Facelift Void

Faceless Elf

  • Pro: Attractive. Chiseled abs. Great-looking hair.
  • Con: No one would want to play as any other hero

Faceless Rex

  • Pro: Would be popular with sought-after archeologist demographic
  • Con: Is large purple dinosaur — too lovable?

Faceless Lobster

  • Pro: Adds exciting new Lobstoid race to Dota lore
  • Con: Looks too much like Dragon Knight

Awesome-to-11-year-olds-in-the-1980’s Void

  • Pro: Combines best parts of every animal
  • Con: Too subtle

Facefull Void

  • Pro: Finally has a face
  • Con: Oh God what were we thinking
The Hunter and the Hunted.





Ryllae stayed hidden deep within the woods. Wiping the last bit of crumbs from her face as Aleko stayed close by. The snow leopard eyeing the huntress and the hunt down below. An army of humans.  “I don’t see him..” Though she became a council of The Shadowblade her duties still struck true to her original employer. The Glacierwind and Darkterror family. The orders were given and she gladly accepted. Hunt down the man that embarrassed her. Lady Amaris wore only a tight black dress and fanned at the bottom of the floor. 

“There was a man that I had a sexual relationship with. I would like for you to strike fear into him.” Her eyes stayed viewed at the same window she looked at since she locked herself in the upper tower. Away from those she cared most as her torture chamber was moved to the room. A room that an inner beast found her prey and felt no sorrow.

“Yes my lady. I will send the message loud and clear of what he did to you.” A bow given as Ryllae would not say no to those that had taken in her sister Fox in a time of need. Grabbing her finest of bows and arrows she made herself with a custom insignia. Like all Autumnblade family each member had their own way to kill and leave their mark.

Shaped of a leaf on the side of her arrow bared her mark. Unlike her family that decapitated the heads, Ryllae left the arrow head within the corpse of their body. Leaving it as clean as possible.


“Fifty should be good.”

In scanning the area of her prey the humans stayed unclear of their surroundings. Despair had already began to set traps of his web for the few bodies she would bring back for her lovely Qi and the rest would feel the wrath of Aleko and the wolves. From above Shadow watched. The chimera a new tame had to prove worthy and her was the shot. A team that didn’t have to be told what to do by their owners as by a simple chirp or whistle gave their command.

“Take the hearts of the human and send it to the human that broke Lady Darkerror. Leave some for her to enjoy and bring back a body for my beast.” 

The release of the arrow gave their signal. Small groups were formed as within the shadows she watched the first small group panic and ready. “Check through the woods! Spread out.” The captain called leading them into their first sticky situation. “Despair’s task a simple one. Capture not one but two bodies and encase them into the web.

A few more arrows fired and hit their mark as from the sky Shadow flew breathing a breath of chilled air. Screams came and quickly silence as Aleko and the wolves charged down like the hungry beast they became. A blood bath as the leaves now smeared in the taint of alliance blood. With many dead it was now time to get to work. The wolves brought their kill into a pile like offering to the Alpha. “Good girl.” Ryllae spoke as she showed her animal affection. Aleko sat beside eating one of the bodies as his eyes glowed a light blue. “Not the heart dear we have special orders.” A giggled as she could hear the muffled sounds of those caught by despair.

“Fifty hearts of Human and two bodies for my beloved Qi. Well Despair, Wolfie would indeed be proud of you. You’re actually listening again.” A wool sachel dripping of blood was the home of the hearts she collected from the skin bodies. The organs she would use for her devilsaur as it was much long that her beast had such a treat. From the skies Shadow came. “Take this to that human scum. If you finish this task I will keep you. If you fail…” She said nothing more as the letter attached to the bag held only one name. A name that Amaris hated. 


Even when Amaris spoke of the name to Ryllae it burned. The shadows covered her body in hate as she still did not get over the fact that she was made a fool. Locked in chains the two human bodies were pulled and dragged on the horse. Her beast circled keeping them from running until they returned to the Autumnblade home.

Throwing the humans inside the dungeon a servant came in passing. “My Lady a note left from Fox.” Ryllae took no time to change as she read the letter with haste.

My beloved Sister,

I can not take the fighting between me and Daspen. The words he says are far too much pain for me to take. I need time to find myself and who I am. If I stay and try to work at things it is just me feeling sorry for myself. You of all should know where I am but I ask you not tell anyone and let me be. The forest is beautiful around this time of year. I ask that you stay at Lith’s side until my return. Make our family proud.


Her eyes grew big as she would sit on the ground. “You’re so stupid! If you are so unhappy just leave him! Fucking Daspen..” She stopped her words knowing it was not her place to decide. “It is time to see the general. I will find you Miss Winters if it is the last breath I take… Someone needs your guidance..”

Walking inside she waited for her beast going back to the delicious treats of her wolf.

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(( ok this is my first attempt at writing something different. I know I’m not like the greatest of writers but i wanted to express the embarrassment that Amaris had felt being betrayed by someone. I may possibly delete later but while it is up maybe some will enjoy it.. Probably going to stick back to journal entries haha…..))

All Around Me
  • All Around Me
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  • Flyleaf

It had been weeks, almost, since she first felt her mother’s presence. It haunted her for days afterwards, even in her dreams. Memories of the past slithering their way into her thoughts and it felt her feeling oddly numbed.

She was a member of House Del'Sun now. Araenis had moved in with her new mother and father, they ones who had adopted her into their loving family. The Darkterrors. Araenis recalled before of Nyxan talking of such a family; her family. The priestess of the Light had fit in splendidly with the people who had a line of executioners and torturers. She fit in as Nyxan’s niece, and Aniraethel Darkterror and Vaendryl Dawnrage’s daughter– their only one.

Araenis couldn’t quite remember the days after the night at the palace of Del'Sun, they went by in a hazy blur. But within the haze and fog, inside her mind, all she saw was her mother; her birth mother. Long, white hair. Her face, angular and paled, just like her own. Their likeness was extreme, anyone could tell she was the daughter of the woman.

For nights upon nights, the priestess thought about the eery presence she experienced there. The comfort, the calmness, but then she remembered the sudden anger that followed her pleasant emotions.

She could feel her with her, even after she left. Though, the spirit was much more relaxed. No fits of wailing in her long, elven ears. No violent activities, nothing similar to the raked claw marks Araenis had down her backside during the night she first experience the malevolent ghost.

Perhaps it was time to find this presence once more, to truly figure out the meaning behind it’s odd behaviour, if it truly was her birth mother.

Dearest Nyxan,

My beloved sister, my other part of me. I look around at my luggage that is laying around my room in this Forsaken-ridden tavern, and my emotions are just as scattered as my bags. The Undercity isn’t at all pleasant compare to the dazzling and enchanting colours of our beautiful city.

In other words, I will be arriving in Silvermoon late tomorrow evening. I trust that you have prepared yourself for your sister’s long-awaited return, yes? I know you do not like to disappoint, so do not do that to me.

We have many things to speak about, darling Nyxan. The undead walking-rot have been chattering endlessly of a storm progressing on towards where you are. I hope I do not get stopped by it. I did myself the honor of requesting a carriage to take me to you and your company. I hope they enjoy my presence, let them all know I will be showing up.

Love, your sister eternally in glorious Death,

Laerysa Darkterror.

(( nyxanglacierwind ))

After settling into the room she booked at a nearby in during her journey home, Laerysa pulled out ink and paper. She wished to warn her family of her sudden return back home.

My dearest sister, Nyxan (( nyxanglacierwind )),

     It’s been years, has it not? I haven’t seen you in so long, it aches for me to think of how long it has been. But I ache no longer, sister, for my return to Silvermoon is very soon. I will be there in the next few days.

    I truly hope your husband has treated you will in my absence, as with your company. How is father? Is he still okay? I haven’t heard from him, at all, really.

   The Outlands has offered me such incredible knowledge on demonic teachings and dark arts. I come home with a mind filled to the brim with new lessons and thoughts. I do look forward to taking back up the family practice of… the darkness that runs through the Darkterror line.

   I miss your face, sister. I miss your gentle and eerily enchanting voice. The thoughts of returning home leave me excited and joyful. I do believe that a get-together with your company would be a decent coming home welcoming, yes?

  I will see you in several days, my sister.

    Love, your sister in life and eternally in Death.

Laerysa Ivory Darkterror.

The letter was sealed with wax, the stamp of the Darkterror House pressed into it. The warlock sent the letter along with a courier, telling him the location of the Glacierwind office.

She had gotten the letter from Rillumus, the parchment still in her hand as she scuffled around and got her things together.

Anywhere was better than here, she thought to herself as she stuffed her leather bag full of her clothing. She gave a look around, her eyes scanning for whatever she might have left. Odds and ends.

They get paid to clean up anyway, they can earn their keep. A harsh way of thinking abut whatever. She was Tenyia.

Reaching back, she tugged at the ebony locks that waved and curled all over the place. Her hair was now to her rear and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The longer, the better, she always said.  It was a pain keeping it from her face though. Usually she braided it.

Oh how she missed that man. He was nearly a foot taller than her, a hundred and fifty pounds heavier- a monster of a man but he was hers. So she hoped.

As it turns out, she learned through whispers and mutterings that she had another sister. Great, another one that would hate her. No big deal. She would never consider herself a Darkterror and in fact lied about her lineage. Her ‘father’ wanted nothing to do with her and her sister Nyxan hated her.

The only one that actually put up with her was Felano but he didn’t expect her to be some uptight, money grubbing, psychopath. He probably just didn’t care. Which was good cause  nor did she. She liked Felano, for a Death Knight he was alright but she thought that if Nyxan was her wife, a collar wouldn’t be the only thing she’d be fucking slapped with.

Oh well. She had her sights on Rillumus and the cold winds of Frostfire. Over the last few nights, she had sewn some quality Artic fur within her leather and she had some made up for Rillumus. She assumed that he would or might need it. Oh how she had missed him so much. Every letter was reassurance that he was alive and okay.

If he couldn’t come to her, she would go to him. No problem. However, she was a fragile as a kitten and couldn’t fight herself out of someones left nut. She would try though.

With her bag over her shoulder and one last look, she smiles as she makes her way out the door. One more stop to the barber and she was off the Eastern Kingdoms. Just for a little bit anyway.