Four People?
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She only stared for a moment, upset at the number of people at the Café before it was even open. Couldn’t a girl read a novel in a closed café in peace? Obviously the answer was ‘no,’ and, realizing this, Chi stood, walking slowly and lazily over to the door of the tiny shop. Opening it, she stared at the crowd again, especially eyeing the small cat-like thing on the ground. That belonged to someone, right?

“Shoo, all of you. We’re not open yet, alright?”

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Slender arms stretched out into the air over the Reaper’s head, as a sigh of contentment left his lips. Back slightly cramped from sitting down for so long, he stood up- ready to stretch his legs. He’d given up on work for the day, and had been relaxing. The streets of a city might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for Kariya, being out and about was just bliss. He twisted to the side a little, extending his aching limbs. Perhaps staying seated for so long wasn’t such a smart idea. “…I clock out early for the day, get to relax and just end up getting back ache… it feels just like waking up on a Monday morning…” Sighing, he cast his gaze around.

That’s when he noticed the girl. Someone he’d never seen before. 

Kariya blinked a few times before speaking to her, calmly pulling a lollipop from the pocket of his parka. In one well rehearsed motion he ripped the wrapper from the sweet, running his eyes over it briefly before popping it into his mouth.

“So, who might you be then?” He mused, voice slightly muffled. Perhaps this was just the distraction he needed to take his mind off of his aching form.