal (T)- 39. “It’s your turn to make dinner.”

No Fun (E)- “Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!!!”; “You’re bleeding all over my carpet.”

Chances (G)- 53) things you said in the dark

The Invention of the Kiss (G)- “I was really hoping I’d hallucinated all that”

One Room. One Bed. (E)- 37: “They mixed up our reservations. One room. One bed.”; 39: “You, my friend, are a filthy sinner, and I approve wholeheartedly.”; 40: “Did you mean like… this?”

Classic Trope (G)- XF Writing Challenge Prompt: sharing a bed

Relaxation (E)- Mulder, Scully, baseball, hot tub.

The Domestic Life (T)- 52. Why don’t you try it if it’s so easy?; 57. Put some clothes on for the love of God.

Feelings (T)- “You’re so determined to protect yourself and your feelings, but what about me?”; “Jesus, you’re acting like you don’t even want to touch me!”

Airplane (E)- Prompt word: airplane

The Short Trip (T)- 75. “Why is THIS in your fridge? This is some serious contraband.”

Fireworks (T)- 136. “Seriously, staring at me won’t get me to be your new years date"

Unbridled (E)- Just another version of how Mulder and Scully dealt with the fallout from En Ami.

A Kiss in the Dark (G)- 26. “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

Come Home (G)- 28. Familiar cuddle

Never Let You Go (G)- 30. Out of necessity (trapped in a small space, etc.)


Mr. Tamborine Man- A reflection of Mulder’s life. 

Because You’re Mine-

Mulder and Scully have a night out on the town.

Wonderful YouMulder and Scully have a private moment in the hospital during the Cancer arc.

Hurt- What if Mulder never found the cure to Scully’s cancer? 

Rambling Man- A reflection on Scully’s life. 

Night Terror-

Mulder and Scully’s partnership through the years

Nothing Else Matters- Mulder makes Scully a playlist as they rebuild their relationship (s10)

Stand alones: 

Last Regrets (G)- As Scully is dying of cancer Mulder finds a note intended for him after her death. 

Tears (E)- Another angsty smutty Sein Und Zeit fic but I think you’ll like it

Against the World (M)- Post- colonization one shot. Mulder and Scully only find comfort in each other.

Late Night at the Lab (E)- Mulder and Scully have been sleeping together for a little less than a week when Mulder reveals a fantasy he has always had about her.

A Visit From Santa (G)- The Scully-Mulder family discusses belief in Santa Claus.

Beeb (E)- Mulder and Scully have dreams that are very similar.

Bibs and Barbecue Sauce

 (E)- Mulder and Scully bond over good Barbecue.

My Last Testament (T)- Diana Folwey’s version of events.

Licking Mulder (E)- Title pretty much explains it.

Love into Hate (G)-How did Mulder’s parent’s relationship affect his own relationships?

Our Own Little World (M)-Mulder and Scully are running from the FBI.

Contemplating Death (T)-Scully, Mulder, and Teena’s thoughts during Sein Und Zeit.

Mr. Scully (T)-A short little conversation Mulder and Scully have in bed.

Growing Up (G)-William has a date on Halloween

Not Alone (G)-Random thoughts about Mulder’s beliefs about God. 

Baseball and Horror (G)-Mulder and William are watching the World Series and want Scully to join them.

Snow Day (G)-Scully, Mulder, and William venture out into the snow.

My Religion (M)-Mulder has long professed to be an atheist but he recently finds salvation in a new religion.

Triangle Revisited (T)-What if Mulder never got out of the Bermuda Triangle in season 6?

Finding William (G)-Mulder and Scully need to find Will before the 2012 deadline.

His Brilliant Mind (T)- “When his brilliant, complex, beautiful, passionate, obnoxious, silly, dazzling mind met mine the world made sense.” Dana thinks about why she loves Mulder.

Not Mulder (E)-Scully struggles to date while having a partner like Mulder. 

The Starlight (G)-After Scully gives up her son she is alone and in need of help. She gets it from an unexpected source in a way she thought impossible

Sveta (T)-Mulder tries to find out why Scully was so upset to see Sveta at the little house.

Monthly (T)-When Scully leaves she promises that she will be back each month because she can never truly leave Mulder.

The Missed Kiss (T)-Post ‘Sixth Extinction: Part 2’ pre 'Hungry’. Why didn’t Scully kiss Mulder after he confessed his feelings? Also a little bit of a wrap up on The Fowl situation.

On the run series: 

Halloween on the Run (G)- Celebrating Halloween while running from the FBI

Thanksgiving on the Run (G)- Celebrating Thanksgiving on the run.

Christmas on the Run (G)- Celebrating Christmas on the run. 

X Files- Hamilton crossover: 

The Ham Files (G)- Mulder is sick of William’s obsession with Hamilton. 

The West Wing: 

Always on the Table (G)- After Simon’s death Toby comforts CJ. 

why you should read the bone witch by rin chupeco

i haven’t written one of these posts in forever but let’s gooooo!! here are some reasons why you should read the bone witch by rin chupeco (which releases today, march 7!)

  • look,,, this is easily one of my favorite reads of the year okay we’re only 3 months in but i’m calling it
  • so in this world, people literally wear their hearts on display!! they’re called heartsglass and they turn different colors depending on what mood you’re in
  • if they’re silver, it means that you can draw runes, which is code for “do magic/summon elements” tbh
  • the runes are fire, water, earth, forest, metal, wind, and dark
  • the women who can draw these runes train to become asha
  • asha are kind of like geishas, because they are trained to entertain people with dancing, singing, playing music, etc.
  • but also!! they can fight, and they can be bodyguards
  • sooo basically, asha are both highly “feminine” but also kickass
  • anyway the protagonist, tea, discovers she’s a dark asha (or bone witch, but that’s considered derogatory) when she raises her brother, fox, from the dead!!
  • luckily there’s another dark asha in the area, lady mykaela, who takes tea (and by extension, fox) under her wing
  • (also dark asha raise these things called daeva, which are basically demons, and they kill them so that they can take the bezoars from them)
  • she takes them to the willows so that tea can train to be an asha
  • on the way there, they meet the crown prince of one of the countries, prince kance, who tea develops a crush on
  • later, she meets his cousin, kalen, who is a deathseeker
  • deathseekers are the males whose heartsglass are silver; they’re forced to serve in the army and aren’t allowed to train to be asha (more on this later)
  • lowkey,,,,,there’s an implied love triangle,,,,but,,,i love both guys so
  • anyway we get to see a lot of tea’s training which is so cool and well thought out!!
  • also tea befriends a boy named likh, who has a silver heartsglass but doesn’t want to be a deathseeker
  • however, he can’t become an asha bc men can’t be feminine blah blah blah
  • they work together so that he can get the chance to train
  • sooo the whole book is a flashback, and between every chapter (the italicized parts) is the present, but told from the pov of someone who meets tea now, after she’s done something to get her exiled (like 2-3 years later)
  • it’s really interesting to see tea’s beginning and her future
  • but it’s agonizing not knowing what happens in between!!!
  • anyway time for quotes!!:
  • “if women are encouraged to fight and draw runes and strive to be a man’s equal in those regard, then why can’t a man be encouraged to sing and dance and entertain as we do?”
  • “perhaps we should carve a world one day where the strength lies in who you are rather than in what they expect you to be.”
  • or when fox discovered tea’s crush on prince kance: “how did the first date go? has he asked for your hand in marriage yet, or should we have stayed longer?”

that got way too long i’m sorry i’m just so passionate about this book okay read it!! exquisite worldbuilding!! moreover, diversity in fantasy (bc yeah, even in other worlds, not everyone is white!!) amazing characters!! antiheroine main character!! great sibling relationships!! questioning of the boundaries of femininity and masculinity!! magic-wielding, geisha-like asha!! also, 5 confirmed lgbtq+ characters within this book and the sequel!! read the bone witch by rin chupeco!!

russian association

ok so I’ve been thinking a lot about how andreil learn Russian together and how it is something that brings them closer together and reminds them of the other. It then got me thinking about Russian terms of endearment (and I saw a post about this the other day that just further fueled me) and how they would use Russian terms for each other because no one else would know what they’re saying. BUT THEN I was thinking about what would happen if they started using those terms to wake the other up from nightmares and this is what happened:  

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“Sitting over words
Very late I have heard a kind of whispered sighing
Not far
Like a night wind in pines or like the sea in the dark
The echo of everything that has ever
Been spoken
Still spinning its one syllable
Between the earth and silence"
W.S. Merwin


Me (Dantelian) as Levi Ackerman
Do we lack the strength to fight?
Have we lost the will to fly?
The world is dark
The world is cruel
But still we hang on tight ©


back at it again with another week of music monday! today i posted the first draft of an original song which doesn’t yet have a title! hope yo’all enjoy <3

lyrics below the cut:

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In the Fandom

I blame @nevermeanttofall for this. They’re the one who encouraged me to re-write Under the Sea so here you have my stab at a Supernatural disney song.

Girl, listen to me
The Supernatural canon, it’s a mess
Meta over on tumblr is better than anything they’ve got in there

[Verse 1]
The lore is always deeper
In somebody else’s fic
You dream about reading more
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the canon around you
Right there on the TV screen
Such painful feels attack you
What more are you lookin’ for?

[Hook 1]
In the Fandom
In the Fandom
Darling it’s better
Down where it’s fluffier
Take it from me
Up in the CW they die all day
Out in the dark they cry away
While we devotin’
Full time to shippin’
In the Fandom

[Verse 2]
On tumblr all the fans are happy
As off through the blogs they roll
The boys in their car ain’t happy
They’re sad cause their friends are dead
But the boys in their car are lucky
They could be in Hell with Adam
(Guess who’s still stuck in the cage?)

[Hook 2]
In the Fandom
In the Fandom
Nobody hurts us
Use and abuse us
We’re who Singer loves to disappoint
The writers are off their rockers
We ain’t scared of nothin’
We know how to kill it

[Hook 3]
In the Fandom
In the Fandom
All the angels are laughing
The demons are dancin’
Even the hunter and the fed
Are in a highschool band
We got the plot
You got to hear it
In the Fandom

[Verse 2]
The news are in the dark
The vamp is in the bank
The place is full of wraiths
And the djinn is full of dreams
The fairies are sparklin
The Banshee is wailing
The Trickster’s the Messenger of God (yhea)
The Devil is playin’
His brother is frayin’
The fanboy is rockin’ out
The fangirl she squeals
They laugh and they cry, they know where it’s at
An’ oh is it gonna hurt

[Hook 3]
In the Fandom
In the Fandom
When the rpers start to write
There’s tears in my eyes
I can’t feel all these feels, there’s to much angst
We got a strong family bond
Each litte fan here
Knows how to jam here
In the Fandom
Each little shipper
Shipping their ship
In the Fandom
Each little sinner
Wishing for demons
Rocking for Ages
Over on tumblr
Yhea we’re in love here
Down in the trash can

mak-19  asked:

I can't seem to find this fan fic but Bellamy and Clarke had broken up but are at someones wedding and where on the beach talking and I think they might have sad sex. Then when Clarke wakes up in the morning Bellamy was gone and she felt hurt.

Edit: Thanks so much @thelightreflects for finding this one: the fool keeps fighting.

Anonymous said: Can you help me find a fic that Clake was a bartender and Bellamy used to come by to help on the bar, but she got in an abusive relationship with Cage and he helped her through it? 

Possibly Bruised & Broken?

Anonymous said: hi!! do you know of any fics (canon or modern) where bellamy is kind of pissed at finn after what happened or protective of clarke because of it?